Spunkmouth 3


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Spunkmouth 3


Movie Type: Boy-Girl

Minutes: 143

Production Company: Hush Hush Entertainment

Director: Not Credited

Themes: Coming on Mouths

Condoms: Yes (Scene 5)

Release Year: 2011

Stars: Devon Lee, Ryan Star, Pason, Ricki White, Kitty, Spring Thomas

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

While teasing, Devon Lee does a fair amount of dirty talk. Although I do think this is the hottest girl of the movie, this is a bad scene for her, as she sticks exclusively to blowing Chris Strokes. I’ve seen Devon more than once before and haven’t gotten the impression that oral is really her strong suit. There isn’t a single instance here where she seems to push herself. She focuses almost exclusively on the head of Chris’s cock and rarely mixes it up. The cumshot to the her tongue is decent.

Ricki White flaunts her fat ass and the director oils it up.
She pops a finger into her rear, giving us a good view of the stretch marks around her thighs. Ricki has a new rack to show off. Unfortunately they are in no way an improvement on the perfectly fine
natural ones she had. They’re so lumpy that they appear to have created additional stretch marks on Ricki’s chest. If I were her, I’d demand a refund. Ricki massages her clit with a big vibrator. As she does this, the director tells her to come. He repeatedly says, “tell me when,” as if it’s that hard to determine when a girl is having an orgasm. Eventually, he whips out his cock – making it clear why he
doesn’t regularly perform – and gets a sloppy blowjob. Ricki allows him to screw her pussy and this annoying director again commands her to come. When this lame scene comes to an end, he doesn’t have much
sperm to fire onto her mouth.

Pason’s blowjob is already in progress when the scene starts. She sticks to the head while jerking away. At times, she opts to use two hands. The guy she’s coupled with has a real fondness for the feel of her pussy. He seems much more pleased with the sex than Pason does. Aside from not seeming genuinely thrilled with the sex,
she’s not the hottest chick out there and has an extra large gap between her fake
boobs. A good facial ends the scene.

When I look at Ryan Star‘s head, I can’t help being reminded of a mushroom. Check out her pic on IAFD.com and you’ll probably see what I
mean. While there, you may notice that she hasn’t been active for several years, making me wonder how old this footage is. She gives a bland, head oriented blowjob before having her box eaten. She gets
fingered for a bit, then the older guy she’s teamed with plows away at her puss. He’s so into it that he prematurely pops in her box. A few drops get pushed out and the sex resumes. Eventually, she
gets another load of cum from the dude, but the second time around, it’s a facial. The camera man also gets in on the action by firing a fair sized load onto her face.

Standing four feet and eleven inches tall, and weighing a scant 80 pounds, we’ve got an Asian chick, called Kitty. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a girl with a chest as flat as Kitty’s. She’s got nipples. And that’s it. When chatting with the director, Kitty insists that she’s not underage. He tells her that one of
Spunkmouth.com’s members is going to be her partner for the day. Before he arrives, she rubs
her little box for the camera. A scrawny young guy by the name of Nick shows up and gets a decent blowjob. She’s forced to take a good amount of his shaft when the guy decides to fuck her face. The oral
favor is returned, then it’s on to the vaginal. During the initial stages, I find the sex hot since there are visible drops of her nectars oozing from Kitty‘s coochie. Her squeals of delight tend to seem fake, but this little girl turns out to be the most fun to watch.

While laying poolside, Spring Thomas oils up her nude body. The pool boy shows up to do his job and she doesn’t seem too concerned about her state of undress. The two head indoors and do some kissing. Spring blows the dude, but not very well. She follows this by giving him a hand job. The guy puts on a condom for the sex, which isn’t really
exciting. Spring is cute and has fairly nice natural boobs, but she’s quite one-dimensional where her performance goes. The cumshot is funny, since the guy has such lousy aim. He’s going for a facial, but
instead plops his load right on top of Spring’s head. I doubt that cum makes good shampoo.

For the most part, this movie is crap. The hottest chick featured (Devon Lee) does nothing more than give a blowjob and she does it poorly. The remaining performances are mostly average. Kitty’s was the most likeable of the lot and her looks could be considered
unique. These are all boy-girl pairings and there’s nothing about them that’s really remarkable about them. I’ve come to expect weak scenes in these Spunkmouth compilations, so be wary of this series as a


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