11th Hole, The

11th Hole


185 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, POV, Big Cocks, Celebrity Porn
STARS: Joslyn James, Krissy Lynn, Sean Michaels, Deep Threat. Jon Jon, Jason Brown, Mr. Marcus


Now that Tiger Woods is back on the course, his fall from grace might be a thing of the past. Of course he is out there sucking so badly that we all keep harping on it, so why not take a look at perhaps his most infamous girl on the side? Joslyn James fucked Tiger and she fucks a number of dudes in this movie. They are all supposed to be Tiger so it’s kind of a strange mix. We see Tiger (Tyler Knight) on the course though the sex is all POV. (And Tyler never gets a shot as JJ.) Joslyn is in every scene, joined by Krissy Lynn in the one three-way offered up. So if you happen to like her the you are in for three amazing hours. If you aren’t interested in her, then the movie falls back on the celebrity train wreck factor. To that end, there is a long interview at the end of the movie that is quite interesting. Joslyn speaks candidly about her relationship with Tiger for well over twenty minutes. Sexually the movie is all Joslyn and all interracial. Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Deep Threat Jon Jon and Jason Brown all take shots at Joslyn and her special three hole course. She is very fond of the big cocks and takes them quite well in her ass. (Something Tiger apparently liked a lot.) Joslyn isn’t bad looking and has really nice legs. She shows them all a lot when she’s fucking. If you like her and enjoy POV interracial sex then you’re probably going to enjoy the fun here. I liked the actual texts between Tiger and Joslyn as a plot device, though having different guys doing the fucking was a bit odd. In the end though, 11th Hole works thanks to Joslyn and her cock hungry holes.

Joslyn James & Jon Jon

While waiting for Tiger, Joslyn finds a way to entertain herself. Sitting at the top of the stairs she spreads her long legs and lets her fingers do the walking for some serious dirty solo fun. Moving to the bed she has an easier time show us the goodies. Jon Jon Is the guy playing Tiger in this POV scene. He appears and Joslyn forgets all about her fingers. His big dick is just too yummy for her to pass up. She licks and sucks the head, stroking him into her mouth to try and make him hard. She rolls onto her back for some leggy POV fucking. They take a break after a few strokes so she can clean him off. Good close up shots of her pussy, but the longer angles are more impressive thanks to her great legs. Getting into doggy she takes his cock deep in her hold while we stare down at her massive back tat. I love the way she grabs her ass and slams back to take all of his dick. Her fingers keep her asshole warmed up, but the dick still stretches her backdoor. Dropping to the ground after getting her ass fucked, Joslyn does A2M and then begs him to unload all over her face. If this is the kind of fun Tiger was having, it’s no wonder he fell so hard and got in so much trouble.

Joslyn James & Jason Brown

After some more steamy texts, Joslyn gets dressed in tight shorts and a bra for another date with her man. This time Jason stands in and gives her a hugs slab of dark meat to work with. Talking dirty to the camera she gently teases the head and gets him hard before dropping her mouth down around him. Somehow that big thing fits into her pussy when she lies down and throws her leg up in the air. It’s an easy trip to the backdoor from there and he rams it all the way in. Really good footage of the doggy this time. Joslyn pushes back as hard as she can to make sure she gets it all. He enjoys the hell out of that as and then dumps his load on her waiting tongue.

Joslyn James, Krissy Lynn & Mr. Marcus

After texting about a threesome, Joslyn masturbates in denim shorts while choking herself. She then joins Krissy for some girl on girl fun. Just about the time the kissing heats up, Mr. Marcus shows up and gets to enjoy the fun as the girls pass his cock back and forth. I love Krissy. She is just so cute and so enthusiastic about taking the dick. Taking the first ride, Krissy bounces up and down hard while Joslyn encourages her. Switching partners, Marcus shoves Josyn’s legs straight up in the air and bands her hot box. She goes nuts for that dick and puts on one hell of a show. She bounces her hips up and down with him in her pussy and her legs straight up in the air. I don’t think I have ever seen that move before. Her legs get pushed back while Krissy leans in to lick some pussy. When it’s Krissy’s turn again, she gets on all fours and lets him go balls deep into her tight little hole. They roll her over and she talks dirty while he rocks her world. Marcus pulls out and shoots his load all over her tummy and big tits.

Joslyn James & Mr. Marcus

Marcus is back for more after some steamy texts and solo featuring Joslyn in a fishnet body stocking. She also has her thigh high black boots on. He fingers her pussy and has a big smile on her face. Moving up to her mouth, he drops his cock in and starts pumping it between her lips. Finger play makes her really horny and she starts bucking her hips hard when she sticks two fingers into her tight little butthole. They keep right on going with her legs spread wide and his cock right up in there. Joslyn isn’t afraid to be vocal or active. When she gets on top and works her pussy up and down on his dick, she slams all the way down and screams out. Taking a rest, she gets in doggy with her ass up high in the air. Marcus does all the work for a while. He slows for only a few strokes when moving to her ass. Once she gets used to it Joslyn takes every inch and shows plenty of energy. This time he feeds her his load and she eats it like a good girl.

Joslyn James & Deep Threat

The texts are sweet and naughty and keep Joslyn turned on all the time. For this scene she strips out of her pink bikini and rubs herself. Her pussy is nicely groomed and the close up shots are very hot. Standing on one foot, she fingers herself in the bathroom as a warm up for her man. The cut to the sex is abrupt and not quite right. The result though are great. To help make this scene a little different, she breaks out a big vibrator to use on her clit while he stuffs her pussy with his black cock. She mounts up, puts her hands on her ass and slides that tight back door down around his meat. He holds her big ass in his hands and helps slam her down onto him. They finish up in mish when he pulls out and she jerks him off with both hands until he explodes all over her body.

Joslyn James & Sean Michaels

Following the pattern, Joslyn sends some hot texts and sits around masturbating waiting for Tiger to show up. This time it’s Sean Michaels who brings the big stick to the tee. She grabs his dick in both hands and starts sucking as if her life depends on it. Great POV blowjob shots here as she looks into the camera and sucks that huge cock. Joslyn stands up and bends over to take it from behind. We have seen this scene played out several times already, but she is as energetic as ever taking every inch of that thing. She really seems to like fucking with her long legs straight up in the air. Rolling over onto her side she lets him right into her ass. The anal is good and rises to greatness when she faces the camera and squat fucks him in RCA. She pushes her ass down as far as she can so that his cock just stretches that hole. The popshot is different this time with Joslyn taking an anal cream pie while still riding in reverse cowgirl.


They put the long interview with Joslyn at the end of the movie. It’s interesting to hear her take on the Tiger thing. I don’t know if this would have been better at the beginning or as an extra, but I can see why they didn’t want to break up the flow of the movie with the interview. If you are interested in the Tiger situation from a sexual standpoint, this is an in-depth interview with a very angry woman. He got her pregnant twice so you can kind of understand her anger.

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