True Interracial Whores 9: Cuckold Queen Candy Monroe

True Interracial Whores 9: Cuckold Queen Candy Monroe

154 Mins.
THEMES: Cuckold, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Cum Eating
STARS: Candy Monroe


How much you like this movie will be determined by two things. First, how much you enjoy hard core cuckold action. Second, how much you like Candy Monroe. Since she is the only woman in the movie you have to at least find this pale blonde and her massive body art somewhat appealing. You also have to be OK with watching Candy cuck a series of white guys while fucking big black dicks. The cuckold genre has really taken off in recent years and Candy Monroe seems to have it down to a science. She enjoys verbally humiliating her cucks, mocking them and making them participate by dressing in women’s clothes, playing with tiny dicks and even cleaning up after the bulls finish. Candy also thoroughly enjoys big black cocks. Justin Long shows up twice in this collection and she really loves what he brings to the table. The cuckold scenarios also use costumes and props. Candy plays a prison guard in the opening scene. For those of you who are not fully into the cuckold action there are some highlights, though you should probably try a different Dogfart movie. Candy is nice looking if you like pale 50’s style pin up girls with lots of colorful and puffy, shaved pussies. She shows the proper sexual energy in every regard. She loves the big cock almost as much as she loves putting her cucks in their place. If you like cuckolding, big dicks, interracial sex or tattooed girls how love cocks then a few hours of Candy Monroe may be just what you’re looking for.

Candy Monroe & Justin Long

Officer Candy Monroe is a corrections officer who has exactly what she needs at work. She has a tiny dicked white boy to humiliate and a big black cock to enjoy. She goes into the cell, cuffs the white boy and goes to work on Justin’s big dick. The jailhouse sex angle is quite hot as Candy keeps her uniform partially on during the early action. She loves that big pole and orally worships every inch. When Steven angers Candy she dresses him in her undies before retuning to Justin’s cock. The sex is loud and hot, but she doesn’t forget her victim. Taking a break from the sex, Candy beats and humiliates Steven with her nightstick. The camera shoots most of the fucking through the bars to add that extra little bit of kink we get from watching the big dicked con slam fuck the horny guard. When Justin finally pulls out and cums all over her ass Candy makes Steven lick it up.

Candy Monroe & Ace

Candy invites a member over for a night of Spanish culture. He thinks about salsa dancing, but she puts him in a Mexican wrestling mask and makes him watch her with a big black cock. He has to strip down and sit on the couch like a pathetic little freak. While she stays busy with the big cock, her fan jerks his tiny one off a few feet away. Candy stays dressed and teases the member about his lack of size while enjoying Ace. He bends hr over and fucks her while they talk dirty in Spanish. He finishes off with a shot all over her shaved pussy. I think Candy enjoyed verbally abusing her member more than she did getting fucked.

Candy Monroe &

Candy and her black lover are kicking back with her naked white boy as a table. She sits on her new table and lovingly sucks the black dick to full size. The BJ is pretty good and they slowly undress in front of her man so he can see her pale skin as she bends over and takes dark meat from behind. The deep strokes leave her tits swaying beneath her body as his balls slap against her shaved pussy lips. In the middle of the sex she orders the guy to get her a drink and berates him at every turn. Candy finally settles on making him do jumping jacks while she finishes. The actual fucking is pretty hot as she gets slammed good and hard. The cumshot ends up all over her shaved pussy and red panties. Her boy toy ends up cleaning it up.

Candy Monroe & Justin Long

Doing some cuckold training Candy has a white boy to boss around. She puts him in some black frilly panties and mocks his tiny dick. Once he is all dressed up, she brings in the BBC and starts sucking. Candy loves Justin’s big dick and lets her little cuckold know how he can never be this big or this good. He bends her over and fucks that pussy while Candy spouts off her usual array of hot talk. Once she is riding the full length of that dick, she just gives in and enjoys it. Good solid sex scene here as Justin slams her from behind and shoots his big load all over her back.

Candy Monroe & Wesley Pipes

After seven months Candy finally tells her boyfriend that his dick is just too small. He doesn’t take it well, but she has more. She brings in Wesley to help show the white boy what her pussy really needs. He’s not trilled, but he sits there while Wes eats Candy. The best part about Wes eating pussy is that he has to shut up for a few minutes. When they trade places he doesn’t stop talking for a second. You might want to mute things and just enjoy her blonde head bobbing on that long pole. She climbs in his lap and rides his cock. Her ass looks better here than I’ve ever seen it and she really pushes down to stretch for every inch. They engage the white guy during doggy, but I’m still more interested in how Candy looks in this scene. Wes pulls out and shoots all over her pussy.

Candy Monroe

The final scene repeats the themes of the other. Poor white boy sitting around watching while Candy sucks a big black dick. This one is really big and the head barely fits into her mouth. She turns around and licks a lollipop while that huge pole stuffs her tight hole. She has on some brightly colored clothes and takes a load on her pussy.

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