In My Girlfriend’s Ass 2

In My Girlfriend’s Ass 2
122 Mins.
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Max Schneider
THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro Babes, Natural Tits, Gapes
STARS: Leena, Germiona, Kibby, Maiami, Sofi


This is a collection of hot Euro girls with thin, smoking bodies. They are all supposed to be girlfriends I guess. (I swear one is a pizza delivery girl.) All of them take it up the ass and all are made to gape. Yes folks, this is an old fashioned anal and gape flick with Euro babes. That’s a pretty good thing on paper and a damn good thing on screen. The girls are generally pretty, all natural and well built and totally down with big cocks in the back door. With babes you probably haven’t seen before, you will just have to know that they are all pretty and enjoy the new flesh. I’m just glad to see five leggy girls with great skin, nearly no ink and perfect natural racks. With a strong focus on close up gape shots, the sex in this movie is primarily anal. The BJ’s are pretty good and even great at times. There is also plenty of vaginal sex, but in the end, this is all about pretty girls taking it up the ass. All of the girls are easy on the eyes. Germiona is pretty with a killer body. Leena is a lanky blonde who is better as eye candy. Sofi is a little odd looking, but very energetic. All of the girls are good performers with better than average energy, great looks and totally willing assholes. If you like pretty girls gaping then In My Girlfriend’s Ass 2 is the place to be.

Germiona & Timo Hardy

Sitting on the couch reading, Germiona seems and unlikely candidate for anal sex. Her boyfriend brings her a glass of water and that seems to be all she needs to get her motor running. He gets hr pants off and her fingers inside of her in no time. The pretty brunette stuffs his dick into her mouth and works hard to make it stiffen. It gets hard enough to slide into her pussy and we get some really nice spoon shots. Her body is long and lean and her skin looks smooth at butter. From here it is quite easy to go into her ass and she is more than ready for that challenge. Doggy is pretty easy on the eyes, though the camera movements are far from smooth. When they move back up onto the couch she winces noticably on his harder strokes. She settles in a little better with RCA and then a nice comfortable round of doggy on the couch. This girl is pretty and her body is just slamming. The camerawork and energy levels are spotty at times, but the overall result is pretty damn good. They finish with a nice shot in her mouth. Germiona is the sort of girlfriend we should all be lucky enough to have.

Maiami & Oliver Strelly

Oliver orders a pizza and when blonde baby Maiami shows up, they share it. Wait, is she a girlfriend or a pizza chick? Either way she is starry eyed and happy when he pays her. Groping her from behind, he cups her nice tits and reaches into her panties to rub her slit. He moves her to the couch and buries his face in her shaved twat. She puts his cock in her mouth and swirls her head in big circles nearly hitting the camera with her chin. He fucks her from behind for a bit and then slides a finger into her ass. She smiles back at him and encourages him to give the cock a try. Her ass gapes in no time and we get to watch as he puts it back in. Maiami has long thin legs and tiny tits. She looks good bouncing on the cock and keeps a smile on her face for most of the action. The best looking shots come when he lifts her legs straight up in the air and rubs her clit on a reach around. This becomes anal again quickly and the leg shots are beautiful. She also looks pretty good up on top riding his dick until he can pull out and show off the gape again. Maiami spins around and opens her mouth for a great A2M shot. She kisses his cock as if to thank him and then smiles for the camera.

Sofi & Oliver Strelly

Skinny brunette Sofi has nipples the poke out and ribs you can count. Her boyfriend is busy playing games on his phone, but stops when she brings her naked body over to him. He pulls her onto the couch with him and licks that shaved pussy lick crazy. She is kind of an odd looking girl with a ghostly looking face. I generally like girls with a bit more meat on their bones, but she is rather enthusiastic bout sucking cock and that always work. She really works her hands on the dick nicely. Climbing on top, Sofi pumps her pussy up and down on the dick just long enough to get it wet. Then she slams her hips down with his meat in her ass and really ramps up the heat. The anal is good for a while, but spinning her into RCA heats it all up considerably. This little spinner looks too good for words like that. The gape shots are impressive for those who like to see a wide open ass. Sofi looks rather young and innocent, but her ass has been opened a time or two before. Dropping to her knees Sofi sucks his balls while waiting for him to bust his nut. When he does, his aim is perfect, covering her face and giving her something sticky to smile about.

Kibby & Timo Hardy

Naughty little Kibby teases us in her short skirt and thin T-shirt. She knows just how good she looks and makes us wait as her clothes slowly come off. Her guy shows up and she takes his clothes off much more quickly. There is a cock in those pants and Kibby wants to suck it as soon as she can. She takes his balls in her hand and licks them lovingly before moving her tongue up the shaft, finally dropping her lips over the head. He flips her over, opens up her pussy and slides himself into her wet pink hole. From there it is just a slight adjustment to get his dick between her cheeks. They take a break from the anal for cowgirl. With his cock in her pussy, she has a chance to show her sexy ass. It takes a few try, but they eventually get her ass to gape wide open like a champ. Just about that time, she spins around and gets a shot of hot cream right in her slutty mouth.

Lenna & Markus

Markus sneaks up behind sexy blonde Lenna and puts a blindfold over her yes. She pretends not to know who he is while he gently molests her clothed body. He takes off her shoes and rubs her feet, teasing her toes while she sits there looking rather bored. Pulling down her pants he has a better time getting her attention when he slides a glass dildo between her cheeks and deep into her asshole. After a few strokes her ass stays open for a nice little gape. He removes the blindfold, kisses her and then rolls her over so that he can continue to work on her backdoor with the toy. After all that build up, there is little time for a BJ. Too bad because Leena has nice lips and seems to like sucking his cock more than she enjoys having it stuck up her ass. In fact she seems pretty uncomfortable for more of the scene. There are some great shots of her ass getting stuffed, but in a movie filled with hot bodies and really good anal scenes, this one comes up a little short. The popshot looks a little suspect. This dude is shooting oatmeal or they faked a nut in her mouth. Either way, it’s just off.

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