Brand New Faces 30

Brand New Faces 30
224 Mins

THEMES: New Girls, Big Cocks, Shaved Pussies
STARS: Hailey Jane, Tatiana Knight, Isabella Bailey, Kim Capri, Angie Dove. Voodoo, Jerry, Evan Stone & Anthony Rosano


Once again B Skow has delivered a crop of new girls fucking for the very first time. We all know the drill by now. The girls come in, sign the pledge that states they have never done porn, get interviewed and then fucked. As usual, some of the interviews are pretty cool. Most of the girls are laid back and are fine talking naked or even letting the director play with them. First timers are always tricky and the sex scenes often reflect that. Some o the girls are good performers and other really seem to freeze up under the spotlight. All are easy on the eyes however and that’s a good thing. We open with Isabella Bailey. This adorable Latina banker has a tight body, great tits and a cute face. She starts off pretty well, but kind of fade before the scene ends. What I really liked is the fact that she as a boyfriend at home while she is doing porn behind his back. I liked her scene, but she’s going to have pick it up a bit if she wants to really make it. Hailey Jane is a cute girl with braces who tries her best, but is just a little overmatched in her first scene. Look out for this girl though. Angie Dove is painfully cute, but she fucks like a blank faced robot. No such issue with Tatiana Knight. She proves that new girls can already know just how to fuck. Great scene with Evan Stone here. Kim Capricloses out the action and she looks like the sort of girl who can go far. Her smile never stops and she fucks with great energy. Overall this is a hot piece of brand new chick eye candy with enough stroke value to make it worth a look.

Isabella Bailey & Voodoo

Young loan officer Isabella Bailey looks like a fresh faced girl who would probably never consider doing porn. She was born in Argentina, has never fucked on camera and has a boyfriend at home who doesn’t know what she’s doing. She takes off her top, exposing a perfect set of boobs. During the interview she says that she won’t do two guys, or anal or anything too wild. We will have to ‘settle’ for watching her take on Voodoo and his big cock. He marvels at how tight and pink her pussy is while he opens her up with two fingers. Leaning forward, she takes his cock into her mouth and runs her tongue over the head. As a new girl, Isabella struggles with the eye contact factor. She has to reminded to look up every once in a while. Hey, she’s cute and if she wants to suck my cock she can look anywhere she wants, but the viewing audience at home wants to see those pretty eyes. Finally rolling her over onto her back, Voodoo fills that little pussy with his cock. She seems to struggle with the size, but throws her head back and figures out a way to take it. When she throws her legs all the way back we get some great close up shots. She gets on top and is now fully used to the size. While Voodoo fingers her asshole, she pumps her hips and gets off on his long rod. Taking a break, she sucks cock again. She sucks for a bit, barely able to get the head in. She does better with the fucking than the sucking at this point. By the time they are done Isabella seems to be finished. She takes a load on her chin and tits but certainly doesn’t show much joy at the climax of her first scene. She’s cute and there is something naughty about her, but she ran out of gas too soon here.

Hailey Jane & Jerry

Nineteen year old Hailey already looks young and then has braces to really seal that look. She has an asshole boyfriend who cheated on her nearly two dozen times and that she hasn’t been fucked for more than two minutes since meeting him. Let’s hear it for revenge sex. Her natural tits are perfect, perky and the nipples stiffen right up when he plays with them. Taking off her clothes, she tells us that she never had an orgasm until she got her clit pierced and that she can now do it in less than thirty seconds. B Skow gets to finger her while she talks about how much she loves threesomes. Hailey has a great little body and appears to have what it takes to make it as a hot porn chick. Jerry is ready to put her to the test and starts by eating that pretty little pussy. She is quiet as he takes out his dick and puts it into her mouth. I like the way she uses her free hand on her pussy as she tries to take him. Since she hasn’t really been fucked in a while, Hailey is understandably overmatched here. They really get her hair messed up as they fuck. It’s quite sexy really and adds some reality to the fun. Sucking dick with braces is tough for her, but it is the reverse cowgirl that has her saying that it “hurts really bad.” She has to tap out and take a break. After trying out all kinds of “new” positions (She has only fucked in two before this.) and boning for longer in one sitting than she has in a month’s worth of sex, Hailey looks pretty worn out. She takes a big load on her face and the coughs when too much gets into her mouth. This girl really seems like a first timer and it’s kind of hot.

Angie Dove & Voodoo

Super cute Angie Dove looks almost too adorable for porn. Her boyfriend is in the Army and he would rather she fuck on camera than to have her out playing with guys he might know. Her face is really cute and it looks like she has a sweet body too. Her nipples are inverted and they just won’t come out to play no matter how much B Skow tweaks them. Angie isn’t exactly shy, but she is rather low key. The first thing Voodoo does is grab some ice to get her nipples up at full attention. Mission accomplished so he travels down south and sticks fingers into her tight little pussy. Angie is super cute, but seems to barely notice Voodoo’s cock. I’m not saying the girl has to worship it, but he puts in her mouth and she seems to be looking at the camera as if there isn’t a huge prick fucking her pretty face. She maintains that same blank look when he starts fucking her. I know she is new, but it really seems like she is in training to be a pillow queen. She looks the same in reverse cowgirl and then picks up a little steam as they get into spoon. Angie is really cute and that carries the action here, but this is scene stands out as sleepy even among other newbies. He empties his cock onto her chest and she still acts like nothing is going on. I think this girl is wicked cute, but the scene is just an exercise in eye candy. She’s going to have to pick things up a bit to really make it big.

Tatiana Knight & Evan Stone

Tatiana Knight is an eighteen year old girl who sounds a bit like J-Lo and claims she has loved porn since the age of five. Off come the clothes and this little babe shows off her hot little body. Though she is legal, Tatiana is still in high school, marking the first time that Brand New Faces has brought us a high school girl. Before getting fucked, Tatiana warms p her pussy with a pink vibrator. She rubs it on her clit and as she gets closer to cumming, really picks up speed. She looks really good and has such a great time that you just have to love sitting through this as a lead in to her on-screen deflowering. Evan shows up and helps her with the toy, pushing her leg back and sticking the vibe into her pussy while Tatiana strokes his long dong. With her slit all juiced up, he just pops the cock right in there and starts banging away. Pulling out, she drops to the floor and start sucking his cock. Tatiana is frantic about sucking dick and already seems perfectly comfortable in porn slut mode. Back on top, she gets into reverse cowgirl and speeds things up yet again. No issue for this girl taking it deep. She rocks the reverse cow position and loves that big dick. Cowgirl is not great because she has some ass blemish issues too, but they don’t stay there for long, choosing spoon and then a facial finish for this cutie. Her energy is amazing and she has the sort of good looks that will make her a huge hit in teen vids for a good while.

Kim Capri& Anthony Rosano

Sexy little Kim Capriisn’t wearing panties because apparently someone stole all of her underwear. During the interview she talks about being completely straight. She doesn’t even want to think about licking another girl’s pussy. Her naked interview is kind of interesting, but mostly because she’s hot with no clothes on. Not so good with questions, she is great on her knees with a strange dick in her mouth. Slipping it into her pussy, Anthony puts a big smile on her pretty face. He bends her over and shows off her body while she just lights up on every stroke. The genuine looks of joy on her pretty face is really what makes this scene good. Kim has a hot body, but she looks like she is having the time of her life showing off on camera. He tosses her all over the bed and she just looks at the camera like she would rather be here than anywhere else on earth. He ends up pulling out and shooting all over her shaved little box.

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