Big Dick Gloryholes 3

Big Dick Gloryholes 3
100 Mins
Lethal Hardcore
DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis
THEMES: Glory Holes, Facials,
STARS: Sophie Dee, Missy Woods, Sara Jay, Gracie Glam, Victoria White, Lux May, Kirra Lynn, Angelina Valentine


The lesson we should take from this movie is that no woman is safe in any bathroom or changing room with a hole in the wall. That and no guy should ever let his girl use a public bathroom unless he wants to be tasting other dude’s sperm for the rest of the night. Eight chicks go in and thousands of potential babies die on their faces, in their mouths and on the floor. That’s just the way it goes. There are some stand out women here starting with the always awesome Sophie Dee. She shows off her gorgeous eyes and huge tits while she sucks a strange dick. Victoria White is really hot and seems to love playing with a dick through a hole. Angelina Valentine fishes the movie with perhaps the hottest scene of them all. She deep throats like a total hose beast and makes a great mess. If you like well shot, nicely lit gloryhole scenes with pretty good looking girls and hot facials then Big Dick Gloryholes 3 is well worth a look if for no other reason than to laugh at the clueless guys who let their girls back into the car with cum dripping down their chins.

Missy Woods

Blonde babe Missy Woods leaves her boyfriend in the car and heads into the bathroom. There is someone watching her through the hole. Shocked at first to find someone on the other side, she is happy with the cock that pops through. She plops her ass down on the floor and sucks the dick while rubbing herself. Missy takes his load, gets dressed and runs back out to the car to meet her dude.

Sara Jay

Busty Sarah Jay goes into the changing room and wiggles right out of her little dress tor try on some others. While admiring herself in the mirror she is unaware that someone else is peeking in on her big ass. The dick pokes through and she lights up. Sitting down she close her eyes and moans around the meat while pumping it with her lips. Pulling her panties aside she dips her fingers into her slit and rubs her clit. She takes off her panties and hangs her big ass over the edge of the chair for some serious booty shots. This girl is very enthusiastic about sucking the cock, rubbing it on her face and doing her best to deep throat it even in the cramped quarters. She finally takes a big load right in her mouth and then calls the dude a perv before getting ready to leave.

Sophie Dee

Sophie sits on the toiler and for some reason pulls her dress down to expose her tits. She giggles when she sees a big cock poke through the door and then attacks it with her mouth. Her huge tits hang down and shake with every bob of her head. She has gorgeous eyes that are nicely displayed as she sucks and strokes the strange cock. There are also really good boob shots for people who love her great rack. When she looks up into the camera and talks dirty it is only a matter of time before the guy explodes all over her face. Sophie Dee is awesome all the time and this scene is perfect for her.

Gracie Glam

Gracie Glam seems a little upset that her boyfriend only stopped at a crappy gas station when she needed to go to the bathroom. While that doesn’t explain why she exposes her tits while taking a leak, it perhaps makes it more understandable when she sucks a strange dick poking through the hole. She really goes nuts for the cock fingering herself as she chokes down most of it. Her enthusiasm is great and she’s very easy on the eyes as well. This lucky guy misses out on the eye candy factor, but he gets to feel her mouth on his cock and fill it with his load as she pumps every drop onto her tongue.

Victoria White

Victoria White looks good in a short skirt and tight top, but even better when the clothes come off. She really has a killer body and we get a chance to check it out for a while. The guy looking through the hole seems to like it as well. He gets hard and shoves his dick through the wall only to find the perky blonde ready to eat his rod. Here eyes light up as she rubs her clit and tastes the strange cock. Dropping to the floor she gets even more desperate, sliding her fingers in and moaning as she mouth fucks the stranger. There is a hot every girl quality about Victoria that she carries all the way through to a very nicely shot facial. I’d love to see more from this girl.

Lux May

Cute brunette Lux May leaves her boyfriend in the car while she uses the can. She is disgusted by the graffiti on the wall and the idea of sucking dick in a bathroom. Then she sits down and pees. That makes her horny I guess because she starts calling out for dick. She finally gets what she wants and goes right to her knees. Nice eye contact here as she gives a rather wet BJ. The best shots come when she leans back and shows off her body while jerking the dick in her mouth. She gets a big load all over her face and body and then returns to her boyfriend with jizz on her chin.

Kirra Lynne

Long, lean blonde Kirra Lynn has fun trying on clothes and doesn’t mind all the sexual writing on the wall. In fact she adds some of her own before the dick even pokes through the hole . When it does, it hits her in the ass and she is immediately drawn to it. She focuses in on the dick while the camera zooms in on her ass. She spreads her legs wide and rubs her pussy while sucking. That’s the highlight here though if you like really skinny girls who take loads on the face you might really love her.

Angelina Valentine

Tattooed hottie Angelina Valentine leaves her boyfriend in the car while she uses the bathroom. Taking out her tits she gets a little hot. Seeing a cock peek through makes her super hot and she just has to taste it. Without using her hands she deep throats the dick and has her face pressed against the wall. That’s the way to go girl. This is a really hot scene. Angelina sucks like a champ, smacks her face with his cock and then loses her panties so she can rub herself off. The body shots are great, but her all out assault on the cock is what makes this perhaps the best scene of the collection. She gets a load on her tongue

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