Please Cum on My Face 2

Please Cum On My Face 2
65 Mins
White Ghetto Films
THEMES: Blowjobs, Facials, Cock Biting
STARS: Tyler, Kita Zen, Lacey Jayne, Joclyn Stone, Tiffany Tanner, Kendra Secrets, Vanessa Naughty, Zoey Matthews


To say this is a disappointing movie is an understatement. Generally speaking blowjob movies are tough to fuck up. You hold the camera steady, point it at the girl and let her suck. Not all that difficult. It helps if you have pretty girls, guys with big hard cocks and good facials. None of that is actually here. The girls aren’t especially pretty, though Kita Zen is very easy on the eyes. The guys are small, struggle with wood, or require massive self loving to get off. (Often more than one of these factors is present.) All of the scenes seem to have some role play elements though we never see the set up. I think showing the longer version might help. At least then there would be some fantasy value. Without it we end up with a strong of uninspired, often poorly short and almost always forgettable blowjobs. There are some ball biting moments here as some of the girls get a little rough. If that isn’t your think there are plenty of other BJs to keep you busy. I like a good blowjob movie as much as the next guy. By the same token, I hate a bad BJ movie as much as the next guy.

Joclyn Stone

No time to waste. Joclyn Stone already has the cock in her mouth and is doing her best to coax it to life with her mouth. It throbs in her hands after a bit and she runs her tongue over the head. This is a quick and mostly uninspiring BJ that has some decent dirty talk and a bit of playful biting. The guy uses both hands to get himself off while she just kind of sits there. Some of it gets on her face, but we are off to a rather inauspicious start.

Kita Zen

Kita Zen starts out on her knees while the guy stands. She spits on this dick every few strokes to keep it wet and moans around him. The camera moves around behind for an ass shot before getting back on her face. The dick gets pretty big, but she handles it well. I like Kita, but the spitting ends up being a big distraction because she does it so often. She jerks him off hard and right at the end he takes over, painting her face with goo. Despite the spitting, little Kita is really cute and this scene is tons better than the first.

Lacey Jayne

Blonde Lacey Jayne is sucking from her knees and eliciting some enthusiastic responses from the dude. The camera is kind of all over the place for a while until it settles on a shot. She talks about her house being clean making me think that there was probably some kind of role play to this. I would really like to hear the set up because the BJ itself is just bland enough to be totally forgettable. Her ball licking skills are pretty good. Poor camera angles don’t help so even as Lacey gets hotter, this scene stays flat. She tells him she wants his “Mexican cream” all over her face and then spends several minutes trying to milk him. When that doesn’t work he faps for just as long. The facial is very good and a bit of a saving grace in an otherwise uninspiring few minutes of video sludge.

Tiffany Tanner

Tiffany Tanner is a jail cell and says “consider this your last meal” making me think that maybe she’s a guard or something. She’s not in uniform and just sucks his cock with a bit of lusty distain. It’s kind of a strange fantasy that isn’t fully played out anyway. Tiffany is a bleached blonde with big fake tits and some really nice lips. At times the camera is perfectly positioned but there a bunch of cuts and changes that get in the way of a decent scene. She gets on the ground and lets him fuck her tits for a while. That does little for him so he jerks off for a while until he shots his load on her lips.


Tyler has on a nurse cap as she strokes and sucks a cock to full mast. There isn’t much talking or noise and she seems only half interested. Tyler is a cute enough girl I guess, but watching her half heartedly suck a tiny cock just isn’t all that appealing. Thankfully it ends quickly when he jerks off onto her chin.

Vanessa Naughty

Vanessa Naughty starts out by biting the guy’s balls. She is in charge and more than a little bitchy. He isn’t allowed to touch her. This comes from some sort of cock and ball torture thing and is interesting if that’s what gets you off. She aggressively jerks his cock and verbally taunts him while she abuses him. Verbal humiliation and ball torture are on the menu and they work because the guy ends up shooting a load all over her face.

Zoey Matthews

There is some seriously fucked up background static going on as Zoey Matthews sucks cock. The only good news I guess is that she isn’t all that energetic or great to look at here. This is kind of a waste of a scene that is only made worse by the technical issues. This movie is filled with forgettable scenes, but this one is worth skipping even in a bad batch.

Kendra Secrets

Apparently Kendra Secrets is blowing a doctor. She is abusing his cock gently and talking about how her mouth is nicer than her teeth. She looks really good naked on her knees and gives a nice looking blowjob. Since this is the last scene in the movie we can be thankful that they gave us something good. The camerawork is decent. When it isn’t focuses on her sucking there are good shots of her boobs. He gives it the two-fisted fap and fills her mouth with cum. Decent scene to end with.

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