CFNM: Happy Endings

CFNM: Happy Endings
143 Mins
Reality Blue Media
DIRECTOR: Anton Slayer
THEMES: Asian Girls, Massage, CFNM, Stockings, Pantyhose, Reluctant Girls, Prostitutes
STARS: Asa Akira, Annie Cruz, Allanah Li, Kayme Kai, Katreena Lee, Rocco Reed, Chris Charming, Mark Ashley, Sasha, Rocco Reed


This is a really odd little movie. It’s a CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) title with that niche covered right in the title. Strictly speaking, the girls stay dressed. They wear stockings and pantyhose as well as kimonos. But that’s probably stretching it for most people who are really into the genre. These girls are at least half naked and often just in pantyhose. The genre also usually focuses on women somewhat humiliating men. There is some of that here, but mostly they just act like bored or bitchy hookers. There is some appeal in this actually. Watching the girls refuse dudes at first and then slowly work into the full treatment is what made this movie interesting to watch. That and the stunning cast. This is a great collection of hot Asian babes. They all do more than massage, but have to be paid to play. That part is really hot. The pay for play angle is great and the pantyhose fetish angle is really played up well. Sexually the movie is strong, especially if you like hand jobs. Asa Akira is spectacular as always. She gets one look at Mark Ashley’s big cock and suddenly decides that work isn’t half bad. Asa is worth the price of a rental all by herself. Annie Cruz is equally hot here. She is totally bored until enough cash gets her out of her panties and then she loves the cock. Great scene here. Katreena Lee is great looking and I loved her scene. It’s very standard, but I’d give her all the cash in my wallet if she would rub me the right way. Allanah Li was a lot of fun to watch and if you like standoffish chicks, Kayme Kai does a great job. Overall I liked the cast and found the action to be pretty good. I just think it’s more a massage parlor and pantyhose flick than something for the traditional CFNM audience.

Kayme Kai & Sashca

Kayme is not just a bored Asian massage girl, she’s downright rude to her client. She seems disgusted that he wants his cock stroke and orders him up on all fours to get a reach around going. When she gets both hands going on it, she looks semi-hostile towards the penis, even smacking it from time to time. She eventually sucks his cock, but the pretty girl still is acting so standoffish that it’s got a very strange vibe to it. Kayme toys with the idea of letting him fuck her even as she insists that he not rush her. When she finally bends over, she insists that he not touch her as his dick slides into her pussy from behind. After a few strokes she is moaning and screaming like she loves it. He pulls her panty hose down at first and then just rips them so he can fuck her through the hole. You can really see the ripped garment as she rides on his dick. He eventually cums all over the crotch of her pantyhose. The vibe on this one was strange and it was not nearly as appealing as I had hoped.

Allanah Li & Chris Charming

Sexy Allanah wants Chris to know right away that all he is getting is a massage. She’s’ a little bitchy and that’s really hot. Ordering him up on all fours she starts teasing his cock. As she strokes his cock, he tires to touch her tits and gets shut down. Whatever slight change in tone there is in this scene, it’s working. Her big tits are spilling out of her tight top as she uses both hands to jerk his big dick. He has to beg for her to suck his cock. Great looking BJ here and she even agrees to let him fuck her. He rolls her over, puts a leg up on his shoulder and fucks that shaved pussy until she forgets to be bitchy. While being fucked she reaches around, pulls his dick out and jerks him allover her ass and stockings. Very fetish specific finish there.

Katreena Lee & Alec Knight

Gorgeous Katreena Lee comes in and acts shocked to see that Alec is hard under his towel. She grabs his cock and stares at him while working with her hand. He asks for extras and she puts her mouth on his cock. This girl is so pretty that any BJ with her mouth at work is bound to be pretty good. He eats her out a while and then fucks her. The kimono and stockings stay on to stick with the CFNM stuff, but this scene really plays like a typical massage parlor girl fuck. Nothing wrong with that in my book, Katreena is really sexy and the close up shots of her pussy are delicious. She looks great in reverse cowgirl and shows off a really good ass when she turns around. Alec spreads her ass and has the sexy massage girl happy to be doing the extras today. Alec flips her over and fucks her in mish until he pulls out and lets her jerk him off all over her dress.

Annie Cruz & Rocco Reed

Super hot Annie Cruz grabs Rocco’s cock right away. She is rolling her eyes and sighing as she gives him a half-hearted hand job. After teasing him with a lick she informs him that “that costs extra” and makes him agree to pay. She then deep throats his cock with ease, drooling all over it on every stroke. Rocco wants more so she lifts her dress and lets him eat her through her pantyhose. I know that the women are supposed to stay clothed, but it’s nice to see Annie lose most of her dress. Her tits are perfect and her has such a sexy little ass. Rock bends her over and fucks her through the torn panty hose. Annie gets bent over and slam fucked while she talks dirty. Everything about this woman is sexy, from her perfect body to her cum inducing “fuck me” sneer. After letting him pound her for a while, Annie puts her mouth back on his cock where she lovingly strokes it with her lips and tongue. Great energy here as Annie licks his balls and then climbs right back up for another round. Rocco slams her and finally pulls out shooting his load on her small patch of pubic hair.

Asa Akira & Mark Ashley

Gorgeous Asa Akira is bored as she starts jerking off her latest client. She back away when he tries to grab her, but quickly realizes that he’s got a “nice cock, for a pervert.” Dropping her head to his cock she spits on the head and then starts sucking. She strips down and comes back in just a black silk robe and pantyhose. Sitting on his face, she continues to suck the cock while he plays with her through the fabric. (This movie really seems more like an Asian pantyhose fetish movie than a CFNM flick.) Putting her on her back with her legs spread, Mark rips the pantyhose so he can lick, finger and fuck her pussy. Great shots of the action as she gets everything all wet and tells him to fuck the pussy he paid for. He bends her over the table and has her screaming out as he goes deep. Great looking reverse cowgirl as Mark takes full advantage of her spinner status. She is a very happy fuck and jerks him off all over her hose at the end.

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