Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 15


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30 Days of Music

I found this thing over on Facebook and thought it might be kind of interesting. (What is really amazing is just how easily you can find ANY song over on YouTube.) I hope you like some of the tunes and get a good laugh at what a musical geek I am.


30 Days of Music: Day 15 A Song That Describes You

“When everybody loves me, I will never be lonely. A lot has changed in my life since I first heard this song, but the more my dreams and path have changed, the more the universal truths ring through. She’s perfect for you, man there’s got to be somebody for me. We do all want to be big stars and we don’t know how or even why. It’s still about fame, but it’s also about finding your place in the world, your area to shine and how to be a big, big star in a world where that just isn’t possible.

Then again maybe it’s just about two drunks in a bar checking out the asses of hot Latinas what do I know?


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