Tale of the Dancing Bear 2

Dancing Bear 2
225 Mins
Morally Corrupt
THEMES: Strippers, Blowjobs, Facials, Public Sex


This is the second volume of Dancing Bear action. There is something I just really love about it. I love the idea of women out for a night out and sucking a little strange dick. That makes the set up here just about perfect. I really like the collection to be honest. There are some issues though. Firs t of all the camera guy seems to be very hit and miss. I realize that it’s tough to shoot this kind of free flowing action, but still. Better camera work would be good, especially in a movie that is nearly four hours long and already pushes the edge of redundancy. My other issue is more about the company than the movie. The reason there are no links to the site here in this review is because the affiliate program is fucked up. I’ve applied and been approved three times only to have the account closed with no explanation and no contact email. So basically they want me to send them traffic that I won’t get any credit for. Bad, bad form. Back to the action at hand. The women in the audience are all wound up to watch these guys strip. They are fun, enthusiastic and involved in the action to varying degrees. Most of the fun is oral. One girl fucks a stripper, but mostly it is a like a series of reverse blow bangs with horny chicks sucking strange cock in front of their friends. Some of the girls are smoking hot, some of them are average looking and some of them look like they might have to grab the cock where they find it. That’s the fun of this stuff. It’s total fantasy play and for the most part it’s really hot. I say buy the DVD and if they weren’t screwing affiliates I would say check out the website.

Sea of Women

The first party gets started right away. Within seconds of the first guy coming out the girls are sucking on his cock. One pretty brunette does a very nice job of seeming completely shocked to be staring at strange dick meat. There are some very pretty girls in this crowd the guy has a big fat porno quality cock to feed them. He stops with one cute long enough to seriously beat his meat in her face. It really looks like he is trying to blow a nut all over her tongue. He finally unloads, but watching him jerk off for that lone is just kind of creepy. Out comes the next guy and he dishes up the “sexual chocolate” to the hungry girls. There is a group of larger women who go nuts for the cock, passing it back and forth and reluctantly letting it go only after a long group blowjob. Like the first guy, he has to jerk off for a long time in order to nut on a cute little face. By now the pace has been set so the new guy gets his cock sucked by a horny cougar almost before he can even be announced. The girls are having a lot of fun at this point, cheering one another one as the dick gets passed from mouth to mouth. This guy has a serious load that leaves on the face of a very eager admirer.

The next guy comes in Rocky shorts and loses them quickly so that a redhead can taste his treat. The camera guy seems to have had too much to drink because he is literally all over the place. It’s too bad because the blowjobs are fun and there are some cute girls going after this dude. Some of them use their tits, other tease and some just go right after him like they really want to taste the cream. He settles in with one girl for a long time. She sucks then lets him jerk and finally eats his load. The next dancer comes out with a wrestling mask on and his long black cock dangling there for the girls to drool over. A few busty girls give it a try, showing off their tits while they suck strange meat. As it continues to grow the girls get more and more enthusiastic about it. He stands over three of them and jerks off while they wait, fully dressed for his load. Another dude with a mask comes out and he spanks one of the girls while her friend sucks him off. Both of them are good looking women who look like perfect party sluts. Making his way around with his dick bobbing up and down, this guy gets to enjoy the feeling of several mouths on his junk. Two at a time does it for him as she ends up blowing his load all over this pink-haired hotties pretty face without eight minutes furious fapping. That same girl goes right to work on the next guy. She’s very attractive and has a big smile on her face as she passes him along to the next chick. Yet another super long jerk off finish has me wondering when it’s time to reset the action and get another group of girls in there. I really love the fantasy appeal with these movies, but as we get close to two hours in the first “scene” I find myself getting a little bored. There is one more facial and then the dancing bear comes out. The headliner and his trainer dance together and then hit the audience. There is a pretty big cock to be sucked, but these girls are up to the challenge. That fat thing get sucked long and deep by girls ranging from very cute to 2am last call pick ups. The usual suspects are here, sucking and stroking and then cheering one another on. One girl gets up on stage and holds her hands behind her back so he can face fuck her. She is determined to make this dude cum It’s the grand finale, but it pretty much feels like all the rest when the guys just go back into the audience again. A rather pretty brunette does tae the action back on stage for a determined hand/blow job finish. She takes his load on her face and seems quite proud of herself.

Starting the New Year With a Bang

The next show starts with a cop who rushes the stage already half naked. He brings his cock to the fires group of girls has it sucked by several. The most enthusiastic of the bunch is a chubby blonde who doesn’t seem to want to let it go. Quite a few of the girls pass, but enough of them want a taste to keep things interesting. There are quite a few older women and bigger girls in this group, but mixed in are a couple of stone cold foxes. (Not that the older or bigger girls aren’t also sexy. It is one of those super hot chicks who gets the first cumshot. She takes it on the face, flashes some eye contact to the camera and then sucks him dry. Out comes guy number two and the women just love him. One chubby girl in glasses pulls him over and seems ready to not let him go. He leaves her for a while and comes back to give her more of what she craves. There is a super hot chick in a white top that gets the pop shot this time. The flashing lights fuck things up visually as she strokes him off on her face, but I’ll watch this girl all day. Like the last “scene” this one features some really hot stuff early on. There is something fresh and sexy the first time through. The masked dudes start coming out and the girls get really loud. The action is always a lot hotter when the camera work is steady. I’m not sure why it varies so much, but there are times when it just gets unwatchable. I can deal with the flashing lights as long as the camera can stay steady for a while. Hey, that first hottie is back and guess what, the camerawork sucks. Ugh. Rocky loses his trunk and gets his dong into some horny mouths in the front row. One couch looks like it is totally filled with average chicks. (Not ugly at all, they just look and act like real club goers.) One of the girls in that row has great natural tits that she pulls out while sucking the sock. So great in fact that the babe on the couch next to her starts sucking them. Each dancer who passes by that first hottie gets some great looking head. She is very pretty and quite cock hungry.

Things heat up even ore when one of the front row girls strips down and takes his cock into her pussy. I don’t know about you guys, but fucking a stripper bareback in front of fifty strangers just doesn’t seem like something a normal girl would do. On the other hand, it’s kind of hot and works well since this chick is so cute. She rides him, gets banged in doggy and finally rolls over for some hard mish. Her pert tits dance on her chest as she takes every inch of dick this dude has to dish out. The sex is hot, but the odd cut at the end, the limp dick in her mouth and the way she spits out pure white goo makes me think that they had to fake a pop. Out comes the bear with his trainer not far behind. The women go wild and the dicks start shaking again. Oh how they seem to love these guys. With the camera guy struggling to keep up, Mr. dancing dick runs around like a sexual honey bee, dropping his stinger into mouth after mouth. I love the way some of these women react to the thick cock. It’s still sexy after nearly four hours. Despite having some serious lag time, the overall action is sexy as fuck. There is a final facial here to wrap things up quite nicely.

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