Office Perks

Office Perks
160 Mins
Bluebird Films
THEMES: Office Sex, Hose, Big Tits
STARS: Kerry Louise, Sasha Rose, Cindy Behr, Jasmine Webb, Emma Butt, Stacey Saran, Kit Lee & Kat Lee


Sex in the office always seems like a great idea. After all, if you have to spend several hours a day cooped up with no sun behind a desk, the least you get can get out of it is some pussy. These women are all ready to play, but dress the part nicely. Skirts, heels, hose and occasionally glasses are all the rage. The clothes and office setting add the mix and are only missing in one scene. For some reason Stacey Saran is a French Maid, but luckily for us she looks good enough to make her scene worth watching. That’s the weakest scene by far and it’s still not bad. The others are much hotter. Kerry Louise starts the movie with a very hot scene. There were some sound issues that bugged me, but she has great tits and is a perfect looking office fantasy girl. Sasha Rose is pretty good and rocks the office attire. Cindy Behr is hot and gives probably the best scene of the movie. She is gorgeous vocal and a perfect office slut. I’d hire her in a heartbeat. Jasmine Webb and Emma Butt share the screen. Emma is good, but Jasmine really impresses me. I really want to see a lot more of her. Kit and Kat Lee finish up. These chicks are so fucking hot. Their energy wavers a bit, but I would love to see them really cut lose. Even at half speed they are pretty awesome though. If you like sex in the office, then Office Perks is good fantasy play. The girls are good looking and the set ups are good. There are some minor issues here and there, but overall the fantasy will keep you busy well into overtime.

Kerry Louise

Slutty secretary Kerry Louise is frantic. She can’t get the phones to work in the office. Her boss arrives and is not happy that she does not have the office organized when he arrives. To distract him, she breaks out a dildo and puts on a show to get herself out of trouble. While she is busy doing that, he takes her big tits out and then feeds her his cock. The blowjob is way to short and leads into some tightly shot mish on the desk. The close up shots are OK sometimes, but often leave us with only part of the action. They move elsewhere for some hard pounding doggy that has Kerry talking dirty and her big tits swaying freely. At one point during the fucking the picks up the phone and starts talking. This is a totally hot twist to the action, but we can’t hear her at all so it kind of defeats the purpose. Kerry’s big tits end up stealing the show as she squat fucks her new boss until he is ready to explode. He then bends her over and slams her hard from behind. The busty office bitch takes a big load on her face. Pretty good action here, but it could have been much better.

Sasha Rose

Sexy Sasha Rose talks with her boss about something. To be honest the sound is so bad that even all the way up I had a hard time with it. He is doing some sort of hypnosis on the sexy girl and it appears to be working. She goes to work on his cock and has it throbbing rather quickly. Nice BJ this time as she takes her tits out and plays with them while gripping his shaft. She gets on top of his cock and rides hard. I love that she is still wearing most of her work clothes, adding to the office fantasy appeal. The sex itself is good and at times excellent if you like big tits. He rolls her legs way back over her head and just goes to town fucking that pussy. When he pulls out and starts fucking her face, Sasha pumps her fingers into her hole to get it all warmed up. He ends up painting her face. Hypnosis certainly worked for her.

Cindy Behr

Sexy blonde Cindy is very good at her job even before she has it. She walks into an office, answers the phone and fixes a messed up schedule. The boss is a little taken aback, but is impressed most of all by her dress. Cindy is dressed to impressed and comes on hard. He has her up on the desk before they can even discuss benefits. Great fantasy appeal here as he gets to take full advantage of this pretty girl right in his office. She takes his cock into her mouth and goes right to the root as she attempts to suck it to full stiffness. Great looking doggy here as she pushes back to take him all the way in her horny pussy. Cindy is the perfect office slut, tending to her new boss’ needs with her legs straight up in the air on his desk chair. She crawls around rubs herself, sucks his balls and seems ready for anything. She even takes a call in the middle and informs whoever it is that her boss is busy. Cindy is great looking and her dirty talk in that hot accent just pushes this over the top. They finish up with a big facial and she sucks him clean like a perfect office tramp. This is great fantasy stuff, but also just great porn.

Emma Butt & Jasmine Webb

Sexy Emma Butt and sweet sista Jasmine Webb are bickering in the office over who has the better new guy. The guys come down with their cocks out and the girls get started. Jasmine is the stand out here. She talks, teases and goes balls keep while Emma just quietly bobs her head. Emma stands up and gets fucked by her man while sucking the new dick. Jasmine needs to get her share too and uses the desk to get fucked and then eaten. I love the energy Jasmine is pumping out and she looks really good half naked as well. Taking nothing away from Emma who really looks good with her legs spread on the edge of the desk. The girls switch and swap and share without a care. Jasmine never slows down and stays loud every second of the time she has a cock in her. The girls end up with one load on Jasmine’s tits and then a second that they share. Both girls are hot, but I can’t wait to find more stuff with Jasmine Webb

Stacey Saran

Adorable Stacy Saran has a maid’s uniform on as she run around the house. It doesn’t quite fit the theme of the movie, but the tease footage she provides by bending over is pretty great. When the man of the house comes home he asks hear about a strange little tea party she seems to have set up. Goofy setup aside, this girl is cute and she knows how to please her man. She pulls out a boob and sucks him for a few seconds before bending over and letting him fuck her from behind. I was really digging the office vibe of the last few scenes and that is missing here. The lighting is also off by just enough to make it annoying. Stacey is totally hot though and I love watching her get fucked while standing. The scene ends with a facial, but it is the least interesting of a good bunch.

Kit Lee & Kat Lee

Kit Lee and Kat Lee work together, dress alike and fight like crazy over who is in charge when the boss is away. A guy steps in between the fighting girls and gives them something share. The girls look great side by side as he fucks their tits. Either one of these babes would be a perfect boss. They are beautifully built with pretty faces. The tit fucking is great, but they both look really hot with cocks in their mouths. The tit footage is outstanding as they take turns in reverse cowgirl. I love the skirts around their waists and their stockings. The energy levels seem to come and go a big as he tries to fuck them both. At times they just kind of lie there, but at other moments they are loud, loving the cock and really fucking back. They kneel next to his cock and hold their tits out. He loves that sight and blasts a big load all over all four knockers. These girls are hot.

Bonus: Popshots, Trailers

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