Backdoor to Chyna

Backdoor to Chyna

MOVIE TYPE: Celebrity
180 Mins.
THEMES: Celebs,
STARS: Chyna, Diana Prince, Dylan Ryder, Dayna Vendetta, Lee Stone, Billy Glide, Mick Blue, Jerry, Evan Stone

Anyone who watched wrestling a decade ago (when seemingly everyone watched wrestling) knows who Chyna is. She was the Eighth Wonder of the World, a huge woman with a physique never before seen and a brutal style that had her destroying men in and out of the ring. After a successful run in the WWE and a couple of Playboy spreads, Chyna hit hard times. She popped up in a horrible little celeb sex tape with her then boyfriend X-Pak. Fast forward several years, a Surreal Life appearance and a number of nutter butter moments and we get Chyna’s first “real” porn flick. She didn’t go halfway this time. No running off with her boyfriend and a camera to shoot some semi-lame home video. Chyna stars with some of the biggest male stars in porn and engages in sex that is new to her. Backdoor to Chyna features her first lesbian sex (shock!), her first anal experience and her first time with two dudes at once. That’s a whole lot of first time events for one movie. Look, if you aren’t into Chyna, then there is no way you are going to find this movie anything more than a freak show. She has softened her look considerably, but she is still massive, muscular and not the most feminine woman you will ever see. She does have really big tits and looks better than she did in her last tape. Director B Skow does a really good job of presenting a great interview. Sexy or not, Chyna is an important figure in the history of wrestling with an interesting story and a unique perspective on some of the more risqué aspects of her sport. The movie is worth watching for the interview footage alone. Sexually the movie is very strong if you like Chyna. She doesn’t go at this halfway at all. From the opening lesbian three way to the anal scene, she throws herself in all the way. It is a little strange to see her take a passive role with Diana Prince and Dylan Ryder, but the scene is good. Lee Stone is strong enough to lift Chyna up and fuck her in mid-air. He tosses her around like a spinner and she seems to enjoy his big cock. Chyna enjoys Evan Stone’s dick up her ass. The anal isn’t great, but she also deep throats that big thing which is always impressive. Going big again, she shared Billy Glide’s cock with Dayna Vendetta who really looks good. For the finale, she fucks Jerry and Mick Blue, taking two at once like a true porn slut. Is this a one time only deal for Chyna? Who knows? She certainly has fans and more than holds her own as an porn performer. Maybe Vivid has a Chyna Gets Blackmailed on tap for next year. If you were a Chyna fan and wanted to see her redeem herself for that other tape then this is exactly what you wanted to see.

Chyna (Solo)

Covering the basics of her life before the WWE and her introduction to Shawn Michaels and Triple H, Chyna is engaging during her interview. She then launches into a solo sex scene that begins with her on her knees and reaching between her thighs to play with her pussy. She turns over and spreads her legs. Rubbing her pussy, she gets it wet and has fun with herself.

Chyna, Diana Prince & Dylan Ryder

As she reveals in the interview, this is Chyna’s first time with another woman sexually. (Collective gasp from the wrestling world.) Diana and Dylan double up on her. The big tits are an immediate draw as Chyna enjoys feminine mouths on her big hooters. Dylan goes down on her, working her tongue into regions never before explored by a woman. Things are a little silent as the three women enjoy some fun on the couch. Chyna mostly lies back and enjoys herself, offering a bit of finger play to Diana. They eventually role Chyna over and she is able to dedicate her oral skills to Diana. As I’m watching this rather sleepy lesbian three-way I can’t help but think of a way that this scene could have been hotter. Chyna was big in the WWE a decade ago, I mean seriously fucking huge. It would have been really cool to find a couple of women who were huge fans, interview them about getting to fuck Chyna and then turn them loose. There is some good stuff here including a lot of kissing some eye candy from Dylan and Chyna’s obviously advanced learning curves, but I think the celebrity fantasy angle should have been played up a little more. The toy play is pretty good and there are some really nicely shot close ups as Chyna gets fucked. But just imagine how hot it would be turn loose a girl who used to fantasize about fucking this muscle bound babe actually getting to sit on her face or make her cum around a vibrator. I just think there was something more we could have seen from this opener.

Chyna & Lee Stone

Lee Stone is a big guy with huge muscles and a massive tool. He seems like the exact sort of dude Chyna would like. (Though we saw on her last tape that she loved a dude with a micro-penis.) After Lee man handles her big tits, he stands up for some POV BJ footage. Taking his big cock into her hand, she slides it between her lips and sucks deeply enough bring tears to her eyes. In the middle of the energetic BJ he picks her up and gives her standing 69. This chick ain’t tiny so this is the sort of thing that only Lee could really pull off. Chyna doesn’t miss a beat, sucking and stroking his cock like she really loves it. Lee licks her ass a little, but mostly focuses on her pussy, getting it wet enough for even his large tool to slide right on home. Chyna is still rather quiet, letting her costar doing the bulk of the groaning as he pushes every inch into her furry love box. She appreciates the deep strokes and the way he can just scoop her up and drops her down on his big cock. They finish up with a lot of jerking off and eye contact as Chyna tries to earn that big creamy load. She gets it on her face and tits. No cum dodging here.

Chyna & Evan Stone

It is time for Chyna to graduate to something a little more advanced. She has already done girls, big cocks and a facial. What could be next? We will have to wait and find out, but for starters she happily shows off her body and warms up her clit with a vibrator. Evan joins the fun and kisses Chyna while groping her huge tits. Moving down she takes his cock in her mouth and lets him try to fuck her throat a bit. It’s messy, but she really doesn’t gag on it. The long dick fits better in her pussy. Chyna throws a leg up and lets Evan pump her for a while. She In between position she shows off some surprisingly great deep throat skills. He bends her over and goes right into her ass. I know that part of Chyna’s appeal is her muscular physique, but there is something really manly about her thighs and ass that makes this anal penetration more than a little odd. The razor umps spreading far and wide don’t help much either. The angle from the front is better. It just shows off Chyna’s features better. Regardless of how Evan gets in there, he goes deep. This isn’t a half-assed (groan) anal scene. He pulls out and shoots out all over her boobs.

Chyna, Dayna Vendetta & Billy Glide

After some really interesting and revealing interview footage, Chyna masturbates in the gym looking at sexy Dayna Vendetta. Both women stare in wonder as Billy whips out his thick cock. They pass it back and forth. Dayna is really cute and rubs her tits in Billy’s face while he gets blown by Chyna. Both of them work slowly during the oral action, but Chyna picks up speed when she’s riding his dick. Dayna kind of steals the thunder early. She’s pretty fucking sexy. Billy makes sure the pound Chyna hard, putting her right back into the mix. I like the energy in this scene and shared facial/tit cumshot is pretty hot. However, I think Dayna kind of stole the spotlight a bit.

Chyna, Jerry & Mick Blue

Another new experience for Chyna (Two guys at once) wraps up the fun. She says she doesn’t feel nervous despite not knowing what to expect from this one. Mick and Jerry put her at ease right away. Jerry goes down on her while Mick plays with her boobs and then whips out his cock. They both stand up and feed her cock. You have to give her credit for her oral skills. This chick can definitely use her mouth well. She has the guy in close playing with her and eases herself onto her side. Mick fucks her pussy and she inhales Jerry’s cock effortlessly. The ass shots just aren’t that good, but when she gets into reverse cowgirl we get a great view of her bit tits and some very energetic fucking. Good mish shots with Chyna reaching her mouth back to take Mick while Jerry bangs her. Both guys shoot loads on her with one on the muff and the other on the mouth.

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