Neu Wave Hookers Rocks A Mic With Great Musical Experience


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) In the wonderful world of porn, music is often viewed as something completely irrelevant and better left out of the movie. Countless jokes have been told about the campy whickity whack of the porn guitar droning on turning many sex movies into boring affairs.

That has all changed with this year’s most highly anticipated movie Neu Wave Hookers from VCA Pictures which boosts a musical score that is delightfully cool and a major part of the viewing experience. The entire musical attack is a brilliant centerpiece on which this entire project was born.

“I wanted to show everyone that you can get real active contemporary artists involved in an adult film,” stated porn’s leading new movement director Eon McKai who has taken one of the adult industry’s benchmark movies, New Wave Hookers, and given it a new feel and neu direction with the sparkling release due in stores January 17th.

“This is not a re-make,” emphatically states McKai, who is getting unique raves from many journalistic circles not normally porn friendly for his incredibly creative and very off-center approach to the jack-off experience.

With music from popular bands such as The Pony’s, Gravy Train, Electrocute, Dirty Sanchez and Bedroom Walls, Neu Wave Hookers will have you dancing and grooving before you even realize this is a porn movie. In fact the music is so entertaining that this cinematic re-birth wakes up your senses and sensibilities for what can only be described as a fantastic aural sex experience.

McKai is fast to give credit for the brilliance of the original New Wave Hookers music score assembled by the Dark Brothers back in 1985 featuring new wave groups like the Plugz.

“The music is one of the main things that got me about the original New Wave Hookers so I knew I had to really bring it with this one,” McKai enthused.

Neu Wave Hookers is for those who like a bit of fun with their porn and is certain to go down as one of the most entertaining porn movies in quite some time due in great part to the music that has become such a big slice of McKai’s creations.

Look for Neu Wave Hookers to be in stores everywhere January 17th from VCA Pictures.

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