Stoya Vagina Lotus Sleeve from Fleshlight


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Stoya Vagina Lotus Sleeve from Fleshlight

Manufactured By: Fleshlight (

Type of Toy: Personal Masturbator

Price: $79.95

Bottom Line: Tight, Wet & Ready to Swallow.

Size: Sleeve length: approx. 9″, Case length: 10″, Inner texture length: approx. 7.75″, Orifice depth: approx. 1.25″

Material: Real Feel Superskin with Hard Plastic Case

Best For: Comfortable, Tight Grip Vaginal Simulation.


After my first experience with a Fleshlight product, I was anxious to try the second Stoya mold. I really enjoyed the Stoya Swallow oral simulator so her pussy (with the Lotus sleeve) should be just as much fun. I still have one more orifice to explore after this one and I’m sure that one will be great too. (Still waiting to see if she is willing to come over for a side by side test.)

The basic Fleshlight design is not unlike other stroker toys. What makes them stand out is the exterior design and the customization. Housed in a hard plastic case that looks like a huge flashlight, the toys in this line are easily stored, look rather discreet and offer some unique advantages over traditional strokers. You can also swap out the sleeves so you can try a different orifice and sleeve for your masturbatory pleasure.

The Stoya Lotus Vaginal simulator is molded from the punky little porn princess’ lips and looks very nice. The External lips are meaty and very detailed. Thanks to the quality material of the sleeve, it is also very pleasing to the touch.

The exterior of the Fleshlight is hard plastic and fairly big around. It is very easy to get a grip on with either one or both hands. On the interior, the Stoya Lotus texture is very interesting. It is tight throughout, but has pockets that relieve some of the pressure, making the super snug sections feel even tighter. Since the Fleshlight toys are more expensive than your basic little strokers, one would expect something special. The interior of this toy provides a lot more than usual. It is a very good sleeve with a great texture.

The Fleshlight design allows for very deep stimulation. The entire sleeve is a full nine inches deep and the texture goes nearly eight inches deep. So you don’t have to worry about going past the texture as you try your best to plant a big load deep into Stoya’s pussy. It certainly adds to the already tight grip provided by the unit.

Let’s talk for a minute about the pros and cons of the Fleshlight. Some of the smaller strokers are designed so that the user can directly apply pressure. Sometimes that’s a nice thing if you need a little more or less in a specific spot. On the other hand, the hard case around the Fleshlight prevents specific pressure from the hand. Without the external stimulation, the Fleshlight actually better mimics sex with a partner. This is especially true if you happen to be using the Fleshlight with a partner. (Nothing like having your SO help you fuck the shit out of Stoya to enhance an evening of romance.)

The material and design are pleasing the touch and certainly get the job done. Unlike some of the smaller strokers, the Fleshlight is long enough to accommodate just about anyone. (Sorry Lex) Very few men are going to bottom out on this thing. You should be able to go nice and deep and leave a load deep in Stoya’s throat just like you’ve always dreamed of.

I have never had the pleasure of actually fucking Stoya, but I would imagine that she’s every bit as tight at this toy and probably even more fun. That said, this is a pretty damn find substitute. The interior texture on the Stoya Lotus is very snug, offers nice variety and simulates vaginal sex pretty well. It’s place on my shelf between the mouth and ass Fleshlights is secure. I will be using this again whenever the desire to creampie Stoya’s horny little hole.

Weaknesses: Big, Not Very Portable

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Easy to clean with warm water. The Real Feel Superskin sleeve comes out for easy cleaning.

Manufactured By: Fleshlight (

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