Innocent Until Proven Filthy 8

Innocent Until Proven Filthy 8

Movie Type: Couples

Minutes: 234

Production Company: Erik Everhard Entertainment

Director: Erik Everhard

Themes: Boy-Girl

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Brandy Blair, Cassidy, Izzy-Bella Blu, Jessi Palmer, Kortney Kane, Tasha Monroe

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Dressed as a cop, Brandy Blair shows up at Erik Everhard’s place. She claims that his stripper pole doesn’t meet regulations, then decides to test it out. She decides to let him off easy, but only if he’ll pleasure her. Erik is more than happy to do this and begins by eating her out. Brandy’s depth while blowing is decent and she incorporates a fair amount of energy. Once again, Erik moistens her puss with his tongue, then he proceeds to pump away. Although Brandy is good about running the sex in doggy, Erik does too much of the work in a scene that ends up being more than forty minutes. It is silly to me that there’s no pussy to mouth action. Erik closes it with a solid cumshot to her ass.

Erik plays the injured patient in this entirely POV scene. His nurse is Izzy-Bella Blu. He cops a feel prior to letting Izy blow. She is merely decent when giving head. While having sex, Erik makes sure to stimulate Izy’s clit, which she is very sensitive too. Although Izy is very sexy, she isn’t exactly oozing in personality and could show more enthusiasm. This is another scene with no pussy to mouth. Erik comes directly into her closed mouth, but there’s not much goo on display when Izy opens it.

The best scene on disk one features Mr. Pete and Tasha Monroe. She doesn’t like that he’s constantly playing video games and thus depriving her of attention. Tasha gets a sexy outfit and a buttplug. These are enough to distract Pete for a while. He eats her out while she still has the plug in her rear. During the oral, Tasha doesn’t really blow since her face is subjected to an almost-constant face fuck. Pete takes to her puss, then her ass. He switches things up a few times and varies the pace well. Tasha only goes from ass to mouth once towards the end of the scene, but she has more personality than most of the girls featured. A good facial closes it.

Disk two starts with a girl that has come and gone over the years: Cassidy. Despite her age, her body has still held up very well. She shows off her body for Erik, then does some making out with him. Cassidy may not go deep, but she uses her hands well. Of course, Erik buries his face in her pussy before screwing it. Cassidy is even more receptive to Erik’s oral once her cooch has been filled with his schlong. She works beautifully in this scene and takes more control than any of the other girls. Some of her thrusts and squats while on top are great. She twists away at Erik’s pecker nicely so that he can come right in her mouth.

Jessi Palmer isn’t at all easy on the easy on the eyes. In terms of looks, none of her assets can be considered redeeming. Pete eats her tits, then her ass. They forgo the blowjob so Pete’s pecker can spend some time in her puss. When she does blow, Jessi’s depth is good. Pete shows significantly more personality than Jessi, as he constantly utters naughty words in her ear. For her part, Jessi is mostly rather bland. When you consider that the scene lasts about forty-one minutes, she just doesn’t reciprocate or dominate enough of the action. A weak facial brings us to the final scene.

The sexiest body featured has to be that of Kortney Kane. Her fake tits are looking pretty pleasing above that very flat stomach. Erik is setting up for a scene when she gets him alone in a storage room. After they’re through making out, there’s a whole lot of pussy eating. Kortney doesn’t go too deep while sucking cock. There’s additional oral from Erik, who just can’t get enough muff munching. Although these two look good while getting it on, once again, Erik does too much of the work. He comes directly into her mouth to finish things off.

I’ve got a few gripes with this movie. Most of them have to do with Erik’s style of screwing. He doesn’t allow the girls he’s coupled with to run the show. As the director, I’d expect him to try and get the performers he’s paired with to do more of the work. Less dominance from Erik and more personality from the ladies would’ve made for better times. Cassidy is the one girl that showed real assertiveness while teamed with him, perhaps because she’s an experienced performer.

There’s also too much pussy eating for my tastes. Erik is just burying his face in each girl’s groin and you can’t see much of anything. I really feel that there’s a lot of footage (particularly Erik’s oral) that could’ve been edited out of these scenes. This would create more of an impact on the action. Because of the aforementioned issues, I think of this release as your average couples flick.

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