Anal Extreme Babes

Anal Extreme Babes

134 Mins.
Bluebird Films
THEMES: Anal Sex, DP, Big Tits, Euro Babes
STARS: Jasmine Black, Tera Joy, Niky Angel, Debbie White, Carmen Ferrara, Cameron Terrary, Max Dorn, Neeo, Marcel Lee, March Zicha, George Uhl, Steve O, JJ, Leny Ewil, Denis Reed, Tarza & Ricky

Bluebird makes big time features. They also make straight up gonzo. This is one of the latter titles. With the word extreme in the name of the flick one would expect something truly wild. Maybe gapes or double anal or something dirty. Instead we get five scenes of three on one action that is rather “un-extreme.” There’s nothing bad about the scenes. In fact the girls all look good and get fucked in every hole. We get some hot DP footage, a few gapes and more than a couple of good facials. The best scene of the bunch comes from Jasmine Black. She is busty, beautiful and loves cock. If you like big knockers you are going to love the way her heavy hooters sway and bounce while she gets nailed. If all five scenes were this good everything would be excellent. Tera Joy is the second hottest girl of the bunch. She is great looking and has a good time taking cock up her hot ass. Carmen Ferrara gives us a pretty great gape in the middle of her three on one. Niky Angel and Debbie White are good looking, but their energy isn’t great. I found myself wanting to like this movie more than I actually did. I liked the movie and the girls, but felt it was missing a little something. It’s still worth a rental, but not if you’re looking for extreme anal action.

Tera Joy

Horny hottie Tera Joy starts her scene by kissing three guys. They are all bald, all ready to fuck and just can’t seem to keep their hands off of her. In no time at all she is bent over the couch with one dick in her pussy, one in her mouth and another in her hand. Hard cocks really turn this girl on and she is not afraid to try her hardest to swallow any that are waved in her face. Her energy really makes this scene good from the start. You can tell when they move her into cowgirl that the anal is about to being. First she needs to do a little face fucking though. RCA works out nicely for a bit, but they stop again to return to vag. Maybe Tera needs work up to the real anal fun. Round two really tests her limits when a second guy slides his dick into her pussy. Hot DP action here and a three way cum shot that leaves her face totally covered. Great deep throat here and a hot cumshot, but the anal action is not yet extreme.

Carmen Ferrara

Carmen starts out with just one guy, kissing him and letting him suck on her nipples. Two other guys watch the fun for a while. When the guys appear, Carmen doesn’t hesitate to let them join in. She starts sucking two cocks while the third guy plays with her. When even that isn’t enough she starts sucking all three. Great looking triple BJ here. They get her right into reverse cowgirl and have Carmen bouncing on a dick while still servicing the other two. She really seems to enjoy being spanked while fucked from behind. The anal action kicks off and she is really good at showing off her long legs while orally pleasing two men at once. They get a gape shot from her before getting her in doggy. The anal is better here, but the pop on the ass is kind of weak.

Jasmine Black

Busty babe Jasmine Black is spread out with a guy licking her pussy while another sucks her nipples and a third her toes. She likes being pampered, but knows how to give back. She still has one guy eating her out, but now lets the other two take turns in her mouth. Big tits lovers will just go crazy for her big natural swaying hooters. Getting up into reverse cowgirl she slams her hips down and makes those big tits bounce. Still sucking, Jasmine shows by far the best energy to this point in the flick. She grabs cock with her hands and goes nuts sucking and stroking two at a time. Her pussy gets a good workout and some nice close up shots along the way. Two cocks at a time really work Jasmine’s holes. The tit shots during the DP are pretty great. This girl has a world class set of and a very tight backdoor as well. They fuck her hard and leave loads that cover her shaved lower lips and her outstretched tongue. This is the best scene of the movie by a long shot and quite worth the time.

Niky Angel

Skinny Niky Angel looks too fragile and sweet to take on three guys. Luckily that isn’t the case. She’s kind of cute, but the action just flows without much of a spark. She opens her mouth to suck and bends over to fuck, but it takes a long time to really get things out of first gear. I like the ass shots as she gets pounded, but this feels more like a girl going through the motions. They start the anal in spoon and she puts two cocks in her mouth at the same time. I suppose there is some fun in that. They put her up in RCA and let her squat fuck while sucking two rods. One guy cums on her ass, one on her pussy and the last one on her face. Niky is cute, but her scene isn’t great.

Debbie White

Last up is Debbie White. She teases three boys through the window. They come inside and help her out of her dress. She is nice looking, but not as cute as Niky. On the other hand she shows a bit more bounce in her step as she jumps around looking for a cock to suck. The first guy really pounds into her pussy, making her smile and cry out while the other guys jerk off. When she turns around and shows off her big ass the action really heats up. That’s quite a backside and it’s just begging to be stuffed with hard cock. They spread her open and give her two at a time. Great looking DP here and she keeps her head bobbing on the third just to make things interesting. They flip her over and her legs are in the air for some close up shots of both holes being stuffed. The first load goes all over her tits, the second on her ass and she just keeps on fucking until the third guy shoots right into her crack. This scene is hotter than the girl in it.

Bonus: Popshots, Trailers

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