Hustler’s Amateur Action

Hustler’s Amateur Action

116 Mins.
THEMES: New Girls, POV
STARS: Britney Beth, Sophia Sutra, Jynx Maze, Ava Jay, Daya Layne


This collection of scenes seems to have a theme. All of the girls mention not having their videos end up on the internet. I think maybe there were going for something else and just slapped a new title on it. Not that it matters what we call it. The girls are fresh and star in POV action. Most of them play cute and that’s appealing. Sexually the movie is pretty strong thanks to a nice cast and mostly good camera work. Unlike a lot of the POV titles out there, Hustler’s Amateur Action is shots by a number of different guys. Some are really good while a couple are pretty bad. That makes a big difference of course. Sophia Sutra opens the movie and plays up the first date angle very well. She also teases in a bikini like nobody’s business. The sex scene that follows isn’t too bad either. Britney Beth looks great and shows the body, face and sexual skills that turned her into a Digital Playground contract star. The guy with the camera fucks up the finish, but she is still worth watching. Jynx Maze is already a porn star and she looks the part in her scene. Overall this is the best of the bunch thanks to great ass shots and her cute face. Daya Layne gets fucked by Tim Von Swine who handles the camera well and gets a good scene from this babe. Ava Jay is very cute, but her scene falls flat. There are some good scenes here and some you can skip. If you like POV action with girls playing shy then Hustler’s Amateur Action might just do the trick.

Sophia Sutra

Pretty young Sophia Sutra is enjoying a first date with a dude carrying a camera. She is going to go to his place and a take a swim. One look at the disgusting pool and she scraps that idea. He manages to talk her into changing into a bathing suit right there in front of him. Other than a few jokes about him not putting it on the internet, she seems to have very little issue stripping down on a first date. It takes a long time to talk her into more, but if you like watching a cute girl try to talk her way out of sex then you can enjoy this coy little cutie. When she gets a look at his cock, Sophia decides that it might be OK to give it a little kiss. The gentle kiss quickly becomes a BJ as she kneels and pops his dick into her mouth. She likes what he’s got enough to let him stick it into her tight shaved pussy. The POV shots are pretty good during mish, staying locked on her slit for the most part. When he moves up to her face things get understandably shakier. Sophia turns over and we get to see her ass for a while as he bangs her. The idea of a first date fuck and her cuteness makes this a decent scene. The guy ends up shooting a load all the way up her body.

Britney Beth

Before busty blonde Britney Beth got scooped up by Digitial Playground and turned into Bibi Jones, she was an “aspiring actress” who pops by her friend’s place on to find that he’s got a camera. It’s their “third date” and she just wants to fuck without the camera. The plays a bit, tries to make him stop and talks about being afraid that it will show up on the internet. Once she forgets about that, the dirty little blonde gets to sucking and is just fine. Her date isn’t exactly packing, but he gets hard in her mouth and she starts licking his balls to add a little variety to the mix. Losing the true POV shot we get a side view of Britney getting fucked from behind. Her body looks really good from this angle and the guy grabs a handful of hair to get a better grip. After a quick round of mish, she pops his dick back into her mouth. The side view isn’t as good here because we really don’t see her eyes. As if on cue, the dude grabs the camera and shoots and gives us some POV. Britney wants to fuck some more, turning around for reverse cowgirl. There isn’t much footage here, but the shots of her pussy lips stretching around his dick are nice. Going for the facial finish, the dude seriously fumbles the camera work. First it’s super shaky while he jerks off and then he makes an awkward cut just as he explodes into her mouth. The botched ending kind of hurts, but getting there was pretty good.

Jynx Maze

Pretty babe Jynx Maze is trying to learn to play the guitar. Her teacher is filming the lesson so she can watch it again later. (Sounds like Barrett Blade behind the camera.) When the lesson is over he starts asking her about her body and what people say is the best part. Jynx plays annoyed really well here but eventually warms to the camera. He takes out his cock and she starts sucking, pausing only to tell him not to put it up on the internet. (The theme is impossible to miss here.) Still dressed, she squats and start sucking his cock. Nice POV shots here as she tries to lick balls and jerk his modest member. Wiggling out of her shorts, Jynx shows off the part of her body that people like the best. I think he likes her little pussy just a bit. Nice POV shots of those puffy shaved lips. The lighting is a bit weak here, but the camerawork is better. When she gets on top the camera is behind her so we get some good ass shots (and it is in fact Barrett dishing out the meat.) After she sucks him clean, Jynx bends over for some POV shots. The sexy cute stares right into the camera and takes a load in her mouth. She plays with it then swallows. Much better pop on this scene and it makes a big difference.

Daya Layne

Tim Von Swine is tired of sexy pool crasher Daya Layne. He takes the camera out and embarrasses her by pointing it right at her. She is shy and cute at first, but blows him by the pool for a while. They go inside and she shows off a pretty sexy ass. The camera leaves standard POV angle for doggy and cowgirl. The latter offers nice ass shots that gets pretty fun when she reaches around and fingers her butthole. The POV camerawork is very good here. This is what Von Swine does so it flows well. She gets on all fours and takes a load on her ass. Fun set up and nicely done sex.

Ava Jay

Ava Jay is enjoying a lovely day in the sun. Her boyfriend dumps cold water on her and ruins her fun. Inside she is pouting and demands that he make it up to her. She is a very cute brunette with perky tits and a nice smile that she flahes to the camera as she drops to her knees and starts sucking. The BJ is short and then we get the super tight shots As cute as she is, this scene falls totally flat. Ava just isn’t a very dynamic performer and her costar has no idea how to bring it out in her. Things are just pretty boring right up to the shot on her butt.

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