167 Mins.
Vivid/Sunlust Pictures
DIRECTOR: Sunny Leone

THEMES: Asian Girls, Lesbian Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Mia Lelani, Charmane Star, Kita Zen, Rebecca Blue, Cherry Ferretti, Annie Cruz, Mika Tan, Tia Ling, Charlie Laine, Jessie Jordan, Tommy Gunn, Dane Cross, & Derrick Pierce

This collection of sex scenes featuring Asian girls should be a slam dunk. As most of you know, I have a bit of a thing for Asian girls and really like several of the women in this cast. There is no reason for me not to love it. Well, yeah as it turns out there are plenty. First off, the cast is sadly misused. Mika Tan shows up in the four-girl orgy at the end. She’s great, but I wanted to see a lot more. Annie Cruz is also part of that finale and has another scene as well. Still, more from this hot babe would also have helped. There are some hot girls who do get fucked though. Mia Lelani is pretty hot and Jessie Jordan are both quite good. Tia Ling has the best boy/girl moment of the movie. The set up and sex on that scene are great. What isn’t so great is the camerawork on this movie. Too much moment and random jerking just seemed to fuck up the flow in every scene. If the action were hotter I might not have noticed, but any time the camerawork is noticeably bad for the flow, it’s a terrible sign. I like some of the scenes, but I didn’t love any of them as much as I should have. Overall this is a decent little piece of Asian eye candy with sex scenes that are mostly uninspired and rather forgettable. It’s good people who want softer porn with Asian girls, but has little gonzo stroke value.

Mia Lelani & Tommy Gunn

Mia and Tommy sneak into a house for a little sport fucking. She can hardly wait to get his pants off and pops his cock into her mouth in no time. The pretty girl is very enthusiastic and has him going in no time. The camera moves in really close on her face as they get into 69. There is a lot of frantic movement from the performers and the camera which is too bad because we never really settle in anything for more than a half a beat. There are some nice shots as she rubs her slit and he holds his cock over her face. Mia also scores high marks for decent energy and vocal stylings. Nice shots of her boobs bouncing during reverse cowgirl as well. That the camerawork was enough of a distraction to be noticed is a problem. The long doggy footage is pretty good, largely because she is really vocal by now and ready to spin around quickly to take a load on her boobs. Too bad the camera is mostly out of position for the shot. Good scene, but it should have been better.

Charmane Star & Kita Zen

If you like pretty Asian girls together then it is hard to imagine a better combination than Charmane Star & Kita Zen. These babes are super cute and both seem to very into one another as they kiss and slowly strip. Kita starts in right away with a toy on Charmane’s clit and her fingers in that tight pink hole. Turning the tables, Charmane fucks her friend with a thick pink toy that stretches Kita out just a little bit. Nice energy here, but the real treat is the eye candy. Charmane remains one of the prettiest (and all natural) babes in the business. Kita is easy on the eyes herself so we can just sit back and watch these girls make out for a while.

Tia Ling & Derrick Pierce

Tia Ling wants into the club and Derrick is the guy who decides if she’s going to make it past the door. It doesn’t take her long at all to figure out what he wants. Pulling her tits out she lets him play for a while. Tia drops to her knees and takes that dick to the back of her throat with absolute ease. She knows exactly how to earn her way into the club Very hot BJ footage here as she tucks the head of his dick into her cheek and drools all over the place. Stripping off everything but her heels, she mounts up and grinds on his rod. Great ass shots here as she fucks hard. Tia doesn’t get cheated here. She really bangs with a great deal of gusto, especially when he adds a finger up her ass to the fun. Mounting up and shaking her tits for the camera she slides up and down on his cock while rubbing her clit. Derrick lets her go until he is ready to bend her over and fuck the shit out of her from behind. She is primed and ready for a shot right on her waiting tongue. Yeah, that will get her into any club she wants.

Annie Cruz and Charlie Laine

Charlie Laine loves girls and so does Annie Cruz. Putting them together is bound to result in a great scene. Annie pushes the other girl down and focuses right in on her pussy with a rapidly flicking tongue. Returning the favor, Charlie shows why other girls love working with her. She eats pussy like she’s fucking starving. The toy play is really good here. Annie dishes it out and the arches her back in doggy to provide the best looking footage of the scene. Her creamy pussy swallows up the toy as the camera slowly zooms in and captures the fun. The scene is really good, but then it just kind of keeps going. Still nice to watch Annie lick pussy, but the pace seems off and I really think they should have cut it much earlier.

Jessie Jordan & Dane Cross

Jessie Jordan and Dane are sitting on his bad babbling a bit to the camera. He point out her naughty schoolgirl outfit and then tries to give her the basic porn star interview. At least it doesn’t last long and they have a good laugh leading into the sex. It take her about three seconds to get every inch of his cock down her throat. Things move a big too fast, but we end up with Jessie in spoon with one knee pulled to her boob as he hammers away on her shaved pussy. Her little body is nicely displayed in reverse cowgirl, but the best part of this footage is the way she smiles and gets crazy when he does deep enough. Returning her mouth to his cock, she suck all over her juices from the shaft and then downs it again. Nice energy as they go fight back to fucking. He scoops her up and holds her in his arms while she grinds on his meat. This is a good little scene with a nice facial at the end. Jessie is fun to watch and quite the jizz hungry Asian slut.

Mika Tan, Annie Cruz, Rebecca Blue & Cherry Ferretti

Rebecca Blue & Cherry Ferreti join two of my favorite girls in the business for this scene. Good for them and yet not so good. It’s good that they get to have fun with Mika Tan and Annie Cruz, but it is bad if they are looking to get noticed here. Annie does some ass licking and Mika seems very focused on the back door. She teases Annie’s butthole with her finger while Rebecca takes notes. There is some great toy play already going on when Cherry finally joins the party. This really could be just Mika and Annie doing what they do best. The other girls almost seem like they are in the way. Rebecca eventually takes center stage and has her ass opened up by toy play and some finger fucking. Cherry gets her turn and is quickly schooled in pussy play. The four girl orgy angle is fun, but I prefer watching Mika as the star. Too bad they save it up for the very end and then only give us a few minutes of her sweet ass getting played with.

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