Joanna’s Angels 3

Joanna’s Angels 3

251 Mins.
Burning Angel
THEMES: Comedy, Tattoos, Punk Rock Girls, Burning Angel, Anal Sex
DIRECTOR: Joanna Angel
STARS: Joanna Angel, Kleio, Draven Star, Julez Ventura, Kristina Rose, Krysta Kaos, Natalie Marie, Skin, James Deen, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete Evan Stone & Tommy Pistol


Joanna Angels and her crime fighting girlfriends are back in this kick ass porn flick. It’s got plenty of laughs of course, but at four and a half hours, the sex better be pretty fucking great. Luckily Joanna has one huge asset at her disposal; herself. Using her humor and sexual energy, she takes on the lead role and gives us the best reason to love this movie. The plot is pretty funny. It revolves around an evil plot to turn everyone into fist pumping zombie douches by using magic T-shirts. They may look “gay” but as we will hear a few dozen times, they “aren’t gay. They are shiny.” Evan Stone matches Joanna in goofy dialog and is pretty much perfect as the villain. There is enough plot and humor to keep things moving, but in the end it is the sex that makes Joanna’s Angels 3 really fun to watch. Joanna is joined by some hot Burning Angel style girls and a couple of women that gonzo lovers know quite well. Kristina Rose gets fucked silly in a tiny bathroom. As always, she is a highlight reel fuck and not to be missed. Julez Ventura is equally fun and totally energetic. The other Angels are fun to watch. Draven Star and Kleio join Joanna in fighting crime and fucking. They also double up on Tommy Pistol in the movie’s opening scene. Krysta Kaos is a very sexy girl I just saw in another movie. She takes a major pounding from James Deen. If you like the Burning Angel look then you need to watch Krysta. She’s really fucking hot. There is a big orgy scene at the end that features another hottie named Skin who is really impressive with her DP. Joanna Angel is the sexual highlight of the movie. She has two one on one scenes and then steals the show in the orgy. She takes on Mick Blue for some desktop anal that should have you coming back for seconds. Somehow that tiny little body swallows up big hard cocks in every hole. When she shows up again later to take on Evan Stone, her skills are sure to amaze. She sucks, fucks and opens up for hard meat and then uses her pretty face as the final resting place of countless potential punkers in the copious penile pudding plaster on her puss. (She takes good facials.) If you like Burning Angle flicks or just enjoy hot chicks getting fucked enjoy Joanna’s Angels 3 and its spunky star.

Draven Star, Kleio & Tommy Pistol

With their vacation plans interrupted by an evil plot, the Angels still need to get a little naughty. Draven and Kleio enjoy some naughty fun with their nerdy intern Tommy Pistol. He starts out by eating Draven while her skinny blonde friend watches. Kleio isn’t going to pass on the dick for long though. The girls also prove that they know how to entertain each other, eating pussy while also getting fucked. Both girls are very loud and after sharing a pretty good double BJ, try to out scream one another. Draven gets drilled in mish and seems to be trying to let the people all over town hear just how much she loves every inch throbbing meat rammed into her by Tommy. Kleio waits her turn, sucking the dick clean every once in a while to help out. Really good anal action here as the girls fight for attention and ultimately share a big load of cum.

Kristina Rose & Evan Stone

Evan is the one creating the douche bag movement as he sprinkles his shiny shirts with douche water. (Magical apparently.) Kristina is about to bust him when she gets spritzed by the water and turns into a Jersey Short slut bag. She attacks his cock with her hungry mouth and gags herself in no time. Evan holds her hands over her head for a while, but mostly lets Kristina do her thing. She uses her tits, both her hands and her mouth to make sure that every inch of privates are completely serviced. Her wet pussy is ready so she climbs into his lap and squat fucks him with great enthusiasm. Making the most of the super cramped quarters, Kristina and Evan fuck over the toilet. He bends her into positions that you wouldn’t think she could get into and she adds to the fun by filling the air with such sweet dirty talk. They finish up with a great facial shot and Kristina sucking up every last drop. Wow.

Joanna Angel & Mick Blue

Joanna goes to visit the Governor and brief him on her team’s progress. She also has to bring him up to speed on the way things work. She gets fucked while her underlings do the Scooby Squad work. It doesn’t take much convincing to get him to come around to the plan. Joanna strips down to her stockings and double fists his cock while she inhales it. Watching her suck dick is always a visual treat and her enthusiasm seems to know no bounds. Mick puts her on his desk and licks her pussy, making Joanna smile as she anticipates the feeling of big cock in that horny hole. I love the desktop mish shots, but she needs to be bent over to properly feel every inch of his staff. Picking up the dirty talk, Joanna gets on top and works up and down on his dick like she really can’t get enough. From here she can easily slip his cock into her ass and keep right on bouncing. Great looking RCA with her feet on his thighs to really let the cameras in. There are a lot of good scenes in this movie and this one. She drops to her knees and takes a big load on her face and sucks out the last few drops. Joanna Angel is so fucking sexy it hurts.

Julez Ventura & Tommy Pistol

Tommy narrowly escapes (after a long and rather hilarious chase scene) the hoards of zombies. He drags Julez to safety. She decides that saving her life earned him a peek at her boobs. From there the sparks fly and they hook up. Taking out his cock, Julez gets a big smile on her face as she starts to inhale it. It slides easily down her throat. Hot deep throat and cock chocking here and she comes out with an even bigger smile on her face. He bends her over to finger and lick her pussy from behind before slipping his cock in doggy style. Julez spins around and sucks him clean one more time before losing her panties and mounting him for reverse cowgirl. Nice camera angles here and really good energy. For a girl he just met, Julez seems quite in love with Tommy’s cock, happily throating it again before getting on her back with one leg up on his shoulder to deep pounding. Tommy rewards her hard work by shooting his load on her mouth and all over those tits he liked so much.

Kyrsta Kaos & James Deen

The girls want to take advantage of James. He may be in zombie douche mode, but he still has a big cock. They discover that when his dick is sucked, he returns to normal. Great, the cure is having a hot punk rock girl give you head. Please sign me up for that disease. Krysta is very sexy and covered from head to toe in ink as colorful as her hair. She stays partially dressed while he goes down on her, but loses all of the clothes in time to be fucked. James has her in mish and rolls her legs over to one side so he can spank her ass while fucking her. While on her back she rubs her clit hard and then reaches back to grab him when James hits her from behind. Krysta opens up her ass with some finger play before James takes over. Her cheeks are really pink and her fingers fit nicely into her pussy while he fucks that ass. Krysta looks a lot like a young punk version of Bridgette Monroe. They move into RCA with her feet up on his thighs and his cock tearing into her with long strokes. This little hottie can’t stop her finger on her clit the whole time. It blocks the view of her pussy, but I think it makes the whole thing so fucking hot it’s amazing. They finish out with a great facial shot. I’ve only seen this girl twice, but I really love her look and attitude.

Joanna Angel & Evan Stone

After foiling the evil plot and listening to Evan’s whiny back story, Joanna is ready to take him to jail. First she wants to sample the cock though. Great shots of her giving a handjob as he reaches around to finger her pussy while he grabs his cock and jerks it. Going after that long cock, Joanna puts her oral skills to the test. It is too long to fit down her throat, but she jerks it hard, chokes on it and is more than happy to get into piledriver so he can slam her hot pussy. That long dick makes her cream and somehow she is up to the challenge. For such a tiny woman Joanna seems to be able to handle long cocks really well. Evan bends her over and fingers the pussy while licking her ass. Some of the positions here seem to be more for their enjoyment than optimal camera angels. That can be a problem, but it works here because they seem to be having some good nasty fun. Joanna wants it in the ass and arches her back nicely to show off her butt while he goes balls deep into her backdoor. They get into spoon and he gives her a half nelson while working up into that ass. Joanna does A2M and then gets right back into the same position. Evan shoots his load all over her tits. He may be going away for a long time, but at least he gets to go happy.


With all the zombies free from their T shirt curse, Joanna and her angels celebrate with the Governor and a few of the hotter civilians. Natalie Mire and Skin double up on Mr. Pete. Very hot oral from Skin who is a pink-haired black girl with a tight body. Joanna is having a great time on the desk while Draven shows some really good oral skills on Mick’s dick. There is a lot to like here if you are OK with seeing it all in short flashes. Pete takes over fucking Draven while she sucks Joanna’s pussy. It seems that Joanna has kind of staked out the center of the desk and lets everyone come to her. She gets her ass fucked there again while James is busy ramming Klieo in standing doggy. Skin manages to steal the spotlight for a while by taking two cocks at once in some rather blistering DP footage. Not to be outdone, Joanna matches the feat and shines brightly. The action here is definitely hot, but it does seem to go on for a long time. The cum flies after an hour of action with the last big load painting Joanna’s face.

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