POV Punx 5

POV Punx 5
156 Mins.
Burning Angel
DIRECTOR: James Deen
THEMES: POV, Punk Rock Girls, Tattoos, Piercing, Anal Sex
STARS: Ana Diego, Indigo Augustine, Katie St. Ives, Krysta Kaos, Moretta, Kylee Kross, Shay Ryan & James Deen



Burning Angel does things their own way. From the girls they choose to the music we enjoy during the sex, everything is unique and generally pretty fucking cool. This POV line features James Deen as the man with the camera and the lucky dick. He fucks each chick in the cast and has a good time doing it. The girls are what you would expect from Burning Angel. They are young, fresh, tattooed and out of the mainstream. Katie St. Ives is well known to porn lovers. She’s a cute little thing who really gives her all in every scene. This time around she fucks James in a coffee shop. There is just something about the way she takes that cock that makes it seem real enough for fun fantasy play. The other girls are pure Burning Angel and hot. The ink is plentiful, the flesh is pale and the girls all attack James’ dick like they can’t get enough. Ana Diego is a new girl and she shows a lot of promise. Her scene is a lot of fun and even in her maiden voyage, she is a video star. Indigo Augustine is a tall pale girl who comes out on fire and ends up tamed by the big cock. Kylee Kross helps teach new girl Moretta the ropes. Shay Ryan has a sexy ease about her. Even when she’ getting fucked in the ass, she just looks right at home. Cover girl Krysta Kaos might be my favorite. There is something totally sexy about this that makes seeing her railed in a hot POV scene all the more fun. These Punx are hot and they what do on the business end of hard dick.

Ana Diego & James Deen

James interviews cute little Ana Diego about where she’s from (Philadelphia), how she came to Burning Angel (she’s a hot chick with tattoos) and what it feels like to be fucked on camera for the first time. (Video virgin alert.) Ana has quite a hot ass and isn’t afraid to show it off. Her poise during the tease certainly defies her amateur status and it’s totally charming. James likes her and she quickly learns to love his cock with her mouth. The POV blowjob footage is perfect. Great angle of a cute girl sucking cock on camera for the first time; what could be better? After happily sucking on it for a while, she bends over to push back on his cock. Almost from the first stroke she is moaning like mad and seems to be built for just this sort of porn. Ana mounts up and grinds her hips, taking that cock into her shaved pussy and rubbing herself at double speed. The dirty talk is scene appropriate and doesn’t seem to be the usual canned ohhing and ahhhing. James flips her into her back and gets some nice tight shots of her pussy while also giving us the high shot that shows off her hot young body. She is very inked up giving us something to read while he fucks her from behind. Ana spins around and takes a big load on her smiling face. This cutie is fun to watch. Welcome to porn Ana Diego.

Indigo Augustine & James Deen

Indigo Augustine is tall, slim, pale and covered in tattoo. From guns on her hips to triangles on her thighs, she is a walking billboard who fits into the Burning Angel mold perfectly. She is a dirty talker who only stops when her mouth gets too full of dick to speak any more. Nice eye contact here as she shows off pretty good skills. On her back Indigo screams out as hit hard cock stretches her tight, shaved lips. Her pale skin and body ink are really well displayed during the mish. I like he doggy here, but she spins around with a huge smile on her face just in time to catch his load. Indigo came in with a lot of bravado, but that big cock tamed this punk rock princess.

Katie St. Ives & James Deen

Cute Katie St. Ives is sitting in a coffee shop reading a magazine. James sits down and puts the moves on her. She thinks he’s pretty cute and the next thing you know they decide to get a bit more intimate. Since no one is around she crawls across the table and begs to suck his dick. Who cares if you get caught as long as you have a hottie like this to play with? She likes what she finds in his pants and gives an incredibly enthusiastic blowjob. Playing with the cock she sucks and strokes it until she just can’t wait any longer. Katie turns around and sits right on him. She keeps looking over her shoulder to talk dirty and spins around to taste her juices from his dick. James uses the table to get some good mish footage as little Katie throws her head back and pumps her hips against his for maximum thrust. Putting on a great show like always, Katie connects well with the camera and looks great in doggy. What a hot ass this chick has. She spins around one last time and gets a big load of cream in mouth. Swallowing some, she plays with the rest and then sucks out the final few drops. I don’t drink coffee, but I could sure go for a tall cup of Katie.

Krysta Kaos & James Deen

The next scene starts with green-haired Krysta Kaos nuzzling James’ dick through his jeans. She isn’t wearing any panties and James pushes her legs up right away for some straight to the ass fucking. It goes right in and she rubs her clit until she loudly climaxes all over her fingers. Begging for a little A2M she drops to her knees and bobs that pretty head as if to thank him for the rousing anal sex. Moving her back to the bed, James pops into her pussy and lets Krysta do most of the work backing up on it. I love the way she humps him on the side of the bed, working that pretty young ass to get her share of the cock. There is something really cute about this girl and her energy is hot while not being over the top and fake. During the mish there are some good close up shots of her pussy, but also some pretty good hot talk coming out of her pretty mouth. He stuffs those upper lips with cocks and then steps back to rain cu all over her pierced tongue. Krysta is a cute, Burning Angel type of girl who loves cock and puts on a hell of a show.

Moretta, Kylee Kross & James Deen

Kylee Kross tells James that she found a cute girl for him. She wasn’t lying. Moretta is a petite thing with tiny tits, pierced nipples and braces. Kylee gives a BJ lesson with the camera there to capture every sexy moment. The girls have decidedly different cock sucking styles, with Kylee far more aggressive and little Moretta just kind of holding it in her mouth. Spreading the newbie’s smooth lips, James works his cock way in there. She’s very thin and looks like she might break, but her pussy opens up and takes it. The energy here is quite different, but the dynamic between the two girls is pretty interesting. No fucking for Kylee, but she grabs the dick and jerks him off until he shoots all over the new girl’s delicate little face. There is something pretty hot about this one.

Shay Ryan & James Deen

Shay Ryan is already sucking James’ cock. They try to tell the story, but it doesn’t really matter. All we need to know is that she is very comfortable at the business end of his throbbing tool. She spins around and takes it from behind. Her ass is really nice and she seems to love fucking. I’m digging this girl as she rolls over and spreads her shaved lips. They get into some cowgirl that allows the camera to get in really close on her pussy. He slides his dick into her ass. Watching her work that ass up and down on the long shaft is great porn. She takes it with ease and a huge smile. James gives her a nice load on her pretty face. This just a nice, relaxed scene that is hot in every way.

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