Party Wives

Hello!  It’s your old pal Jeff Vanzetti, webmaster over at  It’s been forever since I’ve reviewed a movie, but I figured since I have to watch these for work, I might as well write them up and share more details. :-)

Party Wives, CDI (Cinderella) 1988
83 minutes

Cast: Belladonna (not the modern one), Jon Dough, Bionca, Marc Wallice, Lauryl Canyon, David Sanders, Ebony Ayes, Ray Victory, Ron Jeremy, Alan Bosshardt (non-sex)
Directed by Ron Jeremy under the aka Nicholas Pera

This is a pretty typical late-80s movie — throw a few couples at a cocktail party (for Sanders Electronics, owned by Ron!), have them sit on a couch telling stories or wander off into bedrooms and have sex come out of that…

Scene 1: Bella Donna, Jon Dough – she’s a blonde with decent sized  boobs. They run through a few positions — Standing BJ, some tit fucking, she sits on his face, doggie, missionary, side — then the cums on her hairy bush.

Scene 2: Bionca, Marc Wallice – they’re on a bed and both are dressed.  He lays her down, hikes up her skirt and then he eats her out.  She stands up, undresses him, lays back down on the bed and he eats her from behind for a little bit; finally she mounts him, then they go to some spirited mish, and finally she blows him and jerks him off onto her face.  A+ for him being hands-off at the end… there’s even a little post-coital cuddling.

Scene 3: Lauryl Canyon, David Sanders – David is pulled into a bedroom by Lauryl who starts out with a strip tease as Bella Donna looks on.  (She’ll daydream about Ron painting her and commenting on how “she’s so mysterious.”) Lauryl gives him a lap dance.  Its hard to get over how “non-porn” she looks.  Finally, David can’t take it any more and starts kissing that ass.  She starts to unbutton his shirt and he half-heartedly answers her “You know what I”m going to do…” with a weak  “Please don’t screw me…” She undoes his button fly jeans (this is 1988 after all) and blows him.  Then he eats her out for awhile.  They kiss a bit as he slips it inside her like the missionaries taught.  They move to doggie, she gets her hips bucking pretty good and he cums on her taint.  Bella disappears in the middle of the scene (inexplicably) but then pops in at the end with Bionca.

But first, Ron is chatting up Bella and fantasizing about painting her in a red lace teddy.  (She’s in the teddy, not him, thankfully!)  This goes on for all of 30 seconds when Bella and Bionca go into the room where David was just getting it on.  Bella pulls him out, which sets up our next scene…

Scene 4: Bionca, Lauryl Canyon – after some slight wrestling where they fall off the bed, and make out for a little while.  Then standard pussy eating and finger banging ensue.  Bionca eats/fingers Lauryl while frigging herself then she sits on Lauryl’s face while self-fingering her asshole… position change as Bionca lays back on the bed and Lauryl continues her meal.  The moaning is a bit overdone here.  Lauryl also pays some attention to Bionca’s bunghole.  Lauryl makes her way up on top of Bionca, making out with her nipples, before moving on to some scissoring.  Things end there with more post-coital moaning and heavy breathing and some kisses.

Now Ron’s daydream finds some context as he’s now chatting her up talking about them being married and then mentions how he used to paint her on the back deck.  He goes inside to get ready for love, and she looks at the painting as she goes and says “Honey, what you don’t know is I can never be photographed or painted…” (Has this made a right turn into vampire territory?  WTF?!?)

Scene 5: Bella Donna, Ron Jeremy – the two are a rug in front of a fireplace.  Ron is at his most classically hirsute.  She asks him to fuck her, so she blows him to get him ready.  Ron is very encouraging (“You are so good at this!”) as she blows him.  “I bet you want to fuck me” she coos.  “Well, what do you want me to do?!” Ron says… “Suck your pussy?” and so he sucks her tits.  Then he moves down to the pussy, but not before showing off his tool once more.  After a brief and perfunctory rug munching, he’s plowing her and she goes to town on her clit.  (Her other hand is also subtly keeping him from ramming it into the hilt; tho later on he goes balls deep.) They move from missionary to a little bit of doggie (like maybe a minute) and then she mounts him (“I’m getting on top of you!”) she rides him for a while and then they go back to missionary where he blows a nice load all over her torso.

Right after he cums, he’s enveloped in smoke and then they’re back on the couch.  Odd transition.

Scene 6: Ebony Ayes, Ray Victory – Ray is the help, and Ron hooked him up with “the nice black girl” who is at the party, Ebony Ayes.  She rebuffs with “Hey, I”m married, and you’re workin…” but in the space of a sip of a drink, they’re all over each other.  They make out for a bit, then he starts to undress.  There’s some cute flirty dialogue here as he asks her to “Tease Me!” as she disrobes.  She’s in a pretty civilian bra and panties which is kind of nice, as its what she would wear to an affair like this.  She lets her overly ample girls out of their bondage as she drops to her knees to work Ray up to attention.  (He start out soft and she gets it happening, tho he does need to get in there and help himself out.)  She makes nice eye contact through the blowjob. He gets her onto the kitchen table and eats her out as she makes love to her own tits. Then he stands up and works it on in her. They keep it missionary on the table for their whole romp; she getting herself up on her side and really bucking towards the end, then completes the rollover, so he’s banging her almost doggie (her legs stay on the table) and then he gets a leg up on the table and plows some more.  He lays down on the table and she blows him a little (he’s gone a smidge soft) and she climbs on top rides him a bit before he turns her over and starts a proper doggie plowing right before cumming on her right ass check.  She proclaims the romp “Even better than a drink!”

Ron proposes a toast to “the hardest working guys in the electronic industry”  Alan Bosshardt appears at the party (on the couch) for the first time, and Jon Dough’s absence is explained by Ron’s remark “I’m sorry Al had to leave early…”  He teases the regional manager job and says he has to check with his wife anyway, since “She’s the boss.”  Fin.

This was a standard one-day wonder by any measure.  There was little to set it apart from its competition, and little to warrant watching it 23 years later (let alone writing 1300 words on it!) but maintaining the biggest database of porn means we watch these things, so you don’t have to.

That last bit was a little glib; the David Sanders/Lauryl Canyon pairing is worth a glimpse if only her the lovely Ms. Canyon and how rhythmically different the scene is from modern porn.  There’s none of the “star athlete” pacing that today’s porn feels is necessary.  These people take their time, but also the scene isn’t 45 minutes long. I don’t need 20 minutes of tease; the 3-4 minutes her suffices.  Personally, I don’t need any part of my porn scenes to go on that long.  I mean, they’re called editors for a reason. :-)

If you’ve got a few HotMovies minutes to spare, check out scene 3.

As far as I know there’s no DVD of this title; the VOD over at HotMovies seems to have been encoded from a VHS source.

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