Face Full of Diesel 6

Face Full of Diesel 6

107 Mins.
New Sensations
THEMES: Panties
STARS: Jaelyn Fox, Brittany O’Connell, Kirra Lynne, Leenah Rae, Valerie Luxe, Jessica Steele, Erin Shadows, Kalee Hunter, Ashli Orion & Shane Diesel


Ashli Orion & Shane Diesel

Jumping right in, Ashli introduces herself, lets us know what she is going to do and then does it. It takes both of her tiny little hands to handle all that he’s got, but Ashli stares right into the camera while jerking and sucking his big black cock. With a little help from his hands on her head, she nearly gets that whole squishing things stuffed into her mouth. Good dirty talk here as she works his load out onto her tongue.

Jaelyn Fox & Shane Diesel

Always one to talk dirty, Jaelyn finds a way to spew some heat even before she stuffs her moth with thick dick. Spitting on him, she gets it all slicked up and pumps it in her pretty hand. I love the eye contact here. Jaelyn always fucks big cocks like she is equal parts in awe, afraid and in love with the prick. Shane appreciates what she can do and lets her know that she’s getting him close. Jaelyn tries to tit fuck him a bit, but her boobies are just a tad too tiny. They switch to a standing POV with the dirty little blonde playing with her pussy as she sucks and that just sends the heat through the roof. She uses all of her skills to eventually earn a load right in her dirty mouth. Jaelyn is just a great fantasy fuck who never seems to get enough.

Kaylee Hunter & Shane Diesel

Kaylee talks for five seconds before rubbing her pussy on Shane’s knee. She strips and teases while grinding. This young Georgia peach can barely fit the head into her mouth, but uses her hands nicely to make up for thing. Good eye contact as she sucks and strokes while still rubbing her nipples against his legs. The standing POV once again increases the heat as the sheer size of the cock takes over. It’s sort of a one-note scene to the mouth finish, but it’s a good note.

Jessica Steele & Shane Diesel

Cute blonde Jessica hops onto the couch, announces her intention to suck the big cock and then gets started. Even though it is way too big for her, she loves the head and uses both hands to keep things moving along well. Jessica is a very attractive girl who tries to flash her eyes to the camera while licking his balls. There really isn’t much she can with that monster cock, but she puts on a good show and is super easy on the eyes. The POV shots are good as she knees, though Shane’s aggressive head grabbing gets a little much this time around. Jessica recovers in tie to do some great cum play with his modest load. This babe is sexy.

Kirra Lynne

Kirra says hell and stuffs the cock into her mouth. That’s pretty much the way things work in this series. She locks her yes on the camera and bobs her head up and down nicely while trying to make that big thing disappear. Shane just lies there and keeps the camera pointed where it should be. Other than being a little overly vocal he does his best to stay out of the way and let the girls run the show. It feels a bit like a rut as she stands again and shoots a load that dribbles onto her chin and shoulder.

Leenah Rae & Shane Diesel

Leenah has a cute look about her with her glasses and braces adding to the fun. Shane immediately screams out like her mouth is a golden vacuum or something. That’s more than a tad distracting and takes away from the fact that she looks wicked cute running her tongue over the head of his dick. They break the pattern when she turns around and shakes her ass near his cock. This babe has a really nicely shaped ass and wiggles it quite invitingly. She turns her mouth back around and keeps going until he dribbles his juice onto her chin. Nice post-shot play here from this wide-eyed cutie.

Valerie Luxe & Shane Diesel

Same drill as always. A cute white girl with curves introduces herself, stuffs the fluffy head of that puffed up prick into her mouth and strokes while staring into the camera. If you have enjoyed it so far, you will like this one. Valerie also has a pretty nice that she displays while teasing. This part is no nearly as hot as it was in the last scene. Nice eye contact as she takes the facial here.

Brittany O’Connell & Shane Diesel

Legendary performer Brittany O’Connell struts into the room in blue bra and panties. She looks delicious and turns her attentions right to his big cock. As always, she sucks it with equal parts hand and mouth, giving special attention to the head while gently talking dirty. Sucking his balls they are candy she teases and taunts with her tongue knowing full well just how fucking hot she is. She flips her hair back and forth as the picks up the base, but returns toe slow and steady with tongue work on the balls when she really wants to drive him nuts. Dropping to her knees she looks right up into the camera and shakes her face during some no hands head. Little Brittany works really hard and finally earns the wad of cum he loudly shoots onto her waiting tongue. Yes folks, she’s still got it.

Erin Shadows & Shane Diesel

Last but not least, little Erin curls up between Shane’s legs and stuffs his thick meat into her mouth. She makes good eye contact, but no noise at all while giving head. The initial eye contact is fantastic, but after several minutes of the same sucking motion and not an inch of progress on his semi-hard dick, things get a little boring. She still looks really cute on her knees, but once again it’s a one-night BJ that features a girl nearly beating herself in the face with hand action and Shane being way too loud to make up for her silence. The facial is all right, but I want to see Erin do something with a little more energy involved.

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