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Jan 2000

We are at the 2002 CES with Nikki Dial who looks beautiful today.

Thank you.

You’ve been away from the business for a while now.

That’s true. I would say that I’ve been away for a good five years.

You are back promoting some voice over work you have done for Nu Tech, but are you maybe considering comeback to video?

No videos for me. I will be doing some more animated work.

So voice over work, but we aren’t going to see you on camera?

Not any more.

Is this the first voice over work you’ve done?

Yes it is. it’s very interesting.

How is it different than the acting roles you’ve had?

Everything was done in Japanese and I had to time the grunts and moans to match the action.

Some of the stuff in anime is pretty weird.

Yes it is. I did some stuff that was pretty extreme.

Were you shocked?

I was a little shocked. I didn’t know ahead of time what to expect. When I got there they had me do the weird things first, so everything after that seemed easy.

Was it fun?

It was a lot of fun to be someone else.

You don’t speak Japanese do you?

I do not.

So someone had to give you the translation and we don’t even know if it was accurate or not?

I just have to trust the person doing the translation and hope it’s close.

I have to go back to this because people keep asking me. No more videos for you? Not at all?

No videos. Magazines every now and than, but not videos.

Have you done any magazine work recently?

Nothing recent, but there will be some in the very near future.

But you still dance?

Yes, I tour all over.

That must keep you busy.

It does, I’m on the road a lot.

Do you have a web site?

I have one that will be coming soon.

How long were in the business?

Two years.

Can we do a brief history of your short, but successful career?

Sure. I first signed with Legend Home Video. I did some movies here and there. I did work for VCA and then I signed a contract with Vivid for a year.

What would you say your best movies are?

Sex by Vivid and Things Change by Metro. Those are my favorites.

Why are they your favorites?

Sex was with Rocco and that was fun. I really love Deidre Holland and she was in Things Change.

Do both of those have a lot of dialog?

Comparatively, yes.

Did you always like the acting part?

I did yes. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the sex part as well.

Is the voice over work harder than the acting?

I think it’s easier because it’s more private. You are in the studio by yourself. You are free and don’t have the cameras on you.

Other than Rocco, were there any guys you really liked working with?

I loved working with Tom Byron. There were a lot, but he and Rocco were my favorites.

What about women?

Deidre Holland and Tiffany Mynx were my favorites.

If someone wants to see you dance, is there a way for them to check your schedule?

Until I get the web site up, the only way is to check the local papers. The clubs always advertise a few weeks in advance.

How long are you on the road?

I do a week in each city.

How often?

I do it for about twelve weeks out of the year.

What do you do the rest of the time?

I am in school studying speech pathology.

What brought you into porn originally?

Curiosity and money.

Were you dancing at the time?

No, I didn’t dance until after porn.

You were just a normal girl?

I was a normal girl. I started doing magazine layouts and made it into video.

What was your first movie?

it’s been so long ago. It was for Legend, American Built I think.

Was it a guy or girl?

It was both.

At the same time?

No, in the movie I did a scene with a guy and one with a girl. In most of my movies I did both.

I mean the very first scene, was it with a guy or girl?

A guy.

Were you nervous?

I was very nervous. In fact, I ran out on my very first scene. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even meet the guy. I ran right off the set.

Some porn guy is tearing his hair out because he couldn’t be your first.

American Built was the first movie I actually went through with.

When you got through that first scene, were you ready to do more?

Yes, after the first one, the shock wore off and I was ready.

Had you had sex with women before porn?

No. My first girl ever was my second scene.

Were you more nervous about the cameras on that one, or about being with another woman?

I think I was still more nervous about the cameras.

You obviously liked it.

I did and I continued doing that throughout my career.

Is that an off screen thing as well?

No, just on screen.

About how many movies did you make?

Around fifty.

Most of them for Vivid?

About half, I spaced my movies out pretty evenly.

People obviously recognize you here, but are you recognized outside of these events.

Sometimes. I don’t usually go out made up like this, but it happens from time to time.

Is that usually a good experience?

Oh yea. Most of my fans are total gentleman.

I have to ask again, because we keep hearing these rumors of a Nikki Dial comeback. Are you coming back?

No. I am not coming back. I will do more anime, but I am not doing video.

That should clear those rumors up.

I hope so.

Thank you for your time and for clearing that up for us.

My pleasure.

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