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I am here with a very special guest. Please let everyone know who you are.

Shyla Stylz.

Welcome Shyla, you are looking gorgeous today.

Thank you.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you. What have you been up to?

I have been doing some B-movies, erotic types, a little modeling and what not.

Everyone wonders where you went.

I know. People have been freaking out at the show. I’ve been laying low, handling the business part and taking a time out. I needed it.

Are we going to see you in this type of movie again?

I am open to opportunities. We will see what comes my way. I’ve been talking to some people, but I can’t really say much more than that. I miss it though, I really do.

Let’s go back a bit and start with the basics. How old are you?

I just had my twenty-first birthday in September.

When did you get into the business?

I did my first movie when right before I turned nineteen. It’s been a couple of years.

About how many movies?

That is a good question. I wish I knew. Let’s say that it’s been at least fifty.

Shyla Stylz Where did you grow up?

In Canada, a very small town.

You don’t seem to have an accent?

Every time I call home my mother tells me that I sound like a Yankee. I think I sound more like an American now.

What were you like growing up?

In high school I was fun and crazy.

Did the people you went to school with find out what you do?

Oh yeah. Everyone knows. We have one little store in this small town and right when you walk in they have a display of all of my movies. They all know who I am.

Do you think people were surprised?

Yes and no. I have always been a very sexual person. I don’t think it is something you can learn. You either have it or you don’t. It’s my gift I guess.

How did you get into the industry?

Erik Everhard found me. He’s also from Canada. I was in the right place at the right time. I knew I wanted to do movies before I was legal so I was waiting for the opportunity. There was no way of contacting anyone, but it just feel into my lap when Erik showed up.

So Erik gets all the credit or all the blame.

I say all the credit.

What was your first movie? Shyla Stylz

I did a Perverted Point of View movie. It was a scene with Erik. He shot it himself. I was a little scared.

Those movies are just an excuse for the director to get laid.

I guess so, but I didn’t mind. Erik was with Anabolic at the time so I was only working for them.

Did they have you in a safe-house in Canada to keep you from other companies?

Pretty much. They would fly me in and no one knew who I was. When I got to the convention that first year, no one knew who I was.

I remember that year. You were the only girl at the Anabolic booth who wouldn’t do an interview with me.

What? I wouldn’t decline an interview.

It was the end of the day you were probably tired. You weren’t bitchy or anything.

Really? I’m sorry. What was I thinking?

This is a better interview anyway.

There is more to talk about.

Who are your favorite guys to work with?

My top three would be Erik, Lee Stone and definitely Lexington Steele. Erik is at the top because we fuck the same way.

Is that the kind of sex you like at home?

Shyla Stylz Not always. I like it all different ways, but more often than not, I like it hard.

I’m sorry, but have you seen Nautica’s ass? She keeps showing it off right there and it is very distracting.

That is a really nice ass.

Since we are talking about nice female asses, do you like girls?

Oh very clever transition.

Thank you. I went to school for that.

I can tell. I love girls.

Who are your favorites?

I like what Bella’s got going on.

Have you worked with Bella?

No, but I would love to. I would love to fuck Jenna Jameson, but who wouldn’t?

If you twisted my arm I might fuck her.

Yeah right.

Of the girls you have worked with, who are the best?

I haven’t done that many girl/girl scenes, but I loved Ashton Moore. She is a sensual girl. It’s a different kind of sex, but it was nice. I liked working with Jenna Haze.

How about you and Jenna and Bella?

That would be crazy.

Are there any guys you would like to work with? Shyla Stylz

I would love to fuck Rocco. He would be number one. I want to try that out.

Notice she didn’t say me.

You aren’t available, are you?

I review porn. How much more available could I be?

I mean as a performer. Have you ever done it, or even considered it?

I have thought about it, but not yet.

When you decide, give me a call. We’ll see if you can keep up.

You went from your Anabolic days right into a contract with Jill Kelly. How much of that can we talk about?

As much as you want, let’s get down and dirty.

How did the contract come about?

They approached me with it. I had done a few movies for them; Skye Blue really liked me and recommended me. They came to me with a contract.

Everything seemed good at that point?

Everything was good. I wish I had thought it through a little more, but that was my mistake and I’ve learned from it.

There was also a marriage.

Yes. That too I wish I had thought through more carefully. It was very rushed and I have learned that you really need to take your time with things. It didn’t work out. I don’t have any bad feelings towards them or anything bad to say about them. It just didn’t work out. It was nobody’s fault. I just wasn’t happy so I walked away. I am not going to take advantage of people. I just wasn’t happy so I left. When you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and be happy at the end of the day you have to make a change.

Are you still married? Shyla Stylz

We are going through the divorce. It is taking longer to get divorced than we were together. It was a mistake.

But no bad feelings?

No. I never had any.

There have been some bad things said about you though.

I really wish that things didn’t have to be the way that they are. I can honestly say that on my part, there is nothing bad to say. If people aren’t happy, why does it have to be difficult? They are making their own decisions and I’m sure they have their reasons.

Would it be safe to say that if we see you back in porn that it won’t be fore JKP?

It definitely won’t be for JKP.

You made a really big jump with the contract. You went from Anabolic where you did everything ….

I still am an everything girl. Even when I was with Jill. That was the cool thing about working for them. They give the girls a lot of freedom. They let you do what you want. I was still doing DP’s, still working without condoms, still swallowing. I didn’t alter myself. That is how I love to perform.

JKP isn’t perceived that way though. You were still doing all of that, but they are seen as the company where girls go when they want to stop doing guys. Do you think that this hurt your career at all?

Everyone thought that. A lot of contract girls do that, they completely change. I didn’t want to and it was hard to convince people.

So if you make a comeback, you are going to be the same as you were in the beginning.

I am never going to change. I won’t do something half-assed. If I am going to do it, I am going to give people what they want.

If someone hasn’t seen your work, what movie would you recommend?

It depends on what people are into. For a feature film I would say “Killer Sex.” I worked really hard on that movie and there is good variety. There is a three-way girl scene, a really nasty blowjob where my eyes were watering, there is a DP. It has a great variety of me. As far as some of the gonzo, my “Down the Hatch” movie where I swallowed six loads. My gang bang was a good one. I still try to count how many loads I swallowed in that one.

Was that the first time you had done a gang bang?

Yes. I had always had a gang bang fantasy, but mine included being blindfolded, tied up and not knowing how many guys are fucking me. That would be my fantasy.

Shyla Stylz That would kind of fuck up the visual for a movie.

That is just for my own private enjoyment though.

What was the set up for your gang bang?

They had me on a bed with a little “Bewitched” scenario.

Did you hand pick the guys?

No, they supplied the guys. At that point it doesn’t matter. It’s just dick. It was something I wanted to do and I loved it.

Would you do it again?

I think it’s something you only do once on film.

But you still have the private fantasy?

Oh yeah. Where am I going to find eleven guys though?

Right here.

Yeah, but on film everyone is tested, safe and it was great.

Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies that you would like to film?

I don’t know. There is something about the thought of being raped. I know that isn’t politically correct to talk about, but I have had that fantasy since I was little. There is something so wrong about it that it turns me on. I am so scared of knives, so that plays into the fantasy. My ex-boyfriend had this huge knife and played the role for me. He was smacking my pussy and making me squirt all over the place. I am getting excited just talking about it. He had that knife and was cutting my panties off.

I may need some time to recover myself. Please note though people, this was a controlled setting with someone she cared about. Do not try this at home without discussing it with your girlfriend first.

Right. Shyla Stylz

Do you have a web site?

Not yet, but I’m working on it. I want it to be done right so I am taking my time.

(We get moved from a table to a couch in the booth.)

You must really want to have sex right now.

Why do you say that?

We are sitting on a couch.

(She laughs) This is pretty much the set up for every movie I did for the first year.

Where can people see some of the stuff you have been shooting lately?

It’s a lot of pay per view stuff.

What are some of the titles?

I just finished shooting “Erin’s Erotic Nights” and that one was really cool.

Do you get to shoot guns in any of those movies?

No, but that would be fun. I love the control and power I feel when I shoot guns.

How are those sets different from the porn features you have done?

There is a lot more acting involved.

Do you like that?

I love it. I love playing roles. Shyla Stylz

Do you perform as Shyla Stylz?

No, I was using the name Amanda O’Claire. They are still hot and sexy, but just different from my porn. Sometimes I think that less is more.

Speaking of less is more; you had some surgery on your breasts.

I have had two. I had to get them fixed recently.

Some people were very unhappy when you did this.

People were very against it, but I have won over even the most ardent natural breast lovers. Even Mike John thinks my new tits are great.

They look great.

I love them and I love showing them off.

You got them for you not a company?

They were for me. My whole family is big-breasted women and I always wanted bigger breasts.

Now you have two of them right in front of me.

I have a nice pair.

You do indeed.

You want to touch them don’t you?

Yes I do.

Come on, squeeze them.

Shyla Stylz All right.

Squeeze them like you like me.

Wow. I have to say I’m not a big fan of fake boobs in general, but these feel wonderful.

(Mike John chimes in) Mike: Can you believe those? I woke up last night, I was passed out from maybe just a bit too much beer and Shyla was on top of me saying “What do you think?”

And he is the boob man.

If I didn’t know they were fake, they probably would have passed the squeeze test. They feel real.

You are doing a very thorough job of checking Rog.

I love my job. While I continue, how tall are you?

Five-three. I have double D boobs, toned down hair and I hope people like it.

So we may see you back very soon?

I am not going to say yes or no. If the right opportunity comes my way it will be taken into consideration. Things don’t always work out the way you plan so you have to be open to what comes along.

That sounds great and we all wish you luck. Shyla Stylz

Thank you.

Shyla’s Movies

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