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January 2000

Hello Trinity. Thank you for sitting down and talking with your soon to be fans on the internet.

Hello, back. Hi everyone.

Where were you born?

Port Lavaca, Texas.


January 12, 1976.

Which makes you almost 24.

Two days shy of twenty-four, three days actually. It’s not midnight yet.

Where did you grow up?

Partly in Texas and partly in Florida, half and half.

What were you like growing up?

I always wanted to make everyone happy until I got to high school, then I was just a tease. I didn’t care who I made happy. (She laughs.)

Would you say you were shy?

No, not really.

We’re here in Las Vegas where you have done your first four scenes, but you told me you have done some solo, custom videos. How did you get into that?

Horny customers in strip clubs who wanted to see me naked.

Speaking of naked, I forget to tell you that it’s a rule for you to remove your top during this interview.



What do you think? (She shakes her shoulders, giving Rog a very nice view.)

There are two of them and they are very similar.

Of course, they’re twins.

Is that what we call them?

Yes, “The Twins.” Do you like them?

They are very large and may I say very lovely.

Thank you.

So you were dancing in Florida. When did you start doing that?

Four years ago.

So you were twenty. You got a late start stripping.

Yes, I was an old dancer.

How long were you dancing before customers started asking for videos?

A couple of weeks maybe.

How long did it take you to agree to do them?

About a year.

And how many have you done?

Around fifty or so.

Did you find that you liked performing in front of the camera.

Yeah I did.

Would you say that you liked it more or less than performing live on stage?

I don’t know. I like the human contact of dancing, but I like being able to go back and look at a tape again and again.

When did you decide to make the jump into regular porn flicks?

When I started getting freaky in swingers clubs.

How long have you been married?

Five and a half years.

Is he about your age or older?

Same age. We’ve been together for nine years.

When did you guys get into going to swingers clubs?

Three and half years ago or so. Not long after I started dancing.

Is that when you started thinking about being a porn star?

I don’t know about wanting to be a porn star.

You seem like a show off.

I’m not a show off, I get shy.

Tell me how you got into this business.

I found Dirty Bob on the internet.

That guy is everywhere.

I sent him some pictures and he put me in contact with Mike South.

Was Mike impressed?

He seemed impressed.

You know what Mike did with those pictures don’t you?

He put them up for people to see.

He sent them to people as well.

Did he send them to you?

Yes he did. I was very impressed.

Thank you.

So you came out here with Mike and shot a few scenes. Before we go on with that, let’s talk a little bit about the atmosphere here at CES. You are getting a lot of attention on the floor. How do you feel about that?

Sometimes I like it because it makes me feel very sexy and beautiful. With are all these absolutely gorgeous and well known people, for people to put me in that same category is a very good feeling. Other times, I just want to crawl behind a curtain and hide because there are people in your face with cameras and that can get very tiring after a while.

And you’re not even signing at a booth, imagine what that would be like?

Hopefully, by next year, that’s where I’ll be.

Do you plan to do more work in the business, maybe make it a semi-full time thing?

Definitely. I want to have a few scenes out on the shelf and see what happens. I can tell my customers to check out a movie or a web site and see where it goes.

One of the scenes you have done here in Vegas was for Elegant Angel for the Cookieman.

You took me over to see him.

Yes I did, and he wanted to work with you right away.

He has a nice ass.

Let the record reflect that Trinity commented on the quality of Cookie’s ass. I personally have opinion on the subject. What kind of scene did you do with him?

We were supposed to do a titty fucking scene.

With those little things you have? Please.

Apparently he thought they could do the job. According to Cookieman, he got a little too into the blowjob part of the scene and after approximately thirty minutes of blowjob, he wanted to scrap the titty fucking party because he liked my oral skills.

I was on that set and I could see that he was visibly impressed, the cameraman was visibly impressed and some guy in the corner was equally impressed. There was some tit fucking though at the end.

Yes there was.

And quite a messy pop shot right between your boobs.

There was a big puddle in the middle of them.

You couldn’t see this, but about half way through the scene, he looked up and mouthed “Oh my God.” While you were going down on him.

So I hear. I work hard to please.

How did you feel when that scene began?

I was a little camera shy, and nervous but once I started playing with his cock I got into it and had a great time. I got to play with his cute ass.

It wasn’t his ass he wanted you to play with.

No, he definitely has a nipple pinching thing going. He really likes to have his nipples pinched.

It’s better than liking to have your ear tweaked.

That would be really difficult to reach with my head in his crotch.

You towered of Cookieman. In fact, you tower over a lot of people. How tall are you?

Five Eleven.

In bare feet.


Most of the time you’re in heels, so what are we talking about?

Anywhere from six-two to six-four depending on the shoes.

How did you feel after the scene was finished?

I was very happy. I was impressed that I could do it and that I got into it. I got so totally wet and excited doing it. I was running through the Casino saying “I’m a little slut.” Over and over.

See, there is that shy streak again. You really hate to attract attention. Nothing quite like a six foot blonde running through a casino yelling “I’m a little slut” to let walk out unnoticed.

Did I embarrass you?

Me? No, I just pretended I didn’t know you.


The next scene you did was for Big Top?

For Stan Randall.

This time it was more than just a blowjob.

I was a little nervous about the acting part he had me do.

Was it a very fetishy thing?

It was a very breast oriented scene.

Were you more nervous about the acting or about actually fucking?

I was nervous about the dialog because I didn’t want it to sound like so many other cheesy porn movies.

Did you succeed?

I don’t think so. I couldn’t help it. I was getting ready to fuck a stranger and had to get through this made up dialog that was almost completely

I was also on that set, so I have a few notes here. The scene starts out and Stan pulls out a little surprise.

Little surprise? I’d call it a big surprise. He pulled out this massive cock. That thing is about as big around as a Coke can.

But you didn’t run away.

Nope, I stuck around.

Again, while you were blowing him, he looked over and gave me the “Oh my God” thing. You must have some special skill or something.  What were you doing?

I don’t know, I just put his dick in the back of my mouth and wiggled the back of my tongue around. No big deal.

From the looks on their faces, it must have been quite a trick.

Are you doubting my skills?

No, I was just fishing for a demonstration.

You’ll have to move that notebook first review boy.

Stan was pretty big, did that cause any problems?

It was a little hard at first, because he was so big around. I’m not used to a cock like that.

You gave him a nick name as I recall, what was it?

Mammoth Boy.

That’s it. So you did the vaginal fine, but then he wanted to try anal. You were a little unsure. Was that the first time you had tried anal?

No, but did you see the size of that thing? I was a little nervous about that.

I noticed that you do something strange when you get nervous.

Oh shut up. We are not going to talk about that.

Come on, we have to be honest with the readers. Tell them.


Then I will.

All right. Sometimes when I get nervous I start singing. While we were getting ready for the anal, I started singing ‘A Few of my Favorite Things.”

So when you’re about to be anally skewered,  you sing show tunes?

Oh fuck you. You didn’t seem to mind once the scene started.

You did quite well, took him all the way.

Yes I did, he is big and had to go slow, but it was good.

Better than your singing, that’s for sure.

You are so close to getting smacked right now.

You like being with other women right?

I love women.

Do you prefer being with women sexually?

No, I prefer men.


Because I have never found a woman who could completely satisfy me. For me, being with a woman is like foreplay. After being with a woman I just want to be fucked really, really good by a man.

So basically you can bring a woman home, have sex with her and your husband gets to finish the job?

Yeah, pretty much.

OK, he really must die. Sorry, he’s just way too lucky. Just kidding, I don’t think he should die, we’ll just all envy him. You said earlier that you were a tease. How so?

Haven’t you been paying attention?

Yes. But I mean in general, when you’re not being interviewed.

I just like to fuck with guys, flirt with them.

How come?

Because it’s kind of a power trip.

So you get a good response when you flirt?


How do you flirt?

I’ll give them a little eye contact, like this.

That’s effective. Yeah, that’s very effective. That’s enough.

Other times I might use my little stripper voice.

What’s a stripper voice.

My sweet, ‘I’m going to get what I want’ voice.

Men just open up their checkbooks when they hear that voice don’t they?

They think, ‘Oh my, here is this big girl with this tiny voice. She’s so helpless, I must come to her rescue and give her what she needs.’ At least that’s how I see it.

It’s working over here. Anything I can get you? A house? A car?

No, but I’ll let you  know.

Now that you have four scenes under your belt and you’re about ready to go back home, what do you think? Are you going to be doing more?

Absolutely. I can’t wait to get out to LA and get busy. (She breaks down laughing uncontrollably.)

What’s wrong?

I’m just nervous. That recorder is freaking me out.

Why are you more nervous with a tape recorder in front of you than with a nine inch dick in your mouth?

Because a nine inch dick in your face is expendable. You take care of it and it goes away. A tape recorder allows you to make a complete ass of
yourself and it lives on forever.

Good answer, but there is a way to fix that?

Oh yeah?

Sure, be really nice to the guy holding the tape recorder and he’s likely to fix anything.

You’re not suggesting anything of course?

Oh no. Just a professional tip.

I’ve got a professional tip or two for ya.

Does your family know what you’re doing?

My family knows that I dance, but I guess I will have to warn my mother before the movies come out. I don’t want her to pick up a tape and see me.

Do you think they will be supportive?

They have never not been supportive of me. They might be concerned about disease or something in the industry, but they will stand by me.

On that topic, how do you deal with the threat of disease?

I feel pretty confident with the thirty day testing period and with everyone in porn more concerned with AIDS than the rest of the population, I think it’s safer working than picking up a guy in a bar.

Do you plan to work with condoms or without?

It doesn’t bother me to work without condoms as long as there is a recent test.

How is that the same or different from how you deal with this issue at a swingers club.

At the swingers clubs, there is never any contact without condoms, right down to a female condom. When I’m with a woman, I won’t be with someone I don’t think is safe and I won’t go down on a girl who refuses to protect herself. I know I’m tested, but out of respect for her, I will still be careful.

Your husband is obviously comfortable with you doing this. Are we going to see him in any movies?

No, it’s not his thing.

Is he excited to see you on film?

Yes. He wishes there was a twenty four hour turn around on these things.

We talked a little bit about how the big dick was a little difficult. Do you prefer big guys, small guys or does it matter at all?

I think I prefer an average dick. When I say average I mean, I want to be able to get my fingers all the way around it and touch my thumb to my freaking middle finger. I would say six and a half inches long, average.


So there is hope for average guys?


There is hope for average guys for sure.


You’re six feet tall at least, what are your measurements?


I’m five eleven.


You’re six feet.


I am not, I’m five eleven.


Fine, you’re five eleven. What about the rest?


I’m a thirty four double D.


Damn and damn.


I don’t really measure the rest, but I’m guessing twenty nine or so and thirty six.


That’s a little bigger than the porn norm.


Five eleven is a little bigger than the porn norm.


Five eleven is freakish. You would be one of the tallest guys in porn. How do you feel about the size issue?


I think that there is someone out there shaped perfectly for everyone. If Marilyn Monroe tried to be a porn star now, she would face the big girl dilemma. Her hips might be a little too wide, her waist not tiny enough. She ate food and wasn’t anorexic. I think that I am beautiful and well proportioned. Judging by the number of guys who wanted to have their picture taken with me and talk to me and have me sign their ass, I would say that there is room in porn for someone like me.


You signed someone’s ass?


I signed one ass.


A bare ass, or an underwear covered ass?


Right above the butt cheek. Some guy wanted a picture of me signing his butt.


From the list of things to do in Vegas, check off signed an ass.


I get compared to Anna Nicole Smith who is one of my idols. The world thinks she is gorgeous whether she is twenty pounds over or under her average weight. I look at that and feel that I’m the same way.

After the show you’re going to back home to continue dancing, but you do plan to come out to Los Angeles to work.


Yes, I have some contacts and hope to do quite a few.


Most movies made today don’t have much plot or scripted dialog. They’re just do a scene, then leave. Do you prefer it that way or would you like to do some acting?


I’ll have to wait and see how my little scene with Mammoth Boy came out to see how cheesy it looks. For now, I think I’m better off just doing the sex scenes. We’ll see what happens down the road.


Would you say that sex on camera has been what you expected it to be?


It’s been really good. It’s a rush.


How so?


You’re fucking someone you don’t know. You don’t have to talk to them again after you leave the room or leave the hotel or get back in the car out in the desert or whatever.


That’s something we missed. You did a photo shoot in the desert this week.


Yes I did. At sundown.


It’s cold out there.


In January, in Vegas, it’s VERY cold.


What were you thinking?


I was thinking about toasting marshmallows and hot cocoa and the beach at home.


So you froze your earlobes off.


My hands were blue, my legs were purple, my tits were frozen.


Have you done a lot of photo shoots?

I’ve done quite a few photo shoots, all of them amateur to this point.


I’ve seen some of those photos. With all these photos, are you going to have a web site up soon?


I hope to have my web site up very soon. I did a six hour photo session while I was here. There are a lot of pictures from there.


You’re out here away from your husband, not working every day. Is that hard?


Sure it is, but I brought some friends.




Yeah, I brought my flashlight.


That’s good, it can get dark at night.


You’re such an idiot.


We better clarify that because half the readers are probably picturing you fucking yourself silly with some huge police flashlight.


It’s just a nice little sex toy. When you turn on the vibrator, it lights up.


So you can find your way.


I can find my way without a light.


I made the mistake of looking into that bag of toys and I want to know what the hell you’re doing with Mark McGwire’s baseball bat in there.

It’s not that big.

I could hit three fifty with that thing. What are you doing with that?

It’s for playing with other girls.

Or for beating them over the head until you get what you want.

It’s my double dildo and it is considerably large, though not as big around as Mammoth boy.

Anyway, you have toys to keep you company.

Well, I have to masturbate. If I’m not getting laid every day, I need that.

And why wouldn’t you be getting laid every day?

I’m doing movies, but I’m not a whore and I haven’t convinced you to do me yet.

Many girls in the industry escort and do private shows on the side. You are a movie performer and a swinger, but that’s it, correct?

And a dancer.

But not an escort.

No. I don’t escort.

What’s the difference?

Escorting is not a controlled environment. I’ve know of too many girls who have been hurt while doing that. Whether it be raped or murdered, it’s not something that I would want to risk. I like to perform, but if there is not a tape in the camera, then I don’t want to do it.

When you and your husband go to a swing party, what do you enjoy?

I don’t go to private parties, but I do go to a members club in Miami. They have an open bar, clothing optional dance floor. There is a Voyeur room where people basically go in, sit on your towel and watch people. Or you can have sex with your partner or others. They are very strict with the rules and etiquette. If you want to touch someone, you can only touch them from their knee to their ankle or their elbow to their hand to see if they want to play. If you say no, it means no and that’s a very safe feeling. You aren’t going to get mauled.

When you go into a room like that, do you like to watch other people or be watched?

I like both. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit in a corner and give your partner a blowjob or just lay in the middle and have sex with each other. Other times you want to play with everyone else. You want to climb on top of the table in the middle of the room and play with other people.

Do you like to watch your husband with other women or men?

No men. That doesn’t do it for me. But I do like to see him with other women. He makes these cute little facial expressions.

And he enjoys watching you with other women and other men?

Yeah, he does. I think he prefers watching me with other women, but at the same time, he enjoys watching me with men. I think it’s like, ‘You can taste her, but she goes home with me.’

You told me that you have an agreement with him that you would tell him about your scenes and that if anything bothered him, you would get on a plane and fly right home. That’s a pretty strong commitment.

It’s like that with everything for us. If it bothers him, it’s not worth it. I’m not going to hurt him for money or my own personal jollies.

You are a few years older than a lot of the girls getting into this business, and certainly more mature and aware of your sexuality. Do you think that makes a difference?

I don’t think that eighteen year olds are mature enough to handle a lot of things. Even in dancing, I would say they can’t handle a lot of what comes along. That’s why they so often get involved with drugs. There is a lot of money to be made really quickly and someone coming out from under mommy and daddy’s roof often can’t handle that. I’m sure a lot people would disagree with me, but I know that at twenty, when I first started dancing, I wasn’t as responsible as I could have been with that amount of money. Luckily I never got involved in drugs because they just didn’t appeal to me.

Even the way you have gone about starting your movie career. You didn’t just rush right out to the Valley and pick up an agent. You did some research and have started on your own.

I’m not going to have an agent who is basically going to fuck me. I’m just started and I’m not looking to be a big star. I want to make as many movies as I can because it’s fun, but I’m happier relying on the friends that I have made who have been in this business for a long time. They have helped steer me to some good places and keep me away from having my head shoved into a urinal and the like.

If you could act out one fantasy on film, what would it be?

Jenna already did mine. I would love to go to the local fire station, take all those porn watching firemen and tell them to carry me to their fire truck and have their way with me. But they have to start out in the full uniform. I’ve always loved fire fighters because those guys are required to be big and strong and can just throw me around.

Have you always been taller than just about anyone else in the room?

From as far back as I can remember, I have been very tall. I was self conscious about it until my senior year in high school. Then I just realized I could see over the crowd.

What do you think your best feature is?

I think my eyes and my teeth.

You mentioned that people compare you to Anna Nicole Smith. Do you see the resemblance?

In some pictures, I can see a strong resemblance, but in others, I don’t see it at all.

Do you have any tattoos or body piercing?

I have four tattoos?

Where and of what?

I have a rose with a vine around my ankle, a rose with a little bit of tribal on my lower back. I have a guardian angel on the back of my neck under my hair and I have a flying heart on my cookie.

Your what?

My cookie.

Any plans for more tattoos?

No. All of them can be covered easily by clothing and I like that. I like to be discreet about my freakiness.

What about piercing. I see the tongue is done. Any place else?

My belly bottom is pierced. It’s pretty common now, but I got mine done five years ago. I was a freaky chick before a lot of the others. And my kitty cat is also pierced.

I thought you just said it was a cookie?

Same thing.

Note to self, kitty cats and cookies are now one and the same. Remind me never to ask you to fix me dessert. With a piercing located there, how does that come into play sexually?

It’s sort of like a road map. If you push down on the piercing, you are going to hit the clit.

Sex for the blind.

Yeah, or the idiot’s guide to pussy eating. I figured a piercing was more subtle than a big tattoo that says “Lick Here.”

What kind of sex do you like?

I like all kinds of sex. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to be romantic. You just want to tag it and go. Other times you want to be soft and really get into it.

Tag it and go? Your husband must love that expression.

He doesn’t seem to mind.

Would you say you are good dancer?

I think I’m a very good dancer.

Do you hear that from customers a lot?

I hear it from customers, I hear it from other dancers.

Are you a better dancer than you are a singer?


Thank God for that.

I would die of starvation if I had to rely on my singing.

Are you a better dancer than you are a sexual performer?

No. I am a much better sex performer.

So you’re a good dancer, but you fuck better than you dance?

Dancing is simulated fucking to me.

How so?

If you’re good at it, the way you put your body and the way that you express yourself, the eye contact, it’s all playing on the fantasy of a guy wanting to crawl between your legs or put his head between your tits, or just lean up and kiss you. I think that fucking someone is a lot easier than dancing for them. To simulate it you have to try a lot harder, be more expressive and play on the fantasy. When you do, you’re just doing it.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Just that I can’t wait to perform more and I hope they like what they see.

Anything we haven’t covered?

Well, you still have your clothes on.

That’s the way it goes. You see, when I take my clothes off, that’s the end of the interview. Usually it means that there is a half naked porn star running through the streets screaming. Not a pretty sight.

Well, let me be the judge of that. Turn that recorder off now review boy.

Gotta go now, bye.

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