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Tina Tyler Interview 2006

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No need for introductions. We know each other. Let’s get right to it. Tina Tyler, is this fourteen years in the business?

It has been thirteen. I am starting my fourteenth year.

Which means you are Hall of Fame eligible? Are you in the hall yet?


Overlooked again huh?

Every year I look over the hall of fame list out of curiosity. I know that my name isn’t going to be there.

Why not?

Because AVN doesn’t particularly like me. I’m a little too….oh what is the word I’m looking for? Free with the words? Opinionated? A little too willing to call people out perhaps? So every year I take a look and I think, hey don’t they have that “you have to be in for ten years” thing? There are always at least three people who have been in for between five and eight years.

I’ve been in ten years now.

Has it been that long?

Yes. Between the two of us we have nearly a quarter century of experience.

That is a fuck of a lot. Let’s get Nina over here and we can get a half century going.

Let’s talk about what you’re doing now.

I am directing exclusively for Mercenary Pictures. I have six, about to be seven lines and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the best job in the world. I love everyone in that office. Everyone that I work with is like family. I have never had an experience in any job setting where I could say that everyone I work with is someone I would want to socialize with. It is a very cool thing and I’m very happy here.

Talk about the lines you’re doing for Mercenary.

I’ve got Ironhead. I took over with volume three. The first two were compilations and we’ve just released volume seven. It’s a blowjob series.

You’ve done blowjob movies before.

Yes I have. I did two that were not exactly critically acclaimed, but were well received.So I started with that line and I shoot all of the behind the scenes for all of our movies. After Ironhead I started a series called “Fresh Out the Box” which is all new talent doing interracial scenes. I’ve shot three of those so far. I just started a new series which is a companion to “Fresh Out the Box” called “Black Moon Rising.” It features new women of color working with men of color. It’s an all-black line. Then there is the one that you’re looking at behind me and probably thinking “that one isn’t for me to review.” It’s called “Handyman” and is solo male masturbation shot from a woman’s perspective and is for a female audience.

That is a novel concept.

It really is. My hook is that I have the guy talk into the camera as if it’s his girlfriend and he is masturbating for her. It’s very intimate and personal. It was just me, the guy and the camera. Every non-porn friend of mine has told me that they have been waiting forever for this. I’m very excited about it.

Traditionally solo male movies have been marketed to the gay audience.

Yes they have. I think that it will work well in the gay market as well. It’s a voyeuristic thing watching a straight boy do that, but I made it for the girls. I made it for the girls of all genders. I am about to start on another blowjob line called “Blowhards.” It features gay interracial blowjobs.

We have definitely seen porn become over compartmentalized haven’t we?

Yes we have. We have so many labels. When I came into this business I thought that these people were going to be so open-minded. I have always been into bi-sexual men and transsexuals. It was something I had always wanted to explore in a safer environment. When I got into the business I was told that if you want to do men you can’t do these men over here. You can’t do the trannies or this or that. Luckily I didn’t listen to all of the “you can’t” stuff and I did what I wanted. It never seemed to hurt me.

Are the guys in “Handyman” straight performers?

They are all straight performers. There are ten guys in the movie and I am so proud. It is a truly international cast. I have a guy from Romania, the Czech Republic, a couple of Hungarians, one from France, Spain and a couple of Americans thrown in for good measure.

Have you had any resistance from male talent?

A little here and there, but once I explain what the scenario is, how much it pays and how long it’s going to take they generally change their minds.


Yes. Though that is what you said. I just agreed.

I say it with much respect.

Bless their hearts because if it wasn’t for that attitude I wouldn’t be making any movies.

Would you say that this is the first movie of its kind?

Playgirl TV tried to do something similar, but I don’t know that it has been explored to the extent that I did in this movie. There are no gratuitous butthole shots. I don’t think girls want to see that.

That’s what I’m doing wrong. When I go out to meet women the first thing I do is bend over and show them my butthole.

Rog, no one wants to see your browneye. We want to see your blue eyes.

Back to Ironhead for a moment. When you were performing you were quite well known for that particular act.

Yes I was.

Have you found any young women today who can match your prowess?

Everyone has their own style. I haven’t shot anyone who I see my vibe or my style in, but I have certainly shot an awful lot of women who know how to give an effective blowjob. Just because it is not in my style doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good blowjob.

Do you think that blowjobs are becoming a lost art?

You mean because the girl just has her mouth open while the guy puts his hand on the back of her head and does all the work. I think of it as the lazy girl’s way of giving a blowjob. To me it seems like way too much work for the guy. Isn’t the whole point that the guy gets to lie back and enjoy it? Shouldn’t they take their time and work into it a bit?

You and I are too old.

We’re too old school, that’s for sure. All of the romance has gone out of giving blowjobs.

If you catch a girl doing that will you please stop her? Especially the ones who do the fake gagging noises.

I hate that.

Please stop them. Save the blowjob Tina.

I do what I can. There have been a couple of occasions where I actually wanted to say “you know sweetie, just take a break and let me show you what I’m looking for.”

“Fresh out of the Box” features new girls and you have them paired with some pretty amazing male talent.

Yes, damn good guys. Sometimes I shoot with some newer guys as well. If it’s a newer girl sometimes she expects the guy to come in strong and not need any working up. The girls these days come in thinking that all they have to do is show up, spread their legs and let their holes get pummeled and that’s all there is to it. That isn’t all there is to it when I shoot. I tend to choreograph an direct a little bit depending on who the male talent is. If I’m shooting Lex I just let him take over. I love shooting Lex. He is never weak and he knows exactly how to show me what I need to see. Plus the girls love fucking him and it shows. That makes for a great scene.

I’m looking at the box shot of Gianna. Wow. I’m not a breast man, but those things are remarkable.

And they are natural. She did a great scene with Maxxx Blacc and Jean Baptiste by the pool. What a great attitude. She was throwing those boys around. She has an aggressive demeanor that is fantastic. She is born for porn. I have been very lucky to have shot a few girls who are ready to take the business by the balls. Cheyenne Jacobs who I shot for “Fresh Out the Box 2” is a fantastic performer. She had done four or five scenes, but gave me her first DP. She didn’t just take it, she fucked them back. If she wants it bad enough, she is going to be a star.

What about “Black Moon Rising?”

It is all new women of color working with black men. The first volume is coming out in March or April. It will have same format as the other movies.

And will it be shot with the same vibe as other Mercenary movies?

I shoot everyone the same. I am always trying to shoot them so that they are pleasing to my esthetic.

Do you have a web site?

No, just the Yahoo group. I’m not sure I’m going to go with a web site to be perfectly honest. We had this conversation before. I just feel kind of arrogant asking people to pay to have any sort of computer access to me. It just seems odd and wrong to me so I prefer to just have a place where fans can ask me questions. I usually answer in a batch once a month. Who else can give a better answer to questions about my life and career than me?

Very true.

That is why I tell people not to go to a certain web site where they are making money off of my name and likeness without my permission.

Not cool at all.


You’re a white woman directing an all black line and a white woman doing a line of interracial gay movies. Does that feel odd at all?

Not at all. There are gay men who direct straight porn. It doesn’t feel odd at all. I have been watching gay porn since I was sixteen. I know gay porn. I love gay porn. I have directed gay porn. Goosed 3 was a bi-movie, but it had one full gay scene and I was behind the camera for that award winning movie. I know what I like to see in man on man and it is basically the same thing I like to see in man on woman. Passion, chemistry and people who seem like they want to be there. That is all I ask. I don’t think it’s too much, but sometimes it seems to be too much.

I think that’s perfect. Thank you.


Tina’s Movies

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