Sammy Slater Directing For Sin City

Sammy Slater Directing For Sin City

Award Winning Editor Slated to Direct Barely 18 Series as Well as Mayhem Titles

(Chatsworth, Ca)- If you’re a fan of porn, or even an avid enthusiast, Sammy Slater is a guy you ought to know and thank. That’s because he’s the kind of guy who has personally contributed more to porn than most directors or starlets will in their entire career. He’s the guy that makes them shine, when they have their moment on stage, in the spotlight, while quietly watching from the wings.

For nearly a decade now, Sammy’s been working tirelessly in a dark, cool editing bay, cleaning up some of the best porn titles to have their moment in the sun. He’s also done his fair share of making some of the worst movies ever imagined up in a drug induced coma by aspiring adult luminaries largely palatable, which is no mean feat if you’ve ever seen poorly shot porn.

Although he still runs Sin City’s editing bay, times they are a changing for the neophyte director. Sammy Slater’s taking over duties from Christian Knight for the next phase of the award nominated Barely 18 series from Sin City Teen as well as trying his hand at Mayhem’s harder edge imprint line, with the filming of BAIT 4 this weekend.

So how does he feel about the change in his stars? According to Sammy, he couldn’t be happier.

“The progression from editing and filming to directing titles for Sin City is completely organic,” opines Slater. “I’ve been dreaming up new levels of insanity to take the Mayhem lines to over the last year and I’m thrilled that I’m going to get the chance to put some of them in action this weekend. This is going to be the craziest, most out of control, frenetic Mayhem movie in the history of the line. You can count on it.”

Sin City wasted no time endorsing their new prodigy, claiming that Slater handles himself with the aplomb of a seasoned shooter and offering glowing praise for both his abilities creatively speaking as well as his adroit approach to movie making.

“Sammy is not just a loyal employee who is long overdue his shot,” explains Sin City General Manager, Scott Justice, “he’s an extremely talented cameraman and director. I have every confidence that he’s going to blow away the competition without even trying. That’s how good he is.”

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