The Pipeline: March 2006


Sometimes I am amazed at just how quickly time flies. By the time most of you read this the year is will be approaching one quarter over. Pitchers and catchers have already reported and many of us are scrambling around to get our receipts in order in time for tax season. It’s been a very busy month since we last covered the doings in Porn Valley. There have been lots of rumored moves and a few actual comings and goings. Usually it’s contract girls who come and go, but lately we’re seeing more movement on the male side of the aisle, with meat puppets and directors changing locations on a weekly basis.

With the industry still reeling from the formation of Jules Jordan Productions, we have been hit with wave after wave of rumored moves. As usual, most of those have turned out to be false. One that did pan out turned into a great interview between Mike John and myself. I also sat down with Lexington Steele in his office at Mercenary Pictures. After two years, the company is getting stronger by the day and they have just added a new division that is certain to shake things up. Those interviews are coming soon, but I’ve completed some good ones as well. After years of trying to track her down I finally got to interview my first porn crush, Christy Canyon. Check that one out and be on the look out for the sit downs with Mike and Lex.

At a time when other porn companies change contract girls more often than some male talent change underwear, Adam & Eve seems committed to at least some sense of continuity. Carmen Luvana has put her name on the line for another year with Adam & Eve. The move will keep her at the top of a lineup that includes Austyn Moore and Mari Possa. It will allow Carmen to keep starring in projects like “Pirates” as well as keeping up with her busy public appearance schedule.

Porn fans looking for something out of the ordinary will certainly find it this month. Things are about to get very interesting thanks to a pair of unusual projects that break down barriers and challenge normal lines in adult erotica. Shane’s World has never been afraid to try new things, but their latest project might just make a few people squeamish. Former Wicked contract girl Devinn Lane is behind the camera for a strap-on movie that doesn’t involve chicks boning other chicks. This time the girls get to put the plastic to guys like Kurt Lockwood. While this isn’t exactly ground breaking (Legend has been doing similar movies with a gang bang theme for a while) it is certainly the biggest such project. I’m sure it will be a huge hit with pissed off ex-girlfriends and alt-porn boys the world over. It could also “open up” new avenues for Lockwood’s career. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Lexington Steele’s Mercenary Pictures is also entering new territory with the Black Viking line. The first release is a transsexual movie shot in Brazil. It’s called “You’d Never Know” and features some of the most passable looking TS’s money can buy. A Tranny movie is a really a small step these days since so many gonzo companies have chosen to pass transsexual movies off as “straight” porn. It is still news when the company run by the biggest male star in the business releases a TS line. That would be a big enough story, but Black Viking will also produce gay movies. Tina Tyler has been chosen to shoot a line of solo masturbation movies starring both gay and straight male talent. Lex had originally planned to direct his first gay movie as well. After much consideration, he handed the project over to Jason Seacrest. It wasn’t a matter of being uncomfortable with the project that changed Steele’s mind. Instead it was in keeping with the company’s policy of “shoot what you love and love what you shoot” that led him to put Jason behind the camera for the all-male project. Opening up these new markets should broaden Mercenary’s already growing fan base and if the past is an accurate indicator, these new projects should be quite successful.

Last month Jules Jordan shocked the porn world by leaving Evil Angel to start his own production company. Rumors of who he might add to the roster began just moments after he made this momentous announcement. Countless names have been run through the rumor mill, including John’s. At the same time, stroke fans wondered exactly where Mike would end up. They certainly made a lot of noise when the announcement was made. It’s a perfect fit for the new company and combines two of the best shooters in the business. Though critics have often been slow to recognize John’s work, he has had a strong fan following for years. During an interview last month, John explained that he has been friends with Jules for a long time and that he feels very comfortable joining him for this venture. Stay tuned for the full interview text. Any new company is going to face hurdles and bumps in the road, but with Jules Jordan and Mike John already in the arsenal, we could be looking at the genesis of the next great porn dynasty.

PT Barnum was right, there really is a sucker born every minute. If you need proof of that, look no further than the new contract Vivid handed to the “next big thing” Eon McKai. After wowing some critics with a couple of movies that were more hype than heat, Eon was handed the biggest prize in the VCA vault. He was given the chance to shoot their modern take on the classic “New Wave Hookers.” With 100 grand and a legacy behind it, the movie sold well during the first two weeks, but things soured quickly. Amid a growing storm of horrible reviews of the pretentious flop, VCA let McKai go. They even bypassed the usual BS about an amicable split. Apparently Vivid didn’t have a problem taking on McKai. They certainly weren’t bothered by the fact that his “big” movie still hasn’t found its way into the review mix at the industry’s biggest publication. (When is the last time we waited this long to see a 100K movie reviewed by them?) With the formation of Vivid-Alt and the big deal they gave McKai, it is clear that Vivid is behind their new director. We just have to wonder if McKai will get halfway through his contract before the alt-porn ‘phenomena’ dies like the over-hyped flavor of the week that it is.

VCA apparently doesn’t think that McKai is irreplaceable. It took them about five minutes to ink Rob Rotten to a deal once McKai’s ass cleared the door. Obviously hoping to cash in on the tremendous jack they threw down to prop up the alt-porn trend, VCA will let Rob pick up where Eon left off. Hopefully Rob isn’t a one-trick pony and will be able to actually make some porn flicks when the hipster doofuses move on to the next trend and leave alt-porn in the rear view mirror.

It only took one glace for most porn fans to fall madly in lust with Mari Possa and her incredible little butt. It took Mari a bit longer to warm up to the idea of taking hard cock up that fine backside, but Seymore Butts was patient and the payoff was well worth the wait. Thanks to Pipedream Products, fans can now enjoy Mari’s ass in a whole new way. The mold of her outstanding posterior may not be the real thing, but the vibrating toy is certain to bring hours of joy to all who try it.

That’s the end of another month’s worth of news for you my friends. That clock on the wall is ticking and it’s telling me that the Oscars are around the corner, taxes are coming due, baseball will be upon us soon and if there is any mercy in the world; alt-porn is breathing its last feeble breath. (If not, someone please pull the plug.) Look for that long interview with Mike John and an even longer one with Lexington Steele next month. Keep an eye out for more directors switching companies and of course, a whole new crop of hotties just dying to be the next big thing. If that isn’t enough to give you spring fever, then nothing is.

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