The Pipeline: June 2006


It’s summer time folks. Time to open up the windows, pulls the swimsuit out of the bottom drawer and enjoy the long days, warm sunshine and of courseā€¦the great eye candy. I guess that doesn’t help porn that much, but it sure makes me feel good. I little fresh air, a little sunshine and lots of bikini watching does a whole lot to recharge my batteries. It also means that a whole new crop of young women have completed high school, turned eighteen and will be making their way to Porn Valley very soon. OK, there is a bit of wishful thinking in that, but you can’t blame me or being an optimist on such a beautiful day. Without jumping ahead of ourselves, we have plenty of current porn girls to talk about this month. Some of them are nearly as hot as the SoCal weather is these days.

Can you believe that Shane’s World has been around for a decade? To celebrate their tenth birthday, the production company has a huge party planned. It will take place sometime in June and I’ll be sure to come back with a full report. In addition to that big news, they also took their sales in-house, cutting ties with New Sensations. It’s a big step for the company, but they seem to have the momentum necessary to keep their numbers up and take things to the next level. As they make this move, they also announced the Delilah Strong has been signed as the official “College Invasion” contract girl. As one of gonzo’s dirtiest girls, she is a perfect pick to run around the country fucking horny frat guys and trying to convince drunken coeds to get naked for the camera. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she put those very words on her resume when she was being considered for the position.

It is hard to imagine how anyone who has watched porn in the last four years could have missed Christie Lee. The cute little Canadian has done just about everything a young woman can do in front of the camera. After four years in the business, Christie is calling it quits at the end of July. In an email, Christie told me that she feels that it is time to return home, catch up with her family and pursue her education. Since she has been here for so long, a return to the US for more movies is unlikely. Christie has made it clear that she wants to work as much as possible in the next two months and that she wants to go out with a bang. Hopefully some quality directors will take her up on her request and she will be able to give her fans a lot of great porn on her way out of the biz. I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say that we wish Christie all the luck in the world and thank her for all the great smut she has already given us.

It seems like the accolades and awards for Digital Playground’s “Pirates” never end. First it was named as one of the Top 50 Import DVDs by Cinema Choice magazine. It was the only adult title to make the list and beat out blockbusters like “Clerks” and “Godzilla.” (What kind of a list has “Godzilla” on it?) Following up that honor, “Pirates” became the first adult film to ever receive an R rating from the MPAA. The new version will be distributed though normal mainstream channels and is due out on July 11. It will certainly be interesting to see how the incredibly successful adult title translates to a mainstream audience. If any adult movie can cross over, “Pirates” is it.

We have been bombarded with press and hype surrounding the two Britney Rears movies in the last year. The clever marketing plan has combined with two pretty good movies to turn Jessica Sweet into the pornographic pop princess. For reasons known only to Jessica and the Britney people, that successful pairing is over. There will be a third Britney Rears movie, but Jessica won’t be playing the title role. Instead she will return to the ranks as Jessica Sweet while Hillary Scott takes over in the title role. Obviously Hillary is a very hot commodity right now and she is one of the best performers in the adult industry right now. On the other hand, Jessica really did have the part nailed and she has those incredible, all-natural boobs that we all fell in love with. Then again, what’s a pop princess without a good set of bolt on knockers?

Thomas Zupko is back. Actually he never left, but he has returned to someplace quite familiar. After four years away, Zupko is back at Extreme Associates. It’s an interesting move and comes on the heels of his run at Hustler. Apparently the corporate structure at LFP was a bit too restrictive and Zupko wanted to go someplace where he could les his creative juices flow. Zupko did some of his best work at Extreme and having him back with Rob Black and company could be something special. Then again it could be a freaking train wreck. Either way, it is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Stay tuned my friends.

Genesis Magazine’s released their annual list of the top 100 stars in the adult industry. Once again, Jenna Jameson came out on top with other familiar names right behind her. Tera Patrick, Jesse Jane and Carmen Luvana round out the top four. We’ll see how these four women and all of their fellow porn divas do this month at the FAME Awards and of course in the yearly event I like to call the Rog Reviews Top 20 List.

As the year enters it’s second half, we’ve got plenty to look forward to. With Erotica LA and the FAME Awards hitting LA this month, we finally get to close out the 05 award season just in time to start thinking about pre-noms for 06. I’m not sure what we’re going to do now that we have to stop giving “Pirates” every award under the sun. (Fear not, I hear that “Fashionistas 2” is right around the corner.) In the meantime, just remember folks, you can never have too much BBQ sauce, sunscreen is your friend and a day at that ballpark beats a day inside every time.


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