The Pipeline: June 2007


That’s right folks. June is here. That means that a whole new crop of porn chicks will soon be watching their friends graduate from high school. Oh come on, I’m kidding. Some of them are sitting right there with their classmates dreaming of starring in a double anal cream pie adventure while waiting to collect their diploma. Still others are just waiting to try out those new bikinis. They may not make it into porn, but they certainly star in the blue movies of our minds, don’t they? Enjoy the sun folks; I’ll be holed up writing about the new crop of porn girls bridging the gap between sucking dick after the prom to life as a trophy wife.

Many of you may not be familiar with Robert Hill Releasing, but chances are you will be hearing plenty about them in the near future. Though best known for their TS titles, RHR has also done some hot interracial stuff in the past. Now they seem to be expanding on the niche porn into the world of colon-busting anal romance. To help them in this endeavor, they brought Skeeter Kerkove on board. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Skeeter has already raised RHR’s profiles and is ready to bring his hard-core style to yet another company. As if Skeeter wasn’t enough, they also went out and got former AVN Editor in Chief Mike Ramone to try his hand and porn making. We will have to see how much fire these two bring to the company, but already there is enough smoke to get our attention.

I hate to say I told you so, but the whole Kim Kardashian thing is playing out exactly like I said it would. The lovely ‘celebrity’ dropped her lawsuit and took a settlement said to be around a million bucks. To add a new wrinkle to the story, Vivid has decided to top the sales of the DVD at the end of this month. So you better grab your copy before they are all done. Other celebrity porn movies have been pushed back and companies battle for the right to sell us sex movies starring American Idol rejects and some chick named Toastie. Leave it to porn to totally re-define the term “celebrity.”

Club Jenna has undergone huge changes of late. The future of the company is up in the air after the split of porn power couple Jay and Jenna. Now a quartet of contract girls have said good bye to Club Jenna. Sophia Rossi, Chanel St. James, McKenzie Lee and Ashton Moore have all severed ties with the company and are out there on the free agent list. That’s a lot of eye candy for someone to pick up. Vivid has a lot of openings, but they shored up their roster a bit by re-signing beauty Sunny Leone to another contract.

I already had one I told you so moment this month, but here is another. As soon as Don Imus hit the news for his “nappy-headed ho’s” comments, I predicted that someone in porn would release a movie with that title. No real stretch there. It was just a matter of who would fire first and how quickly they would do so. Kick Ass Pictures was the first to the table, adding some headline fodder by announcing that they would donate a dollar per DVD sold to Imus’ retirement fund. As soon as this announcement was made, some voices in the porn world rose up in protest. There was an on-line petition asking that the title be pulled due to its offensive title. (A petition we should note started by someone whose company releases the “Ghetto Booty” line.) We all have our own opinions as to what is and is not offensive, but the porn world must tread lightly when it comes to censoring offensive speech. It’s a very slippery slope and perhaps the best form of censorship someone can use in this case is to simply avoid a movie with an offensive title.

Sometimes we get a really great story in porn. Teagan Presley was in Vegas as a high school cheerleader during a convention, saw the girls and wanted to be a star when she was old enough. That’s always been one of my favorites. Casey Parker was just a fun loving co-ed until Shane’s World found her and turned her into a fun loving porn babe. Now we get the inconceivable tale of one Katee Holmes. Katee is just a normal girl who likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, kittens and porn. Oh yeah, and she’s a virgin. That’s right, a never been touched, never been kissed virgin. Hey, college campuses are filled with girls like this, but Katee wants to loose her virginity on camera. First she wants to try girls and then will take dick for the first time as the world watches. Shane’s World naturally swooped in to get the chance at the on-screen cherry busting. We’ll have to watch and see how Katee develops as she loses her virgin status and becomes a full-fledged porno babe. Of course she may do it with a different name. She is already being pursued by the Ton Cruise hit squad for using the name Katee Holmes.

This just in; Max Hardcore has been indicted on federal obscenity charges. Early reports indicate that the case, filed in Florida have to do with five of Max’s titles. It appears at this time that all five involve fisting and/or pissing. Both acts have long been no-no’s and were at the heart of a similar case against Seymore Butts some years ago. It does not appear as if the Feds are coming after Max for some of his other rather extreme sexual content. For years he has pushed the envelope on both age-play and consent-play. The former has included dress, make up and often dialog that implies that the girls are in their early teens. Tough to watch sometimes, but well within fictitious fantasy play guidelines. The latter has always been more disturbing. When Max adds the age play to his pseudo-rape/molestation scenes it often rubs people the wrong way. It has also left him open to more than accusation of sexual assault on set. It is important to note that none of these charges have resulted in criminal conviction, but they leave the door open for further criticism when he’s in hot water on other matters. Always a lightning rod figure in the porn world, Max has plenty of fans and plenty of detractors. No doubt both sides will have plenty to say as this story unfolds. I’ll keep an eye on it and report more as details become available.

Hate to close on a down not like that, but sometimes that’s the way the chips fall. Let’s just hope things turn out for the best. In the meantime, let’s hit the beach, get some sun and enjoy the great outdoors. It is bound to be a long hot summer in Porn Valley. More shows are popping up all the time, more awards to talk about and that means more chances to rub elbows with the stars. Yeah, sometimes my job ain’t too bad.

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