Every Last Drop 11

Every Last Drop 11
138 Mins.
Bang Bros
THEMES: Cum Swallowing, Outdoor Sex
STARS: Nena Linda, Britney Amber, Lorene, Ella Marie, Coco Velvett



Bang Bros makes some great reality porn. Their network of sites is among the hottest on the web. More often than not, that translates to some pretty hot DVD porn as well. This title is hit and miss though. Some of the camera work is just horrible. It’s like they can’t figure out what they want to shoot and even when they do choose, they can’t hold the camera steady. There are lighting issues in other scenes as well. Beyond that, the action is pretty good. The girls are cute and they seem to like swallowing cum. Some of the pops aren’t very well captured, but that was covered in the poor camerawork portion of our review. Of the five girls in this movie Ella Marie stands out as perhaps the cutest. Her set up is really fun with a nice little cheating twist to it. Her energy level could be a bit better, but I still loved her scene. Coco Velvett has no issues with her energy. Fun times with this tattooed young hottie. Britney Amber perhaps combines the best of both worlds. She’s really cute and quite hot as well. If you like reality porn and swallowing then this is a good collection. Could it be better? Sure, but for now let’s just enjoy these babes as they swallow every last drop.


Shane tries to pick up Lorene on the streets. He invites her to dinner and she shoots him down, but the chance to be a model sparks her interest. On the way back to his room she happily takes out her tits and shows them off. Back at the hotel he takes a few pictures of the lovely young brunette before she sheds some clothing. She is nice looking naked and starts sucking his cock. To be honest her energy level is pretty low and the camerawork is just spotty enough to be noticed. When it finally settles in on a nice side angle, Lorene keeps glancing over as if looking for instructions (or permission to stop) rather than focusing on her co-star. After the uneventful BJ, she lets him condom-up and then climbs aboard for an equally uninspiring round of cowgirl. She picks it up a big in doggy, but only because she does this little move with her hips to make her ass jiggle. I can only assume that this is some South American hooker trick that is meant to distract the paying customer from the fact that he is paying for a really lame fuck. With virtually no energy to fall back on. Lorene relies on looks and she’s kind of cute, but as he pulls out and shoots into her mouth one has to wonder if it was really worth the money or the time.

Britney Amber & Marco Banderas

Blonde Britney is a California girl who is fairly new to the biz when she strips down for the BangBros cameras. After a short getting to k now you session, she is introduced to Marco who can’t wait to get his hands on her hot body. It takes her virtually no time at all to get his hard cock to the back her throat. Here tits are still out for eye candy, but her mouth is doing one hell of a good job. Getting on top, she shows off a really hot ass during some good cowgirl. This scene is already so much better than the first one. Brit just knows how to fuck and acts like she loves it. In between positions she sucks his cock totally clean from base to tip. The ass shots are great in standing doggy and then when Marco picks her up to go face to face for a while. Some of the best footage comes when she leans back and keeps rubbing her pussy with one hand while stroking his cock into her mouth with the other. Marco stands her up and finishes with more standing doggy and then a big load right onto her tongue and down her throat. That’s more like it, fuck yeah.

Coco Velvett

Poor Coco just needs enough money to fill her car up with gas so she can get to school. Shane is nice enough to help her out, but he wants something in return. She is very cute, giggling at the idea of sucking a cock for twenty bucks in gas money. His dick grows hard in her mouth very quickly. I like the outdoor shots, but the camerawork is very shaky here. In the middle of the blowjob, she asks if they can go inside and fuck. No one has to ask Shane twice. He takes Coco indoor and has her on his cock in record time. Nice ass shots here, though the camera still can’t quite stay still long enough. Coco is an energetic fuck who hops off and gives his cock a thorough cleaning with her mouth before letting it go back into her pussy. I love her energy as she gets taken from behind. Technical snags aside, this one is pretty hot. To finish him off Coco uses both hands and her mouth to perfection. Great sucking her and after much stroking at the very end, he manages to blast her face.

Ella Marie & Paul

Ella is a hot chick who watches Paul work on a boat and is clearly interested. She is chilling at her boyfriend’s house, but clearly has eyes on the handsome dude. The idea of fooling around when her man could come home at any time turns the little blonde on and it is a matter of time before she is showing off her goods. He takes out his cock and she sucks it gently until it grows completely hard between her lips. They head inside and we see that Ella has a lot ore than just a pretty face going for her. Once that thing is at full mast, it take both of her hands to keep it going and she happily sucks away like a babe with a new toy she can’t stop playing with. Ella has a tight, shaved little pussy that gets stretched by this new cock in a way that has her squeaking every time he hits bottom. She likes being a dirty girl while her boyfriend is out. Her energy level isn’t always super high, but she is cute, takes that big cock and gives us more than enough to stroke off to her. They finish up with a good shot on her tongue. A better camera angle would have helped but this cum swallowing slut is more than hot enough from any angle.

Nena Linda

Bad days at work happen to everyone. For the lucky working stiff in this scene, things are about to get a lot better. The camera dude has Linda here to give a little blowjob and that’s a great thing. She is very hot in her oversized sunglasses as she talks about guys nutting in her mouth. He is thrilled to see this sexy girl just waiting to put her slutty mouth around his cock. They find a private spot in an alley and she starts sucking until his soft cock grows heard between her lips. The slow strokes are very sexy and her pretty face makes for great eye candy. Great public oral here, but they need some privacy to properly fuck. It takes another long BJ to get him back to full mast, but that doesn’t seem to bother Linda t all. Ready to get some for herself, she slips out of her tight pants and lets him pump that shaved pussy fill of his cock. The mish looks good, but when she turns over for doggy the angle is horrible. How can we not see that big ass wiggling as she gets deep dicked? Bad form. Linda makes up for that by turning around and giving us yet another hot round of BJ footage. The reverse cowgirl suffers from some odd lighting, but does the job of getting him right to the edge. She gets into position and lets him fill her mouth with seed. Linda plays with it, shows off and then swallows. She really is a perfect little fantasy slut.

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