Tokyo Escalate Angels


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Tokyo Escalate Angels


110 Mins.

Third World Media



THEMES: Blowjobs, Asian Women

STARS: Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi


This is a really interesting movie. It features the same two girls in every scene. It brags of wall to wall 2 on 1 blowjobs and it almost delivers that. (The final scene features the girls being finger fucked only.) Sakura and Akari double up on several different guys in this movie. They are both good looking Japanese girls. Sakura is prettier and generally the better cock sucker, but Akari ain’t half bad either. There are set ups that add some fantasy appeal to the action. From the first scene’s interview that includes some talk of foreign cock to some hot party action, the girls do their best to keep it fresh. They play friends share dick, have deep throat contests and make parties fun. I loved the double party scene where they finish off one guy just in time to suck a second. There are a few scenes that go on too long and the lack of variety shows. Overall though it’s a great fantasy flick. I happen to have a thing for hot Asian women like these two so I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do next. I loved it and would like to see them try more movies featuring the same two chicks. They are welcome to come over and double team me any time they want.

Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi: Interview + B

As you might have guessed, this opening scene features and interview followed by a blowjob. We are introduced to Sakura and Akari as they sit on a couch in fuzzy lingerie. The guy behind the camera asks if they would like to suck on a dick. They emphatically answer in the affirmative and are introduced to a man in tight briefs just waiting to be serviced. The girls take turns sucking it while answering questions about sucking foreign dick, world travel and cock size. The subtitles take our eyes from the action, but the conversation is pretty interesting. Sakura says she would like to try foreign dick, but they have to come to Japan because her English is not very good. It is very interesting to watch one girl suck while the other talks. There is something very matter of fact about it that is quite sexy. The blowjob itself has good moments. Sakura is very pretty and has good skills. She also has beautiful nails that are on display thanks to the hand action. The popshot is a little subtle, but Sakura draws it out by spitting the load into her hand and then licking from her palm with Akarai like a couple of cum hungry kittens lapping at a saucer of milk.

Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi: Lunch + B

In this one, Sakura is over at her friend’s for lunch and comments on Akari’s new boyfriend. As luck would have it, the handsome foreigner has a big dick. Sakura wants to see it so the girls dish up more than just sandwiches. He leans back and is a little nervous as the friends pass his dick back and forth. Less talking in this one obviously and Sakura immediately shines as cuter and more enthusiastic about the cock. The fantasy value is really high here, but the BJ itself is a little sleepy and the angle leaves us looking at the back of both girls’ heads a little too much. He eventually shoots a load all over Sakura’s lips as she sucks what she can from the tip. There is a long kiss at the end with the girls sucking tongue and sharing his jizz.

Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi: Deep Throat Contest

Sakura has been dumped and doesn’t know why. Her friend tells her that the rumor is that she just doesn’t give good head. Outraged at the thought she wants to defend her honor. They call over some lucky guy to have a contest. Who can take more meat into her mouth? Taking turns, the girls outdo one another for a while, but Sakura eventually wins. Nether of them can fit it all the way down, but they have fun with the dick and provide some great looking BJ footage after the winner is announce. As she has in the first two scenes, Sakura gets the load on her face and then shares it with her friend in a kiss.

Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi: Surprise + B

A guy comes out of a bathroom at a party with music thumping in the background. Sakura and Akari are waiting for him and without a word they fall to their knees to suck his cock. The music is kind of annoying, but the POV shots offer some great eye contact. Akari likes to rub her face on the cock and is very tentative with her tongue. Her friend stares right into the camera and licks it like it’s an ice cream cone. Eventually Akari gets around to sucking and shows off her pretty eyes while she works the head. Things go on way too long here. The girls look good, but they hit a rhythm and don’t vary at all for several minutes. The pop gets all over Akari’s face so Sakura licks it from her friend’s lips. Great POV here, but it needed to be edited.

Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi: Party + B

These sexy babes are a lot of fun at a party. Waiting with a guy for his friend to show up, the girls are bored and decide to suck dick to pass the time. Once again the fantasy aspect is great. He’s also in front of a huge glass window and the sounds of a party can be heard as the girls lick his body and swallow his dick. Akari keeps her eyes closed a bit too much while Sakura seems to know just how to look right at her partner for maximum effect. The guy clearly loves her skills and jerks his load right onto her mouth. A better angle would have been nice here, but the overall action is hot. But wait, the girls are just getting started. The second guy shows up and he gets the same treatment. (OK, HOT!) With cum still on her face, Sakura easily swallows this guy’s pecker. It takes a while to get going, but eventually he rises to the challenge and jerks load out for our pretty little party sluts. This sequence is very hot and is perfect fantasy material.

Sakura Kiryu & Akari Kimishimi: Double Finger

After a long day, Sakura and Akari turn in for some rest. Akari notices that her friend is masturbating and offers to call a friend over to help them both out. He shows up and sites between the two girls who just can’t keep their hands off of him. They lean back and he uses his fingers to work them both over. He has them turn over onto all fours where the digital assault on their wet pussies continues. We haven’t seen much of their bodies to this point, so this is a nice twist. Who needs to masturbate when you can call a guy in to do the fingering for you? No BJ for this guy. He just gets the girls off and leaves.

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