Charlie Sheem’s House of Whores


Charlie Sheem’s House of Whores


148 Mins.

New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Will Ryder




STARS: Bree Olson, Kacey Jordan, Tanner Mayes, Capri Anderson, Chloe Jones, Gigi Rivera, Melanie Rios, Jenna Presley


Ugh. That’s all I have to say. Ugh. Charlie….really? OK I guess it had to be done. Just to be clear, this is a compilation. It’s a bunch of scenes starring all of Charlie’s girls (Or alleged girls I suppose). They are strung together with some snarky dialog. There are some old scenes here as well as some that are really recent. They threw in Bree Olson’s scene from her Bionic Woman movie that just came out last month. The Chloe Jones scene is really old. Some of these are pro-am looking teen scenes while others come from the big X-Play. Kacey Jordan and Tanner Mayes prove that Charlie likes them young. Bree Olson proves that he likes them hot, super fucking hot. As long as you don’t mind a Charlie Sheen themed compilation then there are some really hot women here.

Kacey Jordan & Dane Cross

This scene comes from Not the Bradys XXX: Pussy Power Here is the review of that scene. Cindy really wants to go to the big concert and Dane has front row seats. Having overheard Tanner give Jan advice, Cindy uses her charms to get what she wants. She bobs her pigtailed head in his lap and easily handles his throbbing meat. Apparently she is a natural because Cindy mounds up and rides perfectly for the camera. The close up shots of her pussy are really hot. Her tight outer lips puff and squeeze his prick on every stroke. Bending the little blonde over, Dane takes full advantage of what she’s offering. If all it takes I front row seats to get this kind of pussy, then everyone should invest in concert tickets. After getting pounded from behind she knows just when to move her face into position for the big facial shot. Cindy will be sitting wherever she wants at concerts from now on.

Capri Anderson & Shyla Jennings

Charlie and Capri had a good time in a hotel room. Before that she shook her stuff on camera with another hot young thing. The girls hook up for a classic teen lesbian romp that starts with some mutual tiny tit admiration. They move on to pussy rubbing and break out a big vibrator to make that those smooth slits get properly worked over. Just for good measure, the girls break out a Sybian and take turns riding the powerful machine. Lots of fun there.

Bree Olson & Rocco Reed

From Not Bionic Woman & Six Million Dollar Man XXX. Here is that review. There is only one more potential spy to root out. Bree has to get a closer look at her man’s cock. I don’t know how she could have missed a flag tattoo down there, but we can’t complain about a full Bree Olson sex scene. Finding no such mark on his dick, Bree looks up with lust in her pretty eyes and sucks that dick until it throbs in her fist. She goes into her ultra submissive slut routine as she sucks his cock, drooling all over herself as she does. Great dirty talk as she bends over and has him fuck her pussy with his cock. After sucking her juices off of his dick she declares that her pussy tastes like “fairy dust.” (WTF?) The camera gets in close during the reverse cowgirl, showing us Bree’s precious little pussy while she rocks her hips and impales herself on that dick. Hot talk aside, this scene is visually stunning thanks to Bree’s head to toe hotness. She finishes things off by taking a big load in her mouth. Damn Bree is as close to perfect as I can imagine.

Tanner Mayes & James Deen

This scene comes from Not the Bradys XXX: Pussy Power Here is the review of that scene. Having shown Jan how to get off, the sexy little brunette now goes after Peter. They are supposed to be working on a class project, but he is mostly working on getting her out of her clothes and getting his cock into her pretty mouth. She shows off the skills she was trying to teach Jan during a sexy topless BJ with some near deep throat from the tight teen. He nibbles on her toes as she throws her legs up over his shoulders to let him fuck her tangy twat. Tanner is fun to watch even if there isn’t the same fantasy appeal watching Peter pork some random slut. The doggy shots are very good and her pussy looks good enough to eat. (Just not right after James has fucked it.) He shoots into her mouth and makes her choke on his seed.

Melanie Rios

Apparently Melanie got with Charlie at some point. For her scene, she strips down in front of the couch for a little pro-am couch fucking. There is some really nice POV sucking as she wolfs down his cock and then jerks it off with her skilled hands. She looks right into the camera while working it over with both fists. It’s a BJ only and ends with a nice facial and some cum being sucked right out of the shaft.

Gigi Rivera

This is another little teen scene. Gigi is a flat chested cutie who strips and drops to the bed to get fucked. It is a straight up POV scene that has some heat to it. I guess you could plug yourself in here and imagine what it might be like to be Charlie boning this little cutie. The stationary camera shots are OK, but the POV angles give us the best close ups. For a skinny girl, she has a pretty shapely ass, especially as she bounces up and down on the dick. The pop on her butt is pretty good.

Jenna Presley & James Deen

This scene comes from Britney Rears: Britney Gets Shafted. Here is the review. With so much sex going on, Jenna just had to get some. She and James hook up outside, but from the start she has the dying goose sounds turned up to ten. For the first time in the movie, the sex is overtaken by this kind of stuff. He grabs her by the head and exacerbates the situation, assuring that quag-fans will have one scene to jerk to while the rest of us roll our eyes and wait for
something good. At least it wasn’t a scene with one of the headliners. Jenna takes the dick out of her mouth and starts riding with her hot little pussy. By now though the steam is gone and they just play out the string.

Chloe Jones & Rose

The final scene features Charlie’s girlfriend from way back doing a for way with Rose and two dudes. The video quality is pretty bad on this and the editing is super choppy. I’m not sure where they got this, but it’s worth a look if you want to see Chloe. Rose gets just as much screen time as Chloe and looks pretty good with her legs up in the air while some dude fucks her. Rose takes more and more of the action as the scene progresses, but the girls share a cum covered kiss at the end.

Bonus: BTS, Bonus Scene, Anti Piracy PSA, Slide Show, Trailers,

Bree Olson, Bobbi Starr, Chad Alva & Michael Vegas

The gang is trapped by the Phantom and their hormones get the best of them. Bree rams her throat down around her man’s cock while Bobbi picks up where she left off. Coming together as a group, the guys double up on Bree, giving her a dick at each end. Bobbi stick around to suck cock fresh out of her friend’s hot twat. Great dirty talk again as Bree just seems to let all of her sexual tension out through her mouth. This is really hot and Bobbi provides just as much eye candy as her beautiful co-star. Chalk this one up as great fantasy material and some hot porn, especially when the girls go for side by side reverse cowgirl fucking. Wow that’s good stuff. Even better, Bree let’s Shaggy give her a shot in the ass. Her tight little hole keeps him happy while Velma is getting nailed from behind nearby. The girls get down side by side to take facials. Both Bree and Bobbi are perfect for this kind of finish.

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