Nurse Jobs



Nurse Jobs


138 Mins.



THEMES: Nurses



STARS: Asa Akira, Monique Alexander, Audrey Bitoni, Capri Cavalli, Shawna Lenee


Do you dig chicks in nurse uniforms? Have you ever had a doctor’s office sexual fantasy? If so then this movie is just what you’re looking Twistys has put together a nice collection of nurses getting down and dirty. The fantasy play works pretty well and the sex scenes are solid. A few stand out and even the weakest one is pretty good. Any time you open a movie with Asa Akira, you are bound to get off to a quick start. She delivers the best scene and proves to be a perfect fantasy nurse. Audrey Bitoni is pretty great as well. She works really well and shows off her body perfectly. Capri is probably the low energy scene of the movie and still she’s worth watching. Monique Alexander is so fucking hot that she cures erectile dysfunction better than surgery. That’s an impressive feat to say the least. She is a lot of fun to watch. For pure energy check out Shawna Lenee as she takes on two dicks at once. This girl is on fire. Check this movie out if you dig nurses, want to fuck in the hospital or just can’t get enough of Asa Akira, ever.

Asa Akira 7

Asa is looking for something new and tries doing rock therapy to earn some cash. Her client shows up and she puts rocks on him but the only thing that happens is that he gets a huge boner. Since the whole thing is a scam, Asa has to act quickly to take care of her client. She grabs his cock and puts it into her talented mouth for a beautiful BJ. Staring slowly, Asa picks up the pace with some great looking hand action and deeper mouth strokes. He puts her up on the table and finger fucks that tight hole, licking her gorgeous shaved pussy until she is writing and ready to fuck. She looks read to go on the table and takes every inch of cock he has to offer. Hot looking mish before she turns over and kind of does the splits to the edge of the table. Damn, just look at that body and tell me you aren’t in love. The reverse cowgirl is another example of how high she scores on the eye candy meter. In every possible position her body looks perfect and as a great capper, she drops to her knees and lets him cum all over her pretty face. Asa Akira is perfect and this scene is proof.

Audrey Bitoni & Nick Manning

Nick is in the hospital with a football injury. Nurse Audrey takes a look at him naked and doesn’t buy his story. Turns out he’s just an old dude hanging out at the school looking for chicks. This apparently turns the busty brunette on and she sucks his cock as a reward for his efforts. Nice blowjob here and Nick heats her up with three fingers and his tongue. That has the juices flowing as his modest member finds its way into her shaved pussy. He slams her hard, pulling her body to his with both hands to accentuate every stroke. As always Audrey looks great, using her body and beautiful eyes to create a visually appealing scene. She also rides the cock in reverse cow like she’s trying to get her thigh workout in. Nick gives it to her hard and then does his usual best to ruin the scene at the end. Quick, hit mute to enjoy Audrey getting blasted in the face without having to listen to him.

Capri Cavalli & Kenny Styles

Six months ago, Kenny was in the hospital and picked up a horrible infection. It was Capri’s fault and he is plenty pissed off about it. She does her best to calm him down and eventually just grabs his cock to make it all better. Nice eye contact here as she gets comfortable on the floor and inhales his throbbing meat stick. She gets up on the table on all fours and lets him bury his face in her pussy before he slams his cock home. I don’t think he will be suing them any tie soon, but I don’t know that fucking a nurse in the OR is really a good example of trying to help keep things clean. Also you have to love the shoes she’s wearing. Yeah, four inch “fuck me” pumps just screams nurse to me. She looks pretty happy to have him working behind her. In between positions she sucks him clean and continues to have a great time. He finishes off with a big load right into her mouth.

Monique Alexander & Rocco Reed

Rocco is very nervous because he’s having trouble getting it up. He’s having surgery for it, but wants to try something else. As she gives him a final check up she decides to give something special a try. A few minutes in her mouth and it seems to be perking up really nicely. Monique is stunning as always and teases him a little as the dick grows and grows. After eating her pussy, Rocco finds that his cock is still hard and pulls the sexy nurse up on top for a ride. As before, she looks great and bounces her sexy butt while her tits shake his face. (Incidentally, they are still natural here. She has recently had them pumped up.) Capping her first ride by sucking his dick clean, Monique faces the camera and spreads her sexy legs for some hot looking reverse cowgirl. Good energy here and really great eye contact. All Rocco needed was a really hot chick to fuck and his ED is cured forever. She stays in character and looks great in every position, especially doggy. She spins around just in time to take his load on her face. Monique remains a tremendous fantasy fuck.

Shawna Lenee

Faced with losing a patient, Dr. Slater lets Shawna try the controversial “cock to mouth resuscitation” method. It works quite well; bringing his dick to full mast and then miraculously bringing the patient back to life. Once she starts fucking him, Shawna is happy to help the doctor out as well. She bounces on a cock while sucking off the lucky doc. The sexy blonde nurse spends a lot of time on all fours getting a cock at both ends. Great looking action here and she fucks hard enough to work up a good sweat before they unload all over her face and tits.

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