Pervs on Patrol


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Pervs on Patrol


187 Mins.


THEMES: Peeping, Babysitters



STARS: Jazy Berlin, Kourtney Kane, Halie James, Lily LaBeau, Tiffany Starr,


This is a new line that focuses on voyeurism and the wonderful things that can only happen in porn flicks. Warning, do not try this at home folks. If you actually use a camera to record your neighbor working out or try to blackmail your babysitter, you just might go to jail. But this is porn and the fantasy value is very high. From sexy model Jazy Berlin to naughty babysitter Halie James, the girls are cute and willing to forget intrusions in ways that go beyond real life. We watch as a photographer secretly tapes Jazzy as she changes. Instead of storming out, she sticks around to fuck him. Kourtney’s exercise routine is interrupted by a peeper. She finishes with a big sweaty fuck. Halie James gets caught masturbating when she should be babysitting. The fuck that follows is really, really hot. This girl is well worth watching. Lily LaBeau gives her friend’s brother a treat after she catches him sleep peeping her. Tiffany Starr is really good looking and her solo scene alone is worth the price of admission. The peeping aspect of this movie is pretty interesting and the sex is better than average, making it a worthwhile title to add to your wish list.

Jazy Berlin & Bill Bailey

Jazzy is a pretty blonde model on set for a shoot. The camera is set up at a distance so we can watch her interact with the photographer and pose. When she is in the other room changing he takes the video camera and peeks on her through the door. We watch her change into two outfits before she finally catches him shooting her secretly. She comes back on set and chews him out. He explains that he never does this and that she is just so hot that he couldn’t help himself. Naturally he sweet talks her and she drops to her knees to perform for his no longer hidden camera. She’s a pretty girl so the BJ shots are great looking and clearly his perving is being rewarded by this willing model. He leans her back and fucks her shaved pussy. After a long set up, the actual fucking is pretty short. He shoots a load in doggy all over her butt and stockings. He gives her a second round that ends with an even bigger load all over her pretty face.

Kourtney Kane & Bill Bailey

Slim, athletic babe Kourtney is busy working out in her backyard. The camera is peeping at her through bushes as she stretches and goes through some yoga poses. Naturally our camera guy gets caught and has to face the music. Much to his surprise she invites him to do more than just film. Pulling out her tits, she drops to her knees and starts sucking. The sunlight is a bit harsh, but the good head overshadows any technical imperfections here. A little more eye contact would be nice, but this girl has good technique and the fantasy appeal of a stranger getting sucked off by the pool is pretty sweet. Kourtney strips off her tight shorts and mounts his cock. Her shaved pussy slips easily over the shaft and she holds herself still so he can pound her. Turning around she pushes back and fucks him like she’s still doing her exercises. Rolling over she fucks him in mish and waits for him to pull out so she can taste his cum. Most of it ends up on her chest, but she still gets a little morning protein from the pervy stranger.

Halie James & Dennis Marti

A hidden camera is needed to catch a bad babysitter. Dude is tired of stains on his couch from her masturbatory ways and he is going to catch her. As soon as he leaves horny Halie lets her hands explore her sexy young body. Using a vibe she gets right into the middle of some great self-love fun when he busts her. Threatening to tell her father, he suddenly finds her willing to do anything to stay out of trouble. Even as he tries to resist, she pushes him down onto the couch and takes his cock into her mouth. Yeah, that makes it all better. Halie decides to grab the camera and let him film her being a slut. She even drops a “hi dad” into the mix while choking on his fat cock. In addition to her active mouth, she has great tits that are pulled out of her top while she invites him to fuck her shaved twat. It takes a little licking to get her ready, but she eventually takes it. The POV shots while he fucks her are a little shaky, but Halie is great eye candy and quite vocal as she gets plowed. Her dirty talk is pretty good as they transition into doggy. There are some minor lighting issues, but once again the hot sex and fantasy value are more than worth it. The dirty talking babysitter takes a load on her big tits and face. She’s hot.

Lily LaBeau

Lily is sleeping off a hard night of partying at her friend’s house. Her friend’s brother is the only one in the house. He sneaks into the room and pulls back to the covers to check out her cute little butt. Though he enjoys the view he has to run when she wakes up. Instead of being pissed that he was filming her she confesses that she has a crush on him and starts sucking his cock. She gives a really good BJ with excellent eye contact that gets the job done. Climbing into bed she spreads her legs and works her hips to pump that cock with her tight, wet lips. Jumping off, she stares right into the camera as she sucks him completely clean. She turns around and shows off her ass for a while. I like the energy here and the fantasy of fucking a sister’s friend always works especially when she is as cute as Lily. The scene feels really long and probably could have used with some trimming to keep things moving. Eventually she gets down and takes a load on her face. This has good fantasy appeal and just needs to be edited a bit.

Tiffany Starr & Anthony Rosano

Peeking in on Tiffany through the window, our perv hits the jackp
ot when she starts rubbing her pussy on her bed. This cute girl looks great in her pink bra and panties, but even better when she loses them and really gets into the self-love. The limited visibility is fun for a while, but again it just goes on too long and I found myself just begging for him to get caught already. It finally happens and she chases him outside. Rather than running away he stays long enough to get chewed out and then invited inside. Inside he is apologetic, but she wants his cock to take the place of her fingers. With the camera on the table, she drops to her knees and sucks his cock. Once it’s hard, he grabs the camera so that we get some stunning POV shots. Nice eye contact and some lovely shots of her perky boobs. Tiffany is very enthusiastic about sucking that strange cock. Her hand works at lightning speed to jerk him off against her stiff nipples. This cute chick has a killer body and when she is riding his cock we get to look right up at those perfect breasts and dream of banging such a wonderful looking babe. Doggy lasts so long that even the sight of her cute little butt gets a little old. They also throw in some camera angles that look authentic (setting it next to her head on the bed) but often leave us with less than optimal views of the action (unless you want to see her armpit). She takes the load on her chin capping off a pretty nice looking scene.

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