Deep Inside Amy Fisher



Deep Inside Amy Fisher


85 Mins.

Dream Zone

DIRECTOR: Jim Enright

THEMES: Outdoor Sex



STARS: Amy Fisher, Tommy Gunn, Dale DaBone, Lisa Ann, Marcus London


With a celebrity sex tape under her belt, Amy Fisher properly enters porn with this flick. It’s four scenes of Amy doing her thing. She takes on three guys and a girl for a good mix of action. There is certainly a naughty factor to anything Amy does. She’s going for something high end though, maybe even couples friendly. I’m not sure that makes full use of her status as a crazy hot stroke material fantasy girl. The music fits that genre, but frankly it overpowers the action to the point where we can’t hear much of anything else. I’d rather hear Amy talking than canned music, but that’s just me. Her body looks really good in this movie. Amy has kept herself in great shape. There is good energy in most of the scenes as well. Good, and perhaps even great if we could hear her moans and talk. Amy does a nice job in all four scenes. She really seems to work well with Tommy Gunn. He works her over nicely. There are some good moments with Dale, but Marcus London really seems to bring out the best in Amy. Her girl/girl with Lisa Ann is very good. How much you enjoy this movie depends largely on how much you enjoy Amy Fisher. She is the star and show some promise here. Good oral skills a hot mouth and a really tight body make her very good for this sort of fun. I think this would have been better without the overbearing music. There is something hot about dirty talk in that thick Long Island accent that gets me going. I would like to see more and it looks like we will get that chance very soon.

Amy Fisher & Tommy Gunn

After a short interview we cut to an outdoor scene where Tommy and Amy are kissing on a couch in front of a fountain. The music and water in the background cover the actual sounds. There is a lot of kissing and the scene feels very couples friendly. (I wonder how many couples get frustrated by the fact that porn in their genre often abandons the actual sounds of love making for cheesy music.) Tommy goes down on Amy for a long time. Her body is really in great shape and the mix of close and long shots is nice. Using all of her skills, Amy returns the favor, teasing the head of his cock with her tongue in between deep strokes with her mouth and expert hand action. The camera is kind of all over the place during the blowjob. It gives us some nice ass shots, but nothing really good of her face and that is a bit of a problem. She lays back and takes him in spoon. Good close up shots and she seems to be quite vocal. (The music and water are still overwhelming all but her loudest moans.) Climbing on top, Amy opens her legs wide. The close up shots of the action here are really good. That pussy seems very tight and she knows how to work it. They finish up in mish with Tommy pulling out and Amy jerking his cock all over her boobs. There is a lot to like here.

Amy Fisher & Dale DaBone

Amy and Dale take a walk and stop in some bushes to get naughty. I covered the music last time so let’s leave it alone here. When it stops we still can’t really here what she’s saying as he sucks on her perky nipples. I really like the lighting here and the surroundings are sexy. Amy’s body is hot again and the pace is pretty good. When she starts sucking his cock the camera is behind her head too much and we lose a lot of the visual for the first half of the BJ. We can hear a little when the camera moves closer. As she sucks and strokes his modest member, Amy coos lovingly like it’s the best she’s ever seen. The lack of sound is frustrating, but if you turn it way up you can hear her talking dirty. Dale starts fucking her and she keeps talking about how “big” his cock is. It does the trick for her and once again we get good full shots of her body mixed in with some really close up angles on her slit. They switch to cowgirl and we get some short, but great squat fucking shots from behind. This is way too short, but Dale is ready to drip his load all over her tits. The pop isn’t great, but this is still pretty good.

Amy Fisher & Lisa Ann

Amy tells us that she is completely straight, but that she enjoyed exploring this part of her sexuality with Lisa. Hey, if you’re going to give it a try, Lisa Ann is about as hot a woman as you’re going to find. The women slowly strip out of lingerie and to a lot of kissing. Lisa seems to be taking the lead here, bending Amy over and reaching under to play with her pussy. Lying down, Amy throws a leg up in the air and gets to see just how well Lisa knows her way around another woman. Returning the favor, Amy takes a less aggressive approach, licking Lisa’s pussy and teasing her with her gentle finger play. They finish up with a short 69 and then a final kiss. Pretty hot I must say.

Amy Fisher & Marcus London

After telling us that Marcus doesn’t really have a big cock, but he knows how to work it, Amy launches into the final scene of the movie. They are outside by the pool so the sound is an issue again. (Last time, I promise.) Marcus kisses his way down her body, working the nipples for a while before he finds a home between her parted thighs. Great shots in spoon with the pool in the background and her leg up on his hip. For the first time in the movie we get to see her with her ass way up in the air as she takes it from behind on the deck chair. That’s quite a nice ass and Marcus gives it to her good and hard. Marcus rolls her over and fucks her hard until he pulls out t shoot all over her tummy.

Bonus: BTS, Photo Gallery, Trailer & Amy Fisher Interview

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