List #84 January 13, 2003


List #84- Things I Love About Las Vegas

1. 5.99 All You Can Eat- Come on now…..eight pieces of cheescake alone are worth five times that much.

2. Stripper Ads Passed Out on the Street- Order them to your room like a pizza, they are everywhere.

3. 25 Cent Roulette- Play all night and never lose more than a few bucks. Cheaper by the hour than a movie and a lot more fun.

4. There is always something going on, at 4 AM, when you can’t sleep, hit he casino and see how many people just stay up all night feeding quarters into machines. It’s amazing.

5. Pawn Shops- There are more of those things in the city than I have ever seen in my life. How many wedding rings, cars and other items have been left behind by people who were just one hand away from breaking the bank?

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