Fuck Team Five 9


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Fuck Team Five 9


Bang Bros


THEMES: Group Sex, Outdoor Sex


STARS: Lana Violet, Scarlett Pain, Krissy Lynn, Jessica Lynn, Victoria Lawson, Allie Haze, Sophie Dee, Isis Taylor, Regan Conner, Emily Parker, Sadie West & Ashlyn Rae



This is a BangBros title that features real porn chicks and “real” dudes. It’s interesting, it’s odd and sometimes it’s a little disturbing. Some of the scenes feature some CFNM appeal for those who like to see women in charge. There are some really good moments and it’s kind of fun seeing dudes who aren’t hairless Viagra cowboys in action. Of course that creates some other problems. Most of these guys struggle with wood and are not the most dynamic performers ever. The mini orgy appeal is strong here. Three girls at a time means that there is always something going on. It also means that some things are a little choppy. Isis Taylor and Sophie Dee make the first scene work even if the guys are duds. These two women are just pure cock stiffening goodness. Ashlyn Rae gets underused horribly in an outdoor boff. The best scene might just be the finale. An office party gets crazy with the help of Lana Violet and Krissy Lynn. There are times when it lags, but the guys are up to the task and the Santa Claus action adds some kink. This isn’t my favorite BangBros line, but it is unique and will certainly please an audience looking for hot chicks grouping up on real dudes and making their wildest porno dreams come true.

Sophie Dee, Isis Taylor & Regan Conner and Mike & Marco

The girls head to the home improvement store looking for dick. They almost run into Mike and Marco who aren’t very warm for a while. By the time the girls show up at their place, the dudes start to relax a bit. Isis goes after Mike’s dick and the girls giggle because it’s small and soft. They all play around a bit in the back yard before going into the garage for a private party. Marco sits back and lets the girls work him over. Sophie and Regan do some sucking and find his incredibly hairy private area to be rather unappealing. Mike stands around refusing to dance for the girls so he gets left out until he at least makes an attempt. Sophie mounts up Marco and rides him for a few strokes, but then Regan nearly makes him nut in seconds flat. Isis gives Mike some attention and his cock grows quickly thanks to her incredibly talented mouth. Sophie turns it into a two girl BJ before this lucky guy gets to fuck Isis. Damn she is so fucking pretty and built for sex. The action gets copy and Mike ends up cumming all over Regan. Marco finishes out, but the choppy nature of the action just kind of saps whatever heat there is from Sophie and Isis. Marco ends up fucking Isis from behind and cumming all over her ass. There are hot moments here, but Isis and Sophie are a lot hotter than they are allowed to be in this format.

Emily Parker, Sadie West & Ashlyn Rae and Chad & Jacob

A trip to the junk yard leads this trio of brunettes into a good time with Chad. The set up takes forever, but eventually the girls double up on his cock. Ashlyn is the last to join in, but she is the cutest and looks the best staring into the camera as her lips are stretched by hard dick. Sadie is a skilled sucker as well. This scene is less choppy and the guy is clearly more qualified to handle the fun. Sadie mounts up and fucks him, talking dirty and doing her best to steal the spotlight from her friends. Right in the middle of the fun, Jacob shows up and now it’s a three on two. Chad settles in to fuck Emily while Sadie rides the new guy. For way too much of this scene, the hottest girl is standing on the sidelines. By the time they get around to letting Ashlyn have some I’m already wondering what the next scene is going to be like. Her time in the spotlight is the highlight of the scene, but it ends and the guys go back to the other girls for cumshots. This scene is better even without hotter girls, but it still kind of drags.

Jessica Lynn, Allie Haze & Victoria Lawson and Oscar & Jason & Jose

Some workers show up do some repair in the backyard. When the guys start spilling paint, the girls are a little upset. They threaten to call the supervisor and the poor guys beg them not to. Naturally the girls want to take full advantage of these guys. Since this is porn, the hot girls take advantage of the guys by demanding sexual favors. Jose actually resists for a while. The other dudes come in and the girls have them doing jumping jacks. This one feels a lot like the CFNM fetish stuff. They make Jason stick his dick through a hole and then offer him full access to Jessica if he can just get his cock hard. When everyone moves inside and the guys do a little better. They struggle with wood from the start and cum all over asses at the end of an utterly forgettable hour.

Lana Violet, Scarlett Pain & Krissy Lynn

Three hot babes go looking for a Christmas party. It’s pretty boring and the set up is really long. Krissy comes in and wants a job. We get a second set up where she shows that she is willing to do anything at all to get a job. She rubs her tits all over the old man’s cock, trying to get him hard. Hey I’m all for watching this chick suck dick to get a job, but why did it take this long to get to the fun? The other girls come in during the middle and they quickly join in. Lana looks really good with a cock in her mouth and Krissy sh
oves her tits in the boss’ face. After an abrupt cut from that, the girls are back in the party. It takes a while to get going again, but eventually Krissy is up to her old tricks and showing off the sort of fun that a great set of tits can be. Lana finds a nice black cock and sticks it right into her mouth. Santa shows up at the party and gets blown. Everything sort of turns into a mini orgy with Lana doing some acrobatic shit and Krissy fucking the shit out of the old boss while everyone watches. Working her way around the room Krissy starts fucking a bigger cock and really has fun with it. Scarlett is having fun too and keeps the pace solid. For my money Lana is one of the best looking babes in porn and she just fucks like crazy until she squirts all over the lens. Scarlett collects the cum though, including from Santa who pops just as Lana comes in to share the load. There is some great cum swapping going on here as the girls happily share whatever cum gets sprayed in their direction.

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