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Chatsworth Pictures releases Donkey Punch

Chatsworth, CA – Like tales of UFO’s and Big Foot, everyone has heard stories about the sex act known as the ‘donkey punch.’ But, up until now, no one has ever seen one. On December 5th, Chatsworth Pictures will make believers out of everyone with the highly anticipated release of Grip & Cram Johnson’s Donkey Punch.

“When you’re a kid, the world is full of mystery and wonder,” states Cram Johnson. “But, as you get older, you realize all those mysteries were crap.
Santa Claus isn’t real. Man didn’t land on the moon. And, no matter how many rubber masks they used to cover Belladonna’s ugly gap-toothed face, The Fashionistas was still just another shitty movie. The world needs something to believe in.”

Chatsworth Pictures answers that need with its second release, Donkey Punch – a misogynistic masterpiece of terror and titillation.

“At first, I thought the ‘donkey punch’ was just another bedtime story my father had told me as a child,” reflects Grip Johnson, “But, just as I was about to give up hope, I discovered that if you give women lots of money and a chance to avoid any real work or responsibility, they will let you beat the shit out of them. Cram and I began to document this phenomenon immediately.”

Chatsworth Pictures’ well paid brigade of lawyers describe a ‘donkey punch’
as, “A powerful blow delivered to the back of a ‘consenting’ woman’s head during doggy style anal sex at the moment of male climax for the sole ‘purpose of entertainment and fantasy,’ and is not meant to encourage
violence towards women nor be imitated by the viewer at home. All
performers are trained professionals with years of deep personal domestic abuse under their belts.”

With Donkey Punch, the Johnson Brothers look to court, not only fans of graphically intense hardcore sex, but the much coveted 18 to death age bracket of men wronged by evil women. “Every time a woman fucks a man over, a copy of Donkey Punch will be sold somewhere,” asserts Grip. “We’re the Dr.
Phil of pornography. We help frustrated men express their anger and hatred of women in a semi-healthy manner.”

“Really the sex is a framework for the violence,” points out Cram. “We could just have easily beaten them while they were knitting, but it probably wouldn’t sell as many copies.”

Donkey Punch stars human punching bags Rachel Luv, Deja Daire, Alex Divine,
and Haley Scott. All scenes feature anal internal pop shots, but no hole
is off limit. “If Steven French wants to fuck Alex Divine in a particular orifice while punching her head with his ring-finger, who are we to ask him to compromise his vision,” adds Grip.

“It’d be like asking Da Vinci to use tempera on the Mona Lisa. Sure, it would have worked, but it wouldn’t have the lasting effect that makes it priceless. Donkey Punch is going to leave a powerful impression on our social psyche, as well as on Deja Daire’s head. Nuff said.”

Distributors can order now by contacting JM at (800)550-3659. For more information or to order your copy please visit on the web!

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