Holly Randall: Coast To Coast


Holly Randall: Coast to Coast

(Chatsworth, CA) It has taken a very long time, but one can finally say that Holly Randall’s work has graced the cover of every major men’s magazine. This month’s issue of Hustler, which features both a cover shot and a centerfold captured by Holly, confirms this impressive feat. Well aware that she joins her mother and a precious few other photographers, Holly is understandably proud and more than a little bit excited.

“I spotted the cover when I was passing a magazine stand in New York a couple of weeks ago,” she says, “I bought it from the vendor and was so excited that I proceeded to show everyone around my work. My companion reminded me that we were in a conservative part of New York, and most people would probably not appreciate my work as much as I did. I made him buy a copy of the daily news so I could hide the magazine in it and survey the shoot.” Holly was so excited that she called Larry Flynt and left him a message, thanking him for the cover.

It is even easier to spot Holly’s work on the other coast. Some three thousand miles away, the City of Angels is decorated with billboards for Hustler Casino that feature a shot from this latest Holly shoot. The giant pictures beautify the city and make sure that every Angelino gets a good look at Holly’s work.

This is not Holly’s official Hustler debut of course. In addition to her numerous shots that have been published in the magazine, she appeared in a photo at the ripe old age of (X months). Shortly after her mother gave birth to Holly, Hustler ran a photo of the pair in their “Bits & Pieces” column. The photo featured Suze shooting a layout with her infant daughter strapped to her chest in a sling and breastfeeding. The accompanying text, in typically classy Hustler style mentioned that Suze’s “newly swollen tits” were also making their debut and that Holly, little showoff that was “milked the shot” for all it was worth.

She has come a long way since that original shot ran, but Holly is still proud to associated with Hustler and proud to be carrying on the Randall family name so successfully.

To see more of Holly’s work, please go to hollyrandall.com and suze.net

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