Cali Readers: Go Vote


Just a reminder to all of the readers in California to go vote. There are some very important issues to consider.
It is most important to me that you vote, but if I may use this page to urge the following….
NO on Prop 73: Abortion has been decided. Leave it alone.
YES on Prop 74: Tenure at 5 years improves teacher quality.
YES on Prop 75: Workers MUST be allowed to choose how/if their money is used politically. It’s time to stop the Union rape of worker paychecks.
(Note: Anyone who says that “Unions will be silenced is just spewing out lame political bile and should be wearing a pleated skirt and shaking pom poms. Unions should not be allowed to RAPE paychecks and support candidates without FIRST asking members. This is about empowering individuals so it is natural that groups that HATE individual freedom would goose step in line with the Union thugs who currently steal money from teachers, cops and nurses.)
YES on Prop 76: Without some kind of spending control, tax increases will be massive.
YES on Prop 77: Fair redistricting is vital to turning this state around. Those opposing this should really READ the proposition rather than just swallowing George Soros’ lies. The current system rigs ALL districts for both parties to hold onto power. That is why not one seat in the state changed hands in the last election. It was a deal between Dems and Reps to keep things the way they are. Remember…or learn for the first time…that under this proposition VOTERS approve any changes. If there is a “power grab” (Talking points, talking points.) it is taking power AWAY from the Union thugs and the Mexi-Socialists and giving it back to the people. Apparently some people are afraid of people having power.
NO on 78: Pointless distraction from 79.
NO on 79: Will increase drug prices and take away drug choices from the poor.
However you vote, make sure that you show up and have your voices heard.

Sorry guys…I decided not to go with the obvious…..SCREW YOU UNION THUGS…..that’s just me applying a bit of non-poli-cheer common sense.

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