Birthday Update….


TinkiePoe Writes:

Hey Rog. Happy Birthday man! Thanks for the great reviews and interviews over the last….how many years? Anyway have a great day.
PS: How did you do on your birthday wish list this year?

Rog Replies:
Thanks TP, and thank you to the other folks who have sent me B-Day greetings. How many years? It has actually been ten now. I believe it was officially ten in June, so I guess I’m Hall of Fame eligible finally.
My birthday list? Here it is for those of you who missed it in the Monthly Pipeline.
Rog’s Birthday Wish List: 2005
Item 1: Word from Jules Jordan than the next two Darkside movies will feature Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze. If the Gina Lynn version was hot, imagine how great these two would/will be.

Result: No word yet, but I keep hoping.

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 2: An all So-Cal World Series between the Anaheim Angels (NOT of Los Angeles) and the San Diego Padres. Hey, it’s my list. I didn’t say it had to be realistic.

Result: No freaking chance. My Pads went down early and the ChiSox kicked the living crap out of the Angels. At least I got to go two of the games.

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 3: A 60GB Ipod Photo player so I can stick earphones in my ears at parties and be as anti-social as Bryan Xin.

Result: I just opened my gift from Mrs. Rog & Co…….and I GOT IT….Now I just have to get some cool tunes and develop Xin’s knack for anti-social behavior.

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 4: Long sit down interviews with Jenna Jameson, Jules Jordan and Tera Patrick. Not right now. Vegas will be fine. What do you say?

Result: No word from Jenna, Jules or Tera on this one. Should I take that as a round of no’s from all three?

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 5: The complete Batman DVD collection. How can I pass up new DVD versions of the first four movies? Way too cool. If only someone were making good comic book/super heroine porn these days.

Result: I got the new Batman DVD from little sister Pipe along with the second season of Arrested Development so I’m happy. I can always pick up the Batman box tomorrow when it comes out.

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 6: Since we’re talking about Digital Playground, how about those blowjobs that Jesse Jane and Teagan promised me last year? I’ve got it on tape ladies, let’s go. While we’re at it, what happened to that signed copy of “Cocky” that Jesse Jane promised me?

Result: No blowjobs from Teagan or Jesse. See below for the list of well-wishers though. No Kid Rock autographs either. I’m starting to think that these two ladies have no love for Rog.

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 7: The services of a good web designer so I can build a site for a good friend of mine and so I can build another that I have in the works to raise money for the hurricane victims. I’m getting them both done, but it is taking me forever.

Result: No word yet, so if someone knows anyone, let me know.

Rog’s Birthday Wish List: Item 8: Most of all, I just want you to all to take a few minutes during the month to raise a full glass of whatever you like drinking. Do so in memory of those who came before us, those who are fighting the good fight on all fronts and most of all raise it for all those we love and who love us. Cheers to you all.

Result: Hopefully all of you reading this will do just that right now.

In addition to my birthday wish I want to thank everyone who has sent me greetings today. (In no particular order)
– Sun & Bryan Xin of

– Tristie from

– Adella & the gang from

– About a dozen readers and MySpace friends who have emailed. (I’ll list you if you give me permission.)
– Constance Le & her friends from
– Bono from his own private porn world.
My sincere thanks to everyone.

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