Johnson & Johnson Move To J M


Grip & Cram Johnson Move to Chatsworth
JM Productions to Distribute Chatsworth Pictures

AVN award winning producers Grip & Cram Johnson have formed new company, Chatsworth Pictures. Distributed through JM Productions, Chatsworth Pictures will release its first feature, Milf Meat, on November 7th .

The Johnson Brothers first began producing movies three years ago, and now many, many blowjobs and herpes outbreaks later they find themselves reinvigorated and once again eager to exploit young misguided women for money.

“Everything changes,” explains Grip Johnson, “People. Seasons. The girl you date-raped last week’s phone number. It’s a good thing. We’re very proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far, but now it’s time to take things to the next level . oh, shit did I say next level? I hope we don’t get Mark Wooded.”

The chances of Chatsworth Pictures being Mark Wooded are pretty slim. The company will continue to feature the Johnsons’ irreverent style and humor and present the hardest most deviant sex permitted by law.

“We’re not making Nectar videos here,” says Cram Johnson. “Those are for guys trying to convince themselves they’re not gay.”

Along with nastier sex, hotter chicks, and bigger budgets, Chatsworth Pictures has also secured a distribution deal with JM Productions, the leader in fuck-you-we’ll-do-it-our-way entertainment.

“I’ve known Grip & Cram Johnson for a long time,” says JM overlord and Director of Degradation Jeff Steward, “but, I didn’t let that stop me from doing business with them. I just won’t shake their hands or share needles with them.”

The union with JM Productions makes perfect sense for the Johnson Brothers.
“Many people don’t know this, but Grip and I got our start as Bukkake boys for JM,” admits Cram. “Grip missed Gia Regency’s mouth and got his load on
my leg. I punched him, and he apologized. We’ve been friends and business
partners ever since. I don’t even mind when he gets his cum on my leg anymore.”

Chatsworth Pictures make their debut this month with Milf Meat, an ode to real moms and real tragedy. “If you hate your mom for missing her abortion appointment and, hence, guaranteeing you a life of shame and misery, Milf Meat will bring you much needed inner peace. We punish these whores thoroughly,” promises Cram.

“But, we’re fair about it,” adds Grip. “We give them an opportunity to explain their lack of parenting skills and common sense. After all, babies are the worse kind of STD you can get. It’s so hard to get a coat hanger prescription.”

Milf Meat stars real-time moms Delilah Strong, Desire More, Chelsea Zinn, and Nicki Hunter. And, in keeping with Grip & Cram’s open dialogue with fans, the DVD also includes a very special BlowGenBlow Chronicles: Episode One bonus scene, starring pint-sized dynamo Gen Padova and featuring a disturbingly insightful introduction by the Johnson Brothers. Not to be missed!

“The secret to our success has always been our relationship with our fans,”
says Grip. “We like to think of them as friends. Friends who give us money.”

Milf Meat hits the streets simultaneously on VHS & DVD on November 7th!!!

And, keep your eyes peeled for Chatsworth Pictures sophomore release, the whimsical romantic comedy, Donkey Punch. Coming December 5th! Just in time for Christmas!

Distributors can order now by contacting JM at (800)550-3659. For more information or to order your copy please visit on the web!

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