Digital Sin’s Ass Wide Open 5 Hits Dark Side Of The Moon


HOLLYWOOD, CA ” He’s not Stanley Kubrick and despite the title, he’s not looking to make an Eyes Wide Shut-inspired scripted softcore arthouse movie. No, Digital Sin director Jean Yves LeCastel knows his place and it’s directing all-sex hardcore knuckle shufflers like ‘Ass Wide Open #5’.

“It’s all about ass for me,” LeCastel divulges between shoots. “I love big, round asses and Hungarian girls have some of the best ones I’ve seen. They aren’t prudes, and they love it in their butt and aren’t afraid to go as long as it takes in an anal position.”

LeCastel knows that in the American marketplace, European women equal expectations of high quality ass-fucking titles.

“In all the movies I’ve directed, I’ve never had any problems with Americans being disappointed with the way I’ve shot an anal scene,” he said.

‘Ass Wide Open #5’ covergirl Katy Caro, blue-eyed and blonde, is a relative newcomer to the hardcore jizz biz, but she coos, “I’ve been getting fucked up my ass for a long time now. I do it all the time and I love the fact that I get paid for doing what I truly love.”

Like Katy, Valentina Velasques is fairly new, but wasn’t sure about anal when she began banging on-screen to pay the rent. But the exotic European stunner, with clear blue eyes and dark hair, soon discovered she found a niche when she opened herself up to being a three-input girl.

“At first, I said no when the directors wanted me to do anal,” she explains. “But one of my male co-stars put a finger in my ass and the next thing I knew I had his cock in there, and it was huge!”

Other female European ass experts in ‘Ass Wide Open #5’, Tia, Edina, Amanda and Avril, also show off their love of having their bootays reamed in the most hardcore way.

“I love showing what men really want from women, deep in their perverted heart of hearts,” LeCastel says. “And more than that, I love finding women who love to please their men, no matter what it takes and no matter what hole needs to be filled.”

‘Ass Wide Open #5’ fulfills your desire to travel to the dark side of the moon.

‘Ass Wide Open #5’ is in stores now.

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