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OK before everyone gets all up in arms, take a deep breath. I got this email from Jessica yesterday and have decided to run with it. I think you all know where I stand on some of the things that have been said by Jess or by Bobby or whoever was speaking in JD’s name. This isn’t about that stuff. I don’t have to agree with everything said by everyone who sends me something to post anyway.
For the record I did call a number to try to verify that this actually came from Jessica. I didn’t get her on the phone, but did get her voice mail. It is my sincere hope that this is legit and that it will help her with her mounting medical bills. If anyone has any comments or wants to criticize this decision, fire away. I’ll take the heat and hope that I’m doing something that is for a greater good.
Maybe Jess will even send us a Rog Rules picture to make us all smile.
Those Elegant Angel baseball jerseys she has up are very cool.

NOTE: To find these items, go to ebay and search for “Jessica Darlin Collection” and you will find the items.
Jessica Darlin Writes:

After all of the chaos that ensued on I was the last to know about it really. I had a fan come in and ask me (more than one really) if that was really me writing my journals. The real truth is that I would sit down with my husband and tell him what to write. If you think he’s bad than just imagine me transferring my speech to writing. There would be long pauses in between words if anyone gets that joke. In the beginning I would agree that when I left the business it was getting harder to enjoy the business every day. I still loved to shoot but my husband hated what I was doing. I did it for so long that all the scenes kind of blended together. An interracial scene wasn’t tragic for me-it didn’t mean more or less compared to anything i was doing. When I left the business was when I started reflecting on my career.

I checked out the gossip sites and I admit to being stereotyped an interracial performer. I did the scenes that I thought would make me cum. I didn’t care about the money or the fame (infamy). I just enjoyed the life of a porn star. The drugs were a 6 month phase. The fame peaked early but the sex was supposed to be the reason I was there. At the end of my career I had low-life directors trying to talk my rate down. I had male performers who were double booking scenes and fucking like they had to put out a fire. It just got wrong so fast. I left the business with a contract offer and plenty of work. I turned down a scene with Dale Dabone and shattered his ego. A good looking guy like that wasn’t in the business of being declined by a vet porn broad. That became a big ordeal. The limp issue, the hiv scares, and the new brutal way girls had to make a living in the business made me leave. Directors used to get mad at me because I would go to the bathroom in between takes. I was a clean freak and I would make sure the ass with all the miles on it was in perfect running order. All the years and all the scenes took it’s toll. I’m pretty sure that my cancer and health issues brought on a lot of regrets but I never spoke or thought of people the way my husband elaborated about. Anything you read that happened on a set I definitely said. The issues about race were never me!

Ask any performer if I talked or came off like the words that were supposedly cumming from me. You’ll hear a hundred times over that I wouldn’t treat people that way. My husband would! My husband took on the attacks on me after I gave my opinions on the business. Shit got carried away and went way past my feelings.

I never had a chance to get close to my fans. I had a website which was in control of a very knowledgeable webmaster at Metro. I used to get royalty checks and that would really help with my medical bills. One day the check stopped coming. My webmaster had left and a man named LES RICH decided to consolidate my site with other girls. All the girls he has consolidated sites included ex contract girls and girls who they had compiled a little content with. Maybe because the girls didn’t speak up he got away with this? Girls like Gauge and myself are part of that consolidation. He turns our life’s work into a fucking link! When i
e-mailed him about the missing royalty checks he said they went another direction with my site. They never contacted me or gave me a buyout option. They said if I wanted the site taken down that they had my content and that they would just create a new stolen site. Scum like this validates my hatred for the people that run the business. Us performers are supposed to be family and that’s why all that racist shit hurt me. Scum like Les was told that I had a terminal cancer and he still dragged my work through the mud refusing to pay the royalties owed. I wasn’t asking for charity and NEVER will. I just wanted what was earned through my name and my likeness!

Les Rich decided not to pay me and I don’t have the money to battle this in court. I had to leave my dream home in Los Angeles. Things are getting more and more desperate every day. He could have went into the back end and figured out what he owed me. He should’ve taken care of around 9 months of royalties. That would’ve maybe took them for $1000 to $2000 dollars. Instead my old webmaster -bless his soul- reached into his pocket and helped with medical bills and cut me a check. You can tell the soul of Metro just by the heartless acts of a corporate scumbag. Where’s all the liberals against corporate pornographers? Scumbags like Les are taking advantage of their position and many other girls will have their lives robbed by him in the future. For all the financial hardship I’ve endured I won’t ponder a feature dance tour or a comeback to the business. Understanding that the bridges were burned in the business I’ve chose to share my life’s work with whatever fans i have left. (There’s like two drunk, blind, and deaf guys raising their hands right now)

If you guys go to EBay and look for the -Jessica Darlin collection- you’ll find my personal stash. At this point I realize that I never had any real contact or interaction with the fans-at least cordial interaction-LOL! I’ve opened Pandora’s box. It was full of my career from start to finish. I have my AVN award for best three-way with Jules Jordan and Brian pumper. I have the evening gown that I wore that night and the gown that I wore at parties(and had sex in). I included my actual Extreme Associates contract. I’ve included my first photo shoot. My first girl-girl shoot. All of my favorite magazine covers and my favorite dvds. I’ve included my favorite fuck heels. My favorite porn panties. I’ve included my favorite CES Cannonball run outfit. I’ve included my exclusive Elegant Angel jerseys given out to the Elegant Angel employees when Elegant ruled the business. I have the actual Polaroid that got me into the business-the pic that Jim South shot that led to my first scene with Janine. I’ve included candid shots never seen and Euro mags that are very rare. I have newspaper articles, periodicals, and print work that I’m sure you haven’t seen before. The list keeps growing and growing. The collection spans from the start of my career (97) to the END(04)! I’m going to personalize and do photo shoots IN all of the wardrobes for the winner. All bidders ID will be kept private. This is everything I have at a time when I don’t have a lot. I owe the fans so much more respect than I ever had the chance to give. I know that the money will help me buy some time but I’m really hoping that you enjoy it. Darlin disciples-we can’t live forever but we can fight the whole way!

I’m sorry for the people that were hurt by my husband,
I’m at Jaguars in Las Vegas if you ever want to hear it from me,

The real deal,
Jessica Darlin

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