Special On-set Report Of New Sensations Movie Of The Year Contender


Special On-Set Report of New Sensations’ Movie of the ‘Year Contender

HOLLYWOOD, CA “. Every so often a movie is produced that will make your heart jump into your throat and scare the living hell out of you.

Alfred Hitchcock did it in the 1960’s with his thrilling Psycho; The Exorcist made our heads spin and Friday the 13th comes to mind as a classic movie that freaked everybody out.

New Sensations has done it again and this time with the frightening epic sequel Dark Angels #2: Bloodline set for a late September release, which quite frankly will scare the living hell out of you. A leading ‘movie of the year’ contender, Dark Angels #2: Bloodline does what no other porn movie has ever done before.

New Sensations and master movie maker Nic Andrews shot this bloody vampire inspired movie some five years after the original Dark Angels was released to phenomenal critical and commercial acclaim. With the original dominating the major awards in 2001, the thought was that this 2005 movie needed to be unbelievably spectacular.

I had the pleasure of being on the set while this heart stopping, action packed thriller was shot in Los Angeles and I am very happy to report that this movie sequel has ‘blockbuster’ written all over it.

Director Andrews is an imposing man who reigns with total control over his crew and sprawling set. What I witnessed over a two week shooting schedule looked more like a huge Hollywood mainstream movie than that of any porno I could remember. I was blown away by the incredible amount of skilled people that it took to make this feature and with the attention to detail that will ultimately set it apart from the others.

I met a gaggle of special effects people, explosive ordinance technicians, stunt coordinators, suicidal car drivers, vampires, ghouls, SWAT officers, and enough gorgeous women to make me wonder where the hell I was. It was very difficult for me to remember that I was on the set of an adult movie as I totally expected to see Harrison Ford or Bruce Willis emerge from behind a screeching police car or walk through a cloud of smoke caused by massive amounts of gun fire.

Dark Angels #2: Bloodline tells the thrilling story of good versus evil as a race of vampires violently interacts with members of society in current times. What I found while on the set was that New Sensations spared no amount of money in making this big budget movie and that sex and the smell of gunpowder does go together quite nicely.

Thousands of rounds of ammunition were fired from a barrage of authentic machine guns during the gruesome and quite bloody clashes with the vampires lead by ‘Draken’ played expertly by the devilishly handsome Barrett Blade. Blade, along with each member of the cast and a large amount of extras had to be in top physical shape to pull off the running, jumping and dying that occurred during the wild shoot ’em up sequences that drench this thriller.

Rising starlet Sunny Lane was cast as the female lead ‘Jesse’ and did an amazing job with the demanding physical tasks placed upon her. “I’ve never done anything this amazing before and each day I’m pushed to the limit but it’s so exciting to be a part of this huge movie”, the young starlet confessed.

Physical requirements are one thing during a sex movie, such as the contortion like multiple sexual positions that make fans love porn, which by the way Sunny and the other girls so wonderfully handled, but I am referring to the high demands placed on Sunny as she worked her body into a steady sweat with the amazing chase scenes, stunts and general mayhem that Andrews deep and dark mind created.

It is Andrews who has directed some of porn valley’s biggest blockbusters over the past 5 years so it is no surprise that this bit of fine movie making originally took place within his very own head and now comes to life in full and vibrant color.

“This is great, being able to do such a physically spectacular movie. We’re going to scare the shit out of people with this one”, stated the imposing, but newly lean and quite brilliant director.

It is the intention of Andrews and New Sensations to ‘scare the shit’ out of the audience when this movie is released, and from everything I witnessed on-set during the shooting of this epic, that will not be a problem. Being scared might be the result, but it will most likely be one of the many shocking vibrations that pass through our bodies as we try to soak this all in.

Shot in high definition, Dark Angels #2: Bloodline has thrills, chills, suspense, intrigue and enough nasty hardcore sex to last a lifetime. Some of the special effects props were amazingly believable even as I inspected them in a lighted room. If I had stumbled upon the bloody severed heads, the brown intestines spilling from a freshly ripped open torso or the hanging flesh that was tearing from a dead dangling leg while alone, I might have screamed like a baby and ran all the way home.

I cannot imagine how insanely scary and spectacular this movie is going to be when it comes out at the end of this month following the thousands of hours of editing and complex computer generated special effects that no doubt should win many awards.

Dark Angles #2: Bloodline stars Sunny Lane, Monica Mayhem, Karina Kay, Destiny DeVille, August, and Kirsten Price with Barrett Blade, Tommy Gunn, Dillon Day, Evan Stone, and special guest star Ron Jeremy.

Get ready because you’re about to have the living hell scared out of you.

Dark Angels #2: Bloodline will be in stores end of September from New Sensations.

Check out www.darkangels2.com for more info and to view the exciting movie trailer.

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