Legend Video Movie Creates Racial Tension


Legend Video Movie Creates Racial Tension

Legend Video released Black Dicks Latin Chicks #8 this week to an unexpected barrage of criticism and allegations of racial discrimination from many of the adult industry’s top Caucasian performers. White performers accuse Legend Video of implementing what they feel is an outdated affirmative action program in the casting process of the hugely popular Black Dicks Latin Chicks series.

“Let’s face it. Those guys only got that gig because their dicks are African American,” says veteran, and homeless, porn star Jeremy Steele. “If my dick was black, and not suspiciously rashed and scabbed, I’d be fucking hot Latinas tomorrow instead of wiping windshields at the Arco. It’s not fair.”

“This is the kind of thing that will lead to racial profiling in the porn biz,” asserts uber-director Ed Powers. “Companies will look at a black guy and assume he has a bigger dick than a guy like me simply because he’s a Negro. But, Asian guys have bigger dicks than me. So, obviously, the profiling means nothing. Thank God I’m rich and can pay hot chicks to fuck my small pecker or I’d still be a virgin and unemployed.”

White male performers aren’t the only ones upset with the Black Dicks Latin Chicks franchise. Black performers are also up in arms.

“Yo check it,” says African American performer Byron Long, “When I bury my Alabama black snake down some whore’s cunt, I want her to know I didn’t get no free ride. I want her to know I earned the right to nut in her twat.
Not because my stupidly long penis is African American, but because I fucks good. All you fools need to recognize!”

“We assure everyone that no discriminatory or racial profiling methods were used during the casting of Black Dicks Latin Chicks #8,” assures Legend PR Guru Nelson X. “But, just to be safe, we will make it a point to hire racially ambiguous performer Valentino in part 9.”

“I, for one, am leaving the business and going back to school,” says corn-br ed cracker performer Dave Pounder. “Not so much over this, but simply because no one likes my dorky white ass anyway. I suck so bad.”

Black Dicks Latin Chicks #8 is available now!


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