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Pint-sized porn dynamo Gen Padova makes her directorial debut this month with SkinTight Pictures Revenge of the Butt’er Face. Padova, who was hired earlier this year as an On-Set consultant by SkinTight founders Grip & Cram Johnson, believes this is an important and logical step in her career.

“Those teen movie offers aren’t gonna last forever,” says Padova. “I’m 24 now. All that’s left for me is scat, beastiality, and Rod Fontana movies.”

Padova met the brothers Johnson when she was cast opposite Roxy Blaze in their AVN award winning epic, Chunky on the Fourth of July. The threesome developed a close personal and working relationship that can only be described as messy, awkward, and creepy, yet functional.

“We’ve always been impressed with Gen’s creativity and intellect,” says Grip Johnson, “Not only were we sure she’d do a great job directing, but she’d probably let us put our fingers in her to thank us for the opportunity. It was a win-win situation.”

Revenge of the Butt’er Face details the story of a facially challenged porn starlet looking to take revenge on the producers that ruined her career while simultaneously attempting to make enough money to buy performance upgrades for her true love’s street racing ride.

“It’s a love story for our times,” says Padova, who has dated many losers throughout her career. “Guys think that because you’re a porn star you make lots of money, but ejaculating cannabis infested sex addicts like Byron Long with your anus isn’t the road to riches you’d think it is. It’s really hard to keep your boyfriend tipping on four vogues.”

Industry insiders, however, questioned Padova’s decision to take on the role of the scorned Butter Face, expressing concern for the starlet’s image. “I don’t care what anyone thinks,” explains Padova. “I won’t be pigeonholed.
Corn-holed, yes. Pigeonholed, never. I’m always looking for projects that will challenge me and help me grow as a performer. I’ll do anything that helps me avoid real work and responsibility!”

“Putting a whore behind the camera is a risky venture,” admits Cram Johnson.
“We tried it with Genesis Skye once, but she pawned it for crack pipe residue. We were really lucky with Gen.”

Padova, who won a coveted SkinTight toaster for her performance in Toe Jam #6, looks forward to directing more projects in the future. “Directing is a lot of fun and it makes my pussy itch less,” confides Padova. “Thanks Grip & Cram!”

Revenge of the Butt’er Face is available now! Proceeds benefit the National Cancer Institute & the Newport Beach Maserati dealership.

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