Well Duh…


From the weekend, here are some no-brainers.
1. “Revenge of the Sith” was #1 at the box office. Yeah no one saw that one coming eh? 158 million compared to the just under 15 for “Monster in Law.” I can’t compare the two because I only had time for one flick and I chose Star Wars. Great movie of course and well worth a trip to the theater.
2. Kick Ass Pictures’ “Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy” (See Review)was a fucking strange flick. Duh…it’s a movie that utilizes a device which suctions the pussy until it’s all swollen like something out of a medical journal.
3. Warren Beatty made a jack-ass of himself at the Berkley graduation. No big shock here. The silly old kook took his usual swipes at Arnold, talking out of ass, or should I say reading badly off a sheet provided for him. I wonder if anyone considers Warren’s little whine-fest to be anti-immigrant hate speech? Come on Warren, don’t you have old movies to ruin? Maybe we can get your ex to re-record an updated version of her song. I think that “You’re so Lame” would fit perfectly.
To sum up (For those of you who read FHM and have skipped down here looking for a one sentence conclusion and a hot chick in a bikini) Star Wars made a lot of money, swollen pussies are freaky and Warren Beatty is a tired old jackass who doesn’t read his punch lines very well any more.
Insert your own picture of a hot girl here.

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