L.a. Mayor’s Race


It looks like it might be over and all I have to say is…meet the new bore, same as the old Stuffed Shirt.

It appears that Jim Hahn’s run as Mayor of LA has ended.

Not that I care much. Villaraigosa will be just as worthless as Hahn was. How sad is it that LA can’t do better than these two ass-clowns….of course they were the top two ass-clowns in a very disappointing circus so congrats to them both.

Speaking of ass-clowns I watched part of Bill Mahr’s show on HBO tonight. He had on Al Franken and Gore Vidal. What a collection of dip-shits. I think I would learn more from a meeting of Paris Hilton, Sydney Biddle Barrows and Dallas McPherson. (Quick without looking them up tell me who they are.) It was kind of nice to see Al on TV though. It reminded me that I haven’t finished that wonderful documentary on Air America that HBO ran recently. Have to do that. Thanks Bill for finally putting something useful on.

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